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Free Webinar: Systems & Procedures to Help you get CONTROL of your Business

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Contractors, get the on-site and in-house processes out of your head and learn the checklists that will double your team’s productivity!

The who, what, when, where, and why:

Learn from an expert in the field, Andrew Houston from Profit For Contractors, on how to create structure, make your team more accountable, and how to systematize your business while increasing profits.

This complimentary training webinar is happening on April 25th, 11:00am EST. We will show you where in your contracting business you need to systematize in order to maximize control.

Is this webinar for me?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you struggling to track what your team is really doing vs. what they're telling you they're doing?

  2. Are you stressed out and doubting your leadership skills because your project deliverables are constantly delayed?

  3. Is your business in chaos because you keep every to-do, reminder, and procedure in your own head?

If you’ve said, “yes” to any of these questions, then it's likely your business is too dependent on you.

The negative effects of this are:

  • Without you the business would fail.

  • You can’t leave for any substantial amount of time which makes it feel like a prison sentence

  • You're wasting 100’s of hours/year of your & your team's time because you're never on the same page

  • The jobs are not ran efficiently which could be losing you $10k-$100k/year

If you want your team to do things the right way, you must systematize the business beyond you! When you systematize habits and create accountability, you can then control the outcome, and in return, productivity will go up!

From the training webinar you'll walk away with:

  • Workflow Automation: How to track every step of every job quickly and efficiently

  • Remote Productivity: How to gain immediate access to real-time information when you're not physically with your crews

  • Boost Communication & Accountability: How to know which step each team member is at and why

  • Plus much more...

***Please note, we are only allowing 50 attendees into this month's webinar, so DON'T MISS OUT!***


1. How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Contact Stephanie at or call 1-613-604-4531 for more details.

2. What if I can't attend, can someone else from my team attend on my behalf?

Absolutely! You can purchase up to 3 tickets per company.

3. What happens if I miss the webinar?

We'll follow up with you. If you'd like a recording of the webinar, just request it via email:

4. How do 'webinars' work anyway?

We use a free online program called GoToWebinar (hosted by Citrix). You will receive your link to join the webinar via email and it will come from Andrew Houston|GoToWebinar. Keep this email handy come the date/time of the webinar and simply click the link to join. It may ask you for some basic information (first name, last name, email) but otherwise, the system will automatically launch and open temporarily on your computer.

5. What's required from me?

You just need to register. And when it comes time for the webinar, be sure you have a headset (with working speakers), or a computer with functioning audio, or at the very least a phone beside your computer just in case you need to dial in for the audio. All of these steps will be in your confirmation from GoToWebinar once you register!

6. I didn't receive my GoToWebinar email with the link, what now?

Contact Stephanie at or call 1-613-604-4531 for help!

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