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In this free, inspiring and empowering small group video conference, you will...

* Learn how a Mute Girl Raised $6,000,000 with One Presentation

* Learn the 5 Secrets to Your 7-Figure Freedom through Speaking

* Have the Chance to Get Free Power Consulting and Feedback from Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology), who Booked Speakers for High-Paying Corporate Gigs

Want to know how a former “mute girl” raised over $6,000,000 with a single presentation? Hi! My name is Sharon Love, CEO of Win with Your and . Do you love to inspire & empower people? Would you like to do what you love all the time and make great money by making a difference? Would you like to get clients you love, quickly and easily? If you are a speaker, entrepreneur, executive or author, this is for you.

This one secret that you’re about to learn enabled me to overcome near-mute shyness in my teens, give live talks to thousands of people in Spanish, French and English, create a facebook group that attracted over 2,000,000 for marriage equality in just over two weeks in 2010, and raise over $6,000,000 for youth self-employment programs.

When I was a kid, the big neighbourhood bully lived right beside me, and I was his favourite target. By the time I was a teen, I was so painfully shy, that I barely ever spoke a word. For one thing, being silent and invisible was safer. For another thing, after all the bullying, I did not think anything I had to say was good enough for anyone to hear. My grade ten English teacher put me it a group with the popular girl to give a presentation. The popular girl yelled, “Sharon!?! I’m supposed to give a presentation with Sharon!?! That kid can’t even talk!” Everyone looked at me like they had just noticed me for the first time. I felt my face getting hot. I couldn’t think of anything to say. Nothing seemed good enough.

After that moment, I decided to learn to talk to people. In fact, I started to research secrets of the world’s greatest speakers and leaders. Eventually, I earned a Master’s in Psychology at University of Toronto, and kept on researching. How did the world’s greatest speakers inspire and empower millions of people? I started noticing patterns. After over 20 years of research, I discovered four secrets... four habits that each of these great speakers and leaders shared.

These four secret habits were like four psycho-social super powers. I used them in my own life, and to my surprise, I inspired millions of people and raised millions of dollars. One day, I was giving a presentation for top executives from Fortune 500 companies and I suddenly thought, “Hey, I used to be the kid who can’t even talk! These secrets really work!”

Before hiring me, a youth employment service tried for 4 years to get government funding for youth self-employment programs, with no luck. The place was like a tomb, and they didn’t get a cent, until they hired me and I gave a really fun & inspiring presentation for the funder. I’ll never forget calling the Youth Employment program and finding out that they’d been getting $400,000 of funding every year for over 16 years, ever since I did that presentation. I almost fell off my chair. I did the math and went “Wow... that’s over $6,000,000!”

If a former “mute girl” can inspire millions of people and raise millions of dollars, what can you do?

Ready for your #1 secret super power? Here it is... drum roll...

Align with Greatness. When I say “align with greatness”, I mean “align with source energy, your creator, spirit, powerful love, goddess, god, or whatever you want to call it. You are greatness. You are made of great stuff.

When I say “align with greatness”, I also mean, “align with a great purpose that benefits you, other people, and the planet.” Yes, you are great, and you were born for a reason. You have a great purpose that benefits you, other people, and the planet. For example, my new great purpose is... with YOU, inspiring and empowering 1,000,000,000 people to achieve their great purpose, and create a kinder world. How crystal clear is that? With YOU, inspiring and empowering 1,000,000,000 people to achieve their great purpose, and create a kinder world. We will know the moment we hit 1,000,000,000 views with our Win with Your Heart shows on Youtube. If you would like to be a guest on the show, you can apply by clicking below.

How crystal clear is your life purpose right now? On a scale of 0-10, where ten is crystal clear and everyone will know the moment you’ve achieved it, how would you rate your clarity?

How much time, money and energy would you save if you had total clarity on your GREAT purpose? I bet it can be worth decades of time, and millions or even billions of dollars to you. Of course, that’s no guarantee... your results will mostly depend on you.

In a moment, I’m going to offer you a quick 7-figure success meditation to supercharge your #1 Psycho-Social Super Power, and help you Align with Greatness. First, I’d like to invite you to join me in a video conference at Speak

To join me, you can go to and sign up for a life-changing video conference with me. In this inspiring, empowering video conference, you will...

  • Discover all 7 Keys to Your Great Purpose

  • Clarify Your Great Purpose with Sharon Love’s life-changing question (it’s my trademark, and you won’t hear it anywhere else)

  • Focus and launch your unique, powerful message to inspire your world

  • Release the Top 3 Subconscious Blocks that Held You Back

  • Boost your Energy and Vibration with Your 7-Figure Success Super Power Meditation

Dare to dream of saving 25 years or more by clarifying your great purpose. What is that worth to you to save 25 years or more of your life? What is it worth to you to create a business and a life you love?

Allow a slow, relaxed smile to spread across your face and enjoy this quick empowering meditation... Breathe slowly and deeply into your abdomen. As you breathe out, let go of any tension in your body. As you breathe in, breathe in relaxation like warm liquid sunshine, filling your body from your head to your toes.

Imagine waking up every day thrilled and excited to do what you love... picture your GREAT purpose inspiring and empowering people from around the world... Imagine the love, respect and appreciation you get from the people you inspire and empower ... picture getting paid to travel whenever you want, where ever you want to speak or do what you love... hear the sounds of people applauding, giving you standing ovations and/or thanking you for changing their lives. Feel the warmth in their smiles, their hugs, their handshakes... Imagine watching your bank account soar so you can thrive and change even more lives. If you feel good right now, smile and nod your head... and slowly open your eyes...

I invite you to share this, and sign up at today at . Thanks! YOU make a difference. Together, we can inspire your world.

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