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Support and training on marketing has been a high priority for co-ops from the Local Food and Farm Co-ops network.

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This fall we will offer a series of webinars and workshops focused on various aspects of marketing. The key topics are:

Identifying your Market - October 25th - Presenters Sally Miller and Peggy Baillie

Fundamentals of market research to ensure your business approach meets your customers needs while differentiating you from your competitors.

  • Learn how to do market research
  • Identifying and assessing market channels
  • Know who your customers are and their needs
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Gathering the right information to develop a plan to increase or expand sales

Planning for Your Market - Nov 1st & 15th

Part 1: Exploring Various Market Opportunities for Agri-Food Producers - Nov 1 - 2pm

Speakers Jessica Kelly of OMAFRA and Kevin Belluz of Superior Seasons

  • What market opportunities exist
  • Advantages and disadvantages of serving different markets
  • How to market yourself to retailers, restaurants, & institutions
  • What works & what doesn't
  • How to begin your plan to increase or expand sales

Part 2 : Setting the Right Prices for your Market - Nov 15th - 2pm

Speakers Jessica Kelly of OMAFRA and Kevin Belluz of Superior Seasons

  • Understanding costing and pricing
  • how to set prices for various markets
  • how to build competitive pricing

Addressing your Market - Dec 6th & 13th

Part 1 : Salesperson Training and Retail Signage - Dec 6th , 2pm

Speakers : Peggy Baillie and Susanna Redekop of LFFC

  • Fundamentals of customer service and sales
  • How to close a sale
  • How to use the proper marketing materials to boost sales
  • what to provide your customers to boost sales

Part 2: Merchandising: Produce and In- Store - Dec 13th, 2pm

Speakers: Meg Pettipas of Dandelion Foods and Grant MacKinnon of Pfennings

  • Fundamentals for great displays
  • important tips for displaying producer
  • How to make produce last on displays

Evaluating your Market Strategies - TBD

The series will feature speakers with lived experience from the field, teaching you fundamentals of market research, customer service and promotions.

Held on Wednesday afternoons throughout the fall.

A great series for any business wanting to improve sales.

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