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Freedom 101: The Practical Application (Interactive web-class)

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Interactive Web-class

Are You Living The Life You Want To Live?
Are you fulfilled in your relationships? Your expression? Your career?

Is your life inspiring you? Or is life a struggle?

The fact is for most people have patterns that continue to come up and pull them back and keep them from achieving the life they want. They see the possibility in front of them, but are unable to let themselves achieve it.

Come and Join us in the Freedom 101 class where you can free yourself from the self defeating mindset and beliefs that have kept you stuck and from living your ultimate life.

Learn of a profound new process that will allow you to let go of the hurtful and erroneous events from your past - for good. And step into the life you came here to live!

In the Freedom 101 Interactive Class you will receive:

  • One on One help from trained NTHP and SRC facilitators

  • Understanding of how you are working

  • Training in how the Process works!

  • Guidance from it - specific to you!

  • Access to your most powerful creative Self!

  • Empowerment and guidance - from within you!

We all have them, unwanted experiences from our past and erroneous beliefs we may or may not know about, that create these patterns of dysfunction that continually sabotage our success.

The sub-conscious is the gateway to higher consciousness, the realm that holds the keys to our essential creative self – our Soul. The process we are going to show you in this interactive webinar will provide you with safe and direct access to the sub-conscious mind and its vast knowledge, wisdom and light that has been buried beneath past experiences and false beliefs. It will give you the opportunity to Re-Cognize old, restrictive programming, and heal it - for good.

There are a lot of people out there that don't feel worthy of living the life they want to live. Thinking they don't deserve it, so creating situations and experiences that prove just that. But do you know you can also learn how to create situations and experiences that prove to you that you really are worthy, deserving - and capable of living the life you want to live! ... If you're willing to 1) Look at your life 2) Take responsibility for your life and 3) And then have the courage to say yes to your life. If you are willing - meaning open, I will show you that the life that you dream of is the life that is looking for you right now. Yes, looking for you.

Are you ready for it? Are you available? Are you willing?

How good can you really stand it?

Date and Time

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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