Free Weekly Webinar with Michael D'Alton

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Free Weekly Webinar with Michael D'Alton

Wednesdays 7pm to 8pm Online with Zoom

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Tune into our weekly webinar on interesting topics related to energy healing!

With 3 decades of experience working as a Bio-Energy Healer, Teacher and running a School of healing, Michael has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and humor to inspire and uplift your soul.

One hour healing discussions takes a look behind the scenes into Bio-Energy Healing, health and sickness, emotional cause behind pain, quantum mechanics, relationships ups and downs, work and stress, financial thermostat, law of attraction, stop losing energy and all things consciousness!

Each week we discuss different topics, take a moment to breathe, co regulate the nervous system and explore the amazing world of Bio-Energy healing!

Pick up some free tickets, make a cup of tea and join us to learn about all things energy and the field of infinite possibilities!


“I have rediscovered my true self.

I was ready to move out of my chronic fatigue syndrome state and into my life as a fully energetic person. The Bio-Energy sessions provided the final shift of my energy system so that I could embrace my true potential. This work is completely empowering. I have rediscovered my true self.”

Reviewed By Karen, Salt Spring Island


Michael is the Director of Michael D'Alton's School of Bio-Energy Healing. He is from Dublin in Ireland and lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Michael is also available for private 1:1 sessions and can be reached at to set up an appointment 'in person' or through 'distant healing'.

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