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From Fear to Fearlessness - Weekend Intensive

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Calgary - Venue TBA

Calgary, AB


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Fear to Fearlessness Intensive - Nov 3rd - 5th, 2017

**We are so confident in the quality and value of what we do that this weekend comes with a money back guarantee. If you don't feel that the value of what you walk away with is not well beyond what you pay, we will refund your tuition**

Of course, we want to be confident. We want to succeed in our efforts, be recognized, to give what we have to our families, our communities and to the world. But, in trying to do this, our fears arise, whether small niggling ones or intense large ones. They seem to get in our way. Our fears are mostly driven and powered by the stories we have created in our minds and their accompanying beliefs. They seem to point to the idea that the outer view of ourselves, and our environment, is what’s most important in life. Because of that, we have become victims of our difficulties and challenges, instead of masters of living an adventurous and dynamic life. The way we react to these beliefs is by seeking comfort and avoiding discomfort, struggling to get where we think we should be, not being at home in where we are. We resist accepting life as it is, we resist accepting people as they are, which includes ourselves. We use much of our precious energy, and time, hiding, avoiding, and coping. Then we wonder how we got so far away from our joy and aliveness.

It’s only when we shift our orientation to life, and when we realize the power of our own presence and authenticity, that fear begins to recede, and to fall away effortlessly. Our potential as human beings begins to reveal itself. And that’s where the real joy and satisfaction in life begins.

The From Fear to Fearlessness Intensive was designed to support you in discovering a way of living in which you don’t relate to fear as an obstacle. It’s no longer in the way of your communication, your relationships, or in you making an impact in the world. Living fearlessly means that you are able to harness the power and influence of your own authenticity.

In these three days you will see that being the real you is always and easily at hand, and, that discovering your capacity to choose that authentic you, moment by moment, is the key ingredient in realizing who you are and doing what you are able to do in your life and in this world. During the Fear to Fearlessness intensive you’ll begin to do come back to your source in a way that is unique and appropriate for you.

Although the weekend is presented in a simple, and fluent form, its effect is nothing short of miraculous. We cut through old habits by connecting with our bodies, our hearts and our minds and with those levels in others. We harness Evolve Now’s unique and powerful technique, Presence in Practice that is like a fast moving channel that takes you into deeper levels of yourself.

Some things that you will learn during the weekend are:

- How to stay grounded in the midst of intense emotion

- The power and beauty of asking directly for what you want

- Inspiring others to open their minds and hearts to you.

- Having the insight and understanding you need to make this real and sustainable in your life.

More specifically, you’ll discover:

  • The real purpose and function of emotion
  • How to bridge the gap between the insights we find in our moments of awakening and the challenges of everyday existence
  • A way to approach difficult conversations and disagreements that has you being satisfied.
  • How to cleanly and powerfully move toward solutions and completion
  • Tools and techniques for strengthening and deepening both professional and personal relationships in your life

What will we actually use to do this?

  • Discourse, story telling, discussion, playful and profound activities
  • A unique approach to human transformation called ‘Presence in Practice’,
  • The transformational ‘Four-Point Integration Technique, in which participants bring situations into full focus and experience dissolving and integrating difficulties.
  • Tools to help embed these new ways permanently into their lives!

Leave this workshop with a blueprint for emotional mastery and confidence so rich and clear that you need not doubt it ever again!

What people are saying about Evolve Now work:

“I'd like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you, Susan and Dolphin, for your evening offering. My sense was that 2.5 hours was not enough time to really dive into this work. But upon reflection last night after I got home, I really felt a strong sense of the subtle power of this path/technique and I really wanted to make sure you both knew how much I appreciate and resonate with what was opened in me last night. I am definitely interested in spending more time with the two of you and exploring this new space inside of me.”
Jana – Vancouver

“Through hands-on exercises and group sharing, I was led to experience a poignant breakthrough - being able to voice my own boundaries in relationship, and thereby recover the power to express myself authentically. This was a big one for me! I also gained a lot of clarity on where I need to work inside myself in order to attract/create the relationships I desire in my life...and there's so much more to work on! I can't wait for October. I highly recommend this work for anyone wanting to gain more clarity/power/growth in relationships and communication, emotional maturity, and authentic self-expression.”
Sasha Cook – Vancouver

“I can't recommend Susan Kasper and Dolphin Kasper enough. What they do is life-changing. What I learned through the time I've spent in their workshops and sessions makes a difference in my life every day. And I was a highly trained yogini/healer already!” Nicole Bradford – Calgary

“I feel like I learned how to live tonight”
Shelley – Edmonton

**We are so confident in the value of this work that we offer a money back guarantee. Come and fully participate in the weekend and if you don't feel that what you get out of it is not well beyond what you pay we will refund your registration in full! **

For anyone who is interested in being involved in this work more intimately or becoming part of the Evolve Now Team, please reach out to Dolphin at dolphin@evolvehds.com and take advantage of all the benefits that come from being a member of our amazing community of rapidly Evolving Human Beings!

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Calgary - Venue TBA

Calgary, AB


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