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Facebook Ads Bootcamp for Local Business

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5400 Independence Pkwy

Plano, TX 75023

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Is your LOCAL BUSINESS as busy as it COULD be?

+Are you losing business to your competition?
+Have you tried networking at your local Chamber of Commerce but feel that you spend more time in "busy mode" with morning "30 second commercial" meetings, mixers and various networking events?
+Have you spent thousands or considered spending thousands on sponsorsips, radio or print advertising and then proceeded to cross your fingers and hoped (and prayed) that it will all work?
+Maybe you have woken up at 3AM and thought "oh my gosh, did I make a mistake with opening this business!?!?!?!"
+Would you prefer to have a pipeline of clients ready to book business with you?

I continue to hear from overwhelmed professionals who feel like they are wasting time and money trying to get new business.

Have you ever felt this way?

Go here https://goo.gl/4iY9xT

I certainly have. I'm a business owner myself and haven't always had a starategy in place to correctly build my business. I've attended Chamber meetings where I wanted to poke my eye out with an ice pick because I thought that visibility would attract quality clients or word of mouth.

But I learned to follow the attention. And follow the data which is the iPhone, Android, laptop, desktop . . this is where everyone's head is buried. The data that FB has amassed and allowed us to tap into is a SERIOUS game changer. FB Ads brought in over 1,100 leads in one week for a solar company and 20 leads for a hair stylist. Sounds awesome, right?

The reality is, you dont have to spend your time at 7:00AM meetings in the hopes of getting 1 referral and throw away money at expensive print advertising in order to have your email and voicemail full of new clients eager to work with you each day.

***You can use the Facebook platform that has billions of users to laser target your clients and customers.****

Find Out How You Can Generate More Leads & Increase Your Sales Using FB Advertising

Go here https://goo.gl/4iY9xT

In fact, you might have played with BOOSTING a post in the past or taken a look at the backend of Facebook. Keep in mind, if you've been boosting, then you are flushing money down the toilet. Sadly. FB Ads are so much more complex and you must have a strategy before you put a dollar into it. You must have a funnel to bring in the leads from the right targets and bring them into your sales funnel.

That BOOST button comes across as an easy peasy tool, like, you press it because FB told you to and suddenly clients come rolling into your store. What actually happens is that perhaps your Ad gets shown to 5,000 people and that gets you excited. In the industry, thats called a "vanity metric" and perhaps it could get you a lead, but you were probably very lucky. In the meantime, you just got Mark Zuckerburg's dog a professional photoshoot for the hundredth time =)

Just like driving (or in my case driving a stick shift), I thought I would NEVER figure it out. But eventually, I did. Somehow, it all came together even though it seemed so impossible. My motivation was freedom!!! Yes, get me away from my parents ASAP, lol.

FB Ads are the same way, given some proper guidance (your motivation is more $$$), you'll begin to see great results.

The great news . . once you begin to understand how the backend works, when you understand how to season a pixel and how to set up a proper campaign . . . the world is your oyster.

It will take work, it will take patience but its possible . .

Here are some local business results from using the advertising platform on Facebook . . .

A local gym added 103 new members
A lawyer added 9 new clients in 1 week
A dentist doubled their weekly sales
A Chiropractor added 22 new clients in 1 week
Kym a psychic made $1500 in 1 week from a $30 FB Ad spend
Jane a reiki/hypnotherapist made $2900 in 1 week
A hair dresser made $900 in one week from a $30 FB Ad spend

Go here https://goo.gl/4iY9xT

To get these income results, you need to take a deep dive (beyond the Boost button) to understand whats under the hood, where to look, what's available to you and how to make it all work as quickly as possible.

Most of you are sitting on a goldmine of clients and while your competition spends 3 hours per day conducting "1 on 1's" and attending meetings. If you learn this platform, you can take a fraction of the time and just get clients. And leave your competition in the dust.

If you are serious about your business and ready to truly learn the Facebook Ads platform, then this Facebook Ads Bootcamp is where you need to be. Your competition will eventually get around to learning it so acting quickly in this online world is imperative.

(please note: stay away from the BOOST button on Facebook, I'd rather you spend that money on coffee to keep you fueled)

Here's what your Bootcamp ticket will include:

+A full day of onsite training in Plano
+The meeting room will be stocked full of coffee upon your arrival to get your day started and meet and greet the other business owners who will be walking this path with you

During the Bootcamp, you'll learn:

*What is beyond the Boost button
*How to catch attention with a great image and ad
*Facebook terminology
*How to find exactly who you are looking for (something print ads could never do)
*How to create the ad
*How to create a pipeline
*How much budget you should give to Facebook (and when you should do that)
*Tips to keep you patient (and positive) on the entrepreneurial journey
*Networking with like-minded professionals
*Lots of yummy coffee to keep your energy high during this training session

We will also have:
A fabulous catered lunch so we can take a break and replenish!

And . . . .

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Date and Time


5400 Independence Pkwy

Plano, TX 75023

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