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FRP Canada National Conference and AGM

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Best Western Lamplighter Inn & Conference Centre

591 Wellington Road South

London, Ontario N6C 4R3


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FRP Canada is proud to have Dr. Paul deliver keynote remarks at our conference. He will present the new science about the development of very important traits such as vision, stress hormone control, cognitive function, and self-control that occur mostly during the first few years of life. During this period of rapid brain growth and wiring, external factors such as stress and neglect can adversely affect this development. Conversely, Tender Loving Care (TLC), constant stimulation and responsiveness to babies can enhance these processes favorably. We now know that adverse events during this period do not only lead to behavioral problems, but indeed can lead to physical disease decades later. In this context, supporting the first few years of a child’s development and the social/family environment is a new paradigm for mental illness and chronic disease prevention as well as for optimizing one’s potential over the life course. The role of Early Child Development is so important that is has now been recognized as a global challenge by the World Health Organization, World Bank and the United Nations.

We are also proud to announce that Lisa Wolff (Director, Policy and Education) at UNICEF will deliver a keynote: The Power of Play as linked to The Right to Play, (UNCRC Article 31). Play is not only good for children's health and development; it is fundamental to their overall well-being. For this reason, the right to play and leisure is protected as a universal right in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We'll explore how the state of play and the overall state of children are related by looking at them across industrialized countries. We'll consider how children and youth express the right to play as they mature; why the "forgotten" right to leisure matters; and what has to change to unlock new solutions for free, outdoor play and liesure.

Confirmed Presenter: Louise Choquette from the Best Start Resource Centre has led initiatives in reaching Francophones, reproductive and child health of newcomers, physical activity, prenatal education and tobacco control. She will deliver her workshop called: “Having a Ball Together!” This active workshop will provide early years staff the skills and confidence necessary to have a positive influence on the physical activity level and physical literacy of children.

Confirmed Presenter: Brian Russell: Provincial Coordinator, Dad Central Ontario! Brian will be discussing attachment theory and fatherhood as research shows that the attachment process for children with their Dad’s is through play. He will also host a workshop called “Daddy and Me: On the Move” which is based on a his writing for the Best Start Resource Centre.

Confirmed Presenters: Dr. Anima Anand, Ph.D., Project Lead, and Michele Hopkins, M.S.W., R.S.W., Project Coordinator, together they will deliver a workshop on the key values, principles, and details on how to incorporate the revised Heathy Together program within core service to promote healthier lifestyles for families and communities. In their workshop you will: Become informed about the Healthy Together program background, content and delivery; Identify principles and strategies to engage vulnerable populations around health promoting behaviours and; Build organizational or community capacity and readiness to integrate Healthy Together.

Confirmed Presenter: Andrew Russo: Co-Founder & Director, National Family Support Network, Washington, DC. Andrew will discuss exploring the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening & Support in the Canadian Context. Participants will learn about the Standards and then reflect on and share their thoughts about their potential application in the Canadian context and in their work.

For more information: http://www.cnfsn.org/standards-of-quality.html

Confirmed Presenter: Tara Elton-Marshall, Ph.D.: Independent Specialist, Institute for Mental Health Policy Research (IMHPR), Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. The focus of this workshop will be on active outdoor play among youth in Grades 6 to 8. This is a critical time where activity typically declines and yet there is little research to understand the potential barriers and facilitators to active outdoor play for youth in this age group. The workshop will review what is known and provide findings from several focus groups conducted in London, Ontario and in a local First Nations community. It will conclude with the identification of critical future directions for research, policy and practice and a discussion of challenges and lessons learned.

Confirmed Presenter: Amanda Conlon is the Executive Director at the London Children's Museum.
With today’s busy schedules, ​children are facing a compression of their childhood and a reduction in the amount of time they have to engage in what they need most – self guided​ play. In this interactive session we will dig deeper into the profound impact play has on a child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. We will explore ways in which play experiences are best constructed to encourage meaningful engagement of children and their caregivers. How can we turn scarce family time into quality time? How can we slow the compression of childhood and bring back play? Together we will explore how to best set up the materials, environment and relationships that support and nurture optimal play experiences for our children and families.

Confirmed Presenter: Adrian Merrick is an Early Childhood Educator at Glenora Child Care Society. At Glenora Child Care Society they are striving to put an end to the idea that young children should sit inside during these frigid months. With the support of a grant from the Lawson Foundation’s Outdoor Play Strategy, Glenora Child Care Society is specifically focused on improving outdoor winter play for young children aged 1 to 5. They aim to normalize winter play for preschoolers and their families by expanding, extending and enhancing children’s outdoor winter play opportunities. Through staff education, development of resources, community connections and celebrations, and new activities and materials, we are finding unique and innovative ways for our youngest children to play outside safely and actively during the winter months.

