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Book the date in your calendar for the latest MasterClass because I dive deep into what you need to know to get more clients.

  • Your ideal client profile

  • The buying cycle

  • How you will find your ideal client

A client had a problem getting well-paying clients WHO STAYED. After a conversation with me, she discovered that the key was to attract the kind of people who would remain clients and exactly what that would look like for her.

That's different from getting clients and then trying to get them to stick around. Too much effort and it doesn't pay off.

She walked out with three key sources of ideal clients and exactly what to say to them. This wasn't just advice from the air. It's what's worked before. She got specific sources and specific words to use because that's what they answer to, period.

Her words at the end of the session, "Relieved."

Sign up for my FREE online MasterClass to help you NAIL your ideal client.

I remember when I first started out in business. I was designing my website and my designer asked me who my ideal clients were, what my message was, what made me different. I was stumped.

I wanted to serve everyone who was miserable with their 9 to 5 and wanted to find work that was meaningful to them. Yes, okay, but what does that mean? The more she questioned, the deeper I dug. Long after our work together was finished, I wasn't done digging. I wanted to know the fastest, easiest, and most simple way to understand value proposition - why should someone buy from you?

Everything I'd read, studied, or tried to date hadn't worked for me. And I noticed it wasn't working for those I talked to either. Even people who'd been in business a long time. They STILL had trouble finding their BEST and PROFITABLE clients. And so they'd settled.

Fast forward thousands of hours studying, applying, and perfecting, and my deep digging and refining of processes have led me to this AWESOME space. I can now offer you my learnings and what has successfully brought me:

  • Qualified leads

  • My BEST and PROFITABLE Clients who pay four digits a month to coach with me

  • Greater self-confidence in what I offer and can do to change my clients' lives

My Free and Live two-hour MasterClass will change the way you think about your clients and how to approach them.

  • They will come to you

  • Easily and without a struggle

  • They'll be ready to pay

There's something you must do for me before we proceed. You must promise to bring your A GAME to the MasterClass. You must be ready to listen, learn, and engage with the material. also, you must go and apply it IMMEDIATELY to your business. Can you do that for me?

Great. Go on and sign up for your spot and check your ALL mail and SPAM folders to ensure you receive the link to connect to the live training.

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If you want to know what you need to do so that you can make more money in 60 to 90 days, click this link to book your complimentary FOCUS session today.

To help you make money in 30 days, sign up to receive our free template, More Clients in Less Time. Before using this template my marketing was all over the place and I attracted people who couldn't pay and didn't do the work. You can read more on this in my article by clicking this link. I'm glad those days are gone and I now work with high-value clients who go on to start and grow the businesses of their dreams.
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