Fitness for Duty Summit - 2019

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Delta Hotels by Marriott Edmonton South Conference Centre

4404 Gateway Blvd NW

Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5C2


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Fitness for Duty Summit – 2019

DriverCheck’s 2nd annual Fitness for Duty Summit is being held in Edmonton, Alberta on October 2 and 3. Last year over 350 people attended the inaugural event in Milton, Ontario, and we expect this year to be even bigger!

Work Safe for the Moments That Matter

This two-day educational event will address workplace challenges that employers must navigate to ensure a healthy and safe work environment for their staff and the general public. This year’s program will address a variety of fitness for duty program considerations from both a physical and mental health perspective.

The objective of this event is to provide valuable information and resources to employers so that they can put actionable items in place to build a healthier and safer workplace.

Topics covered will include:

  • Hear about the journey of a recovered addict (our Keynote)

  • Updates on recent alcohol and drug rulings

  • Cannabis - a year after legalization, and what we’ve learned in the workplace

  • Police enforcement of drug impaired driving

  • A discussion about the future of Fitness for Duty Testing

  • Mental health in the workplace

  • Opioid epidemic in Canada

  • Advice on how to manage injuries in the workplace

  • How to make the most out of your pre-employment medical

  • Maximizing your EAP and SAP programs

  • Get certification for Alcohol and Drug Supervisor Training

What is Fitness for Duty?

Fitness for duty programs differ from company to company, but typically includes a form of medical examination(s) of a current employee/candidate to determine whether the employee/candidate is physically or psychologically able to perform the job (such as alcohol and drug testing, pre-placement medicals, audiograms, mask fit tests, etc.). It is through these medical tests and assessments that an opinion is formed to determine if the employee/candidate may have a condition that could prevent them from performing the job's essential functions, or inability to perform it safely.


Space is limited, and tickets will be approved on a first come, first serve basis. The price of admission is $625 plus applicable taxes. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on both days, and in the evening of October 2, we will be hosting a social gathering. We have reserved a block of rooms at the Delta Hotel by Marriott Edmonton South, which is the same location that the summit is being held.


Below is a detailed overview of the agenda and topics that will be covered.

Removing the Mask: Creating Wellness in the Workplace
Allan Kehler, Out From the Shadows Consulting

• Examine the impact that mental health has on the individual, the workplace, and society as a whole
• Understand how to approach and support individuals who are experiencing distress
• Examine the relationship that exists between performance and stress
• Review strategies that promote personal and professional wellness

Cannabis in the Workplace: 1 Year Later
Dr. Melissa Snider-Adler, DriverCheck Inc.

• Legal cannabis – what will change on October 17, 2019?
• What changes have workplaces seen since legalization?
• Update on cannabis for medical purposes in 2019
• Update on current literature
• Update on managing cannabis for medical purposes in the workplace
• Drug testing in the face of all that is changing with recreational cannabis

Police Enforcement of Drug Impaired Driving

Corporal Richard Nowak, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

• COMPARE: Alcohol and Cannabis
• PROVIDE: Canadian Context to Traffic Safety
• DEFINE: Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST)
• DEFINE: Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)
• OUTLINE: The Future of Impaired Driving

Continuing the Quest for an Impairment Test
Connor Page, DriverCheck Inc. and PJ Barclay, DriveABLE

• What is impairment?
• Which fitness for duty technologies have the most promise?
• DriverCheck’s approach with these emerging technologies
• DriverCheck’s and DriveABLE’s joint study
o DriveABLE to present the initial findings of this study

Recent Rulings: Implications for Company Alcohol and Drug Policies
Barbara Butler, Barbara Butler & Associates Inc.

• JD Irving Supreme Court – random testing
• Elk Valley Coal Supreme Court – importance of prevention initiatives
• ATCO Electric Court of Queen’s Bench – post incident testing
• Lower Churchill Transmission Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador – accommodating medical cannabis

Healthy Minds, Healthy Workplace – Psychological Health & Safety in Your Organization
Paul Radkowski - Life Recovery Program

• Leave with a greater awareness and understanding of mental health, addiction issues and what can be done about it
• How to identify some of the signs/symptoms of mental health/addiction issues and understanding what it's like to "walk in the other person's shoes"
• Identify some of the basic brain/biological underpinnings of what leads to someone developing mental health/addiction issues and its medical consequences
• How to identify the signs of workplace Burn Out, its main contributors and why its becoming a huge problem
• Understand the responsibilities for employers – simple do's, don'ts and how to get support

Opioid Use & Workplace Safety
Dr. Iris Greenwald, DriverCheck Inc.

• Prescribed versus recreational opioids
• Physical effects of opioid use
• Opioid use vs abuse vs dependence
• Drug testing options
• Opioid Substitution Treatments (e.g. methadone, buprenorphine)
• Fitness for duty concerns

Injury Management: Easing the Pain
Dr. Gerhard Benadé, DriverCheck Inc.

• Prevention failed – now what?
• WCB life of a claim
• How everybody wins with quality Injury Management services
• Remote ≠ poor outcomes – telemedicine
• Who needs insurance?

Making the Most of your Employee Assistance and Substance Abuse Programs
Paul Gardiner, Essential Organizational Services

• How do these different and distinct programs (EFAP and SAP) achieve similar goals of promoting health and wellness
• Know the fundamental differences between these programs to understand when – and where –to refer employees
• Get an inside look at these sessions to understand what employees will experience “behind closed doors” when enrolled in one of these services
• How to set up and evaluate these services so they optimally meet the requirements of your unique organization

Determining Fitness for Duty and the Pre-Employment Medical

Dr. Jonathan Davids, DriverCheck Inc.

  • What is a pre-employment medical, and why do it?
  • What does Fit for Duty mean?
  • Using pre-placement exams to reduce injuries and costs
  • Using pre-placement exams to meet the duty to accommodate

Supervisor Training (Reasonable Cause) Summary
Chris Wilkinson, Program Consultant, DriverCheck Inc.

Course Content
• Overview of a Company Drug and Alcohol Workplace Policy
• Supervisors’ Responsibilities
• Signs and Symptoms of Misuse and Potential Health Effects
• Determining Reasonable Cause/Suspicion
o Step 1: Observe
o Step 2: Confirm
o Step 3: Document
o Step 4: Meet
 Difficult Situation
 Supervisor Traps
o Step 5: Testing
• Dos and Don’ts for supervisors
• Protecting Confidentiality

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Kristen Gouveia, Marketing Coordinator, at kgouveia@DriverCheck.ca.

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Date and Time


Delta Hotels by Marriott Edmonton South Conference Centre

4404 Gateway Blvd NW

Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5C2


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