Confirmed Presenter: Sylvie Melsbach has worked as an educator at an early childhood centre for more than 25 years, and has served as Educational Director for 5 years. She holds degrees in Psycho-Educational Intervention and Early Childhood Education, and completed her education related to play area safety at the University of Northern Iowa’s National Playground Safety School. She is a National Instructor for inspectors of play areas and playground equipment, and is responsible for outdoor play areas for the Regroupement des centres de la petite enfance de la Montérégie. She also serves as Technical Director at the Institut Québécoise de la Sécurité dans les Aires de Jeu. She will deliver an exciting workshop on the Nurturing Development of Active Play which was supported by the Lawson Foundation. The goal of her workshop is to help caregivers understand and support the developing child’s need to move in six pilot communities (child care centres, parent community, and local stakeholders in health and child development) in different regions of Québec who received information and training about the innate capabilities of children and their inherent need to be active and take risks in outdoor environments in order to transform play spaces and teaching practices.

Confirmed Presenter: Beverlie Dietze is the Director of Learning and Teaching at Okanagan College. Outdoor play environments are incredible places for children to learn and develop foundational skills needed for healthy development and later academic success. As children’s access to and opportunities for outdoor play continues to decline in many programs, families, and neighbourhoods, this interactive presentation will outline why outdoor environments are the best places for children to embrace a sense of curiosity and wonderment, develop problem solving skills, and imagine what can be. Come hear how our national outdoor play project, funded by the Lawson Foundation, is making a difference for early learning professionals and children.

Confirmed Presenter: Stacy Yanchuck Oleksy, MSc., CEPF: Stacy will deliver a workshop called "Financial Aid for Service Providers." Do you work with clients who are experiencing financial stress? Are you unsure of how to have the “money chat”, what to advise, what resources to offer, and where to send them for additional help? Look no futher! Join us for a fun and interactive workshop on how to identify financial stressors in your clients, broach the money subject, offer resources, and where to refer for help.

Confirmed Presenter: Arielle Bush, DTATI, Professional Art Therapist and Coordinator of Community Living London's Teach and Play program. This workshop will explore how to successfully provide inclusive and accessible play opportunities within the community for children with developmental disabilities and their families. Participants will gain a better understanding of the diverse needs of children and youth with developmental disabilities as well as helpful resources for providing inclusive community services.

Confirmed Presenter: Dina Barnes, O.T.; Ellyn Sleightholm, SLP; Susy Edwards, O.T from the Child and Parent Resource Institute. Engaging children with a Dual Diagnosis (Intellectual disability + behavior or mental health diagnosis) in play and leisure activities may be challenging due to many factors including but not limited to communication, motor and/or sensory deficits. This interactive session introduces concepts on what is developmentally appropriate, and provides insight into the challenges and strategies when working with this population. Participants will leave with practical strategies for how to promote play and leisure skills including how to structure “unstructured time” and increase quality and length of activities.

Confirmed Presenter: Jennifer Gilbert, Jennifer MacArthur, Cynthia Frizelle from the YMCA of Western Ontario Child Care are excited to introduce, and discuss, their research project with the Lawson Foundation featuring Risky Outdoor Play at the YMCA. They started just over a year ago and will share preliminary findings as they start to look at how a focus on a richer and engaging outdoor environment that can support the development of our children in our child care programs ages 0-6yrs. They have introduced many new materials to our outdoor play spaces - loose parts and new play space designs. To entice all learners, they are equipped to share some videos, pictures and documentation on what has been developed to date.

Confirmed Presenter: Jane S. Cawley, MEd. from the Physical Literacy in the Early Years (PLEY) research project from Dalhousie University. She will deliver a workshop on engaging children in active outdoor play which was identified as a public health priority. For children’s curiosity to be sparked and heightened, they require access to environments that offer freedom, wonderment, and the opportunity to play with open-ended and natural materials. The PLEY project is exploring how loose parts can be used to promote physically active, outdoor play in young children. Through this research, we hope to better understand whether outdoor play with loose parts can help children develop the skills they require to be physically active for life. Sharing experiences from the PLEY project as the foundation, this participatory workshop will explore ways that educators can encourage active outdoor play in a way that is intentional yet child-directed.

Confirmed Presenter: Lynda Cam and Natasha Persaud from the Canada Revenue Agency will deliver a short presentation on the credits and benefits you can receive from filing your income tax return. They will also discuss the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP). Following the presentation, the presenters will discuss the what portions of the income tax return may be applicable to you during different milestones in your life. For example, once you enter the workforce, when your marital status changes, or when you have children/dependants and what income and deductions will be applicable to you. Following the presentation, there will be a short Q & A.

Confirmed Keynote: Dr. Chaya Kulkarni is Director of Infant Mental Health Promotion (IMHP), a professional coalition dedicated to promoting optimal mental health outcomes for infants, based out of The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. She will deliver remarks on how play-based interactions can promote positive mental health and early development, creating essential connections in the brain for optimal well-being. The presentation will explore how to create a play-based and relationship-based developmental support plan for vulnerable infants and toddlers focusing on key areas of child development including communication, problem-solving, personal-social, gross motor, and fine motor. Using the results from a developmental screen, observations, and caregiver report, professionals will learn to create a developmental support plan unique to each child. These developmental support plans are strength based, age appropriate, functional, and unique to the needs of the family. They can be used throughout professional practice to enhance interactions between a parent and child.

Confirmed Presenter: Joe March, Partnership Manager from SmartSAVER: As part of our Financial Literacy Morning, Joe will highlight: Non-commercial, non-biased basics about RESPs, the Canada Learning Bond and how they impact student success and help build communities; Barriers keeping families living on lower incomes from opening RESPs so they can apply for the Canada Learning Bond and other federal and provincial money; Knocking down the barriers with SmartSAVERs help and its online application: Start My RESP

Confirmed Speaker: Janet Pinder, Early Literacy Specialist at OEYC London. “Supporting Schemas – Understanding How Young Children Learn” is a presentation that touches briefly on early brain development and focuses on how schemas can be used to encourage wonderful learning opportunities that follow the interest of young children, as they play and explore the world around them. A schema is a pattern of repeated behaviour or play which a child instinctively uses to explore ideas and thoughts. Although the repeated actions may seem strange or frustrating to adults, they are actually very important tasks that help to build strong connections in the child’s brain. This presentation will introduce some of the most common types of observed schema which include: Trajectory; Transporting; Rotation; Connecting; Enclosing; Enveloping; Positioning and Orientation.

Confirmed Presenter: Karen Gair, Amanda Benton, Sarah McCans from ChildREACHwill take you on a WALKSHOP to Westminster Ponds during which we will walk, talk and learn in this interactive session. ChildREACH’s Wild Child Outdoor Playgroup demonstrates the possibilities and great potential for practice when we step outside, beyond four walls, and embrace a pedagogy of play with the families we work with. Using their premise of a simple, free, unstructured playgroup in the forest, they have sparked a grassroots movement to encourage parents to take their children outside, give them the freedom to decide how high to climb, to explore the woods, get dirty, play hide ’n seek, be curious, balance, tumble and rough-house, so that children can be active, build confidence, autonomy and resilience, develop skills, solve problems and learn their own limits. It’s letting kids be kids—healthier, more active kids. Come prepare to go outside, and hike into the forest during the session (comfortable footwear in recommended).

Confirmed Presenter: Brenda Smith-Chant from the Mehrit Centre will deliver a workshops on children and screen-time. What is the REAL issue with screen-time? There is increasing concern that screens and screen-time for children and adults is having a negative impact on everything from social skills to sleep. This has resulted in recommendations to limit screen-time for children. In this workshop, past and current research on screens will be discussed along with the impact of those screens on the ability to self-regulate. The conflict between the demands of modern lifestyles, work, and education and the issues with screens will be explored, with an effort to practically mediate these demands.

Confirmed Presenter: Alicia Romain B.A/B.Ed./E.C.E, OCT is the Family Support Coordinator covering London, Huron Perth and Grey Bruce. For over nine years she has facilitated social events for children, youth and families on the Autism Spectrum. She received her PEERS Social Skill Training from UCLA and will discuss how this program is being facilitated across the province with many community partners. This presentation will also discuss Autism Ontario’s approach to Social Learning Opportunities and how you as community partner, parent or organization can be involved. With Programs such as Youth At Play, Children’s Friendship Training, PEERS Social Skills, Girls At Play and many more, the discussion will look at the variety of programs offered to get all children across the spectrum involved.

Confirmed Presenter: Barbara Math, Program Officer and Margaret Megitt, Parent Worker work for Toronto District School Board’s Parenting and Family Literacy Program. This interactive workshop will focus on the different types of loose-parts play. Loose-part materials are open-ended materials that have unlimited play opportunities that can fuel children’s imagination and creativity in an early years environment. Participants will gain a better understanding about the theory of loose-parts play, and will leave the workshop with practical ideas of how to program for children 0-6. This workshop will be focusing on the role of the adult (parent/caregiver) as the play partner in a family resource program setting.

Confirmed Presenter: Dr. Joyce Obeid from McMaster Univeristy will deliver a workshop on The power of play for children growing up with a medical condition or disability. Physical activity is essential for healthy growth and development. This workshop will highlight the latest evidence for the importance of play for children growing up with a medical condition or disability. Practical examples of play and physical activity programming will be shared and discussed.

Confirmed Presenter: Dr. Leigh Vanderloo is the Knowledge Translation Manager at ParticipACTION, as an exercise scientist, her area of expertise focuses on children's physical activity levels and sedentary behaviours. In this workshop, attendees will be presented with the most recent evidence on children's activity levels and health outcomes, current national recommendations (via the 24-Hour Movement Guidelines and the "Build Your Best Day" initiative), and the benefits of outdoor risky play. Practical tips for getting children and youth to sit less and move more, including overcoming common barriers, will be discussed.

Confirmed Presenters: Adam Bienenstock and Jon Halayko from Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds. What are natural playgrounds and why is contact with nature so important for children? Join Adam Bienenstock in an informative and irreverent workshop exploring the reasons for this new phenomenon in play. He will highlight how play has changed over time, why it is important to connect children