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Psychic readings at weekends only. Fantastic Flea Market in Mississauga. Palmistry and Tarot. Massive discount on psychic fair price!

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Hi there! My name is Mark Lewis and I travel all over Canada to exhibit at psychic fairs. My readings consist of palmistry, tarot, numerology and the I Ching. High accuracy rate. Years of experience and masses of press coverage.

I have been active in this field since 1987. In Ireland my name became a household word because of extensive newspaper coverage (some of which can be seen when you visit me) and media publicity. When Michael Jackson came to Ireland in 1988 the press asked me to do a reading for the late lamented pop star and I got a full page write up over it. You can see this on request when visiting me. I successfully predicted who the future Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) would be and have read for many Irish celebrities and even read the palm of the present President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins! I have also written horoscopes for many Irish newspapers.

In addition to this I keeps a comment book and have hundreds of handwritten positive testimonials from clients all across the country as a result of my Canadian psychic fair tours. These can be seen on request when you visit me. Here are a few taken straight from the book:

"Mark was fantastic! Personable and funny! He really helped to put me at ease and was able to answer my questions. Well worth it!"

"Palm reading was very good. Past was spot on. Present times was very accurate. Tarot cards related to things that will happen and it was very positive. I am grateful for Mark's gift and how he has impacted my life"

"Mark is wonderful! He delivers the facts in very fun and creative ways, telling little rhymes and sayings to help the information stick and making it more fun. This was such a different presentation than I have ever had before. Very genuine and creative"

My normal psychic fair fee is $80 for a 30 minute reading. However, I have just taken on a booth at the Fantastic Flea Market in Mississauga at weekends only. (Saturday and Sundays). It is a very quiet market and ideal for doing readings since there is less hustle, bustle and distractions that are inevitable at psychic fairs. Anyway, since my overheads are much lower than they would be at a psychic fair I am able to give a massive discount on my normal price of $80 for a 30-minute reading. In other words, instead of $80 the price will be only FIFTY DOLLARS!



With regard to the 30 minute session this is the structure I use. First, I read your palm which takes around 10 minutes or so. Palmistry is more of a character analysis although it will tell the future in a general sense. It is extremely accurate and is a very ancient method of divination. You can record the reading on your phone if you wish.

I then go on to the I Ching. This is an ancient Chinese method of divination which is very powerful indeed. You ask the I Ching a question and it WILL answer the question! I spend about 5 minutes on this.

I now go on to the most powerful part of the reading using Tarot cards. The Tarot is the most powerful divination system known to man and I spend around 15 minutes or so with this. It consists of two spreads:

1. The Pyramid Spread (a good introductory spread)2. The Celtic Cross (probably the most well-known Tarot spread and very powerful indeed.

The remaining time of the reading is taken up with Chinese Numerology which is always fascinating. From your date of birth I can work out certain numbers which have an influence on your personality and destiny. This reading only takes a couple of minutes or so.

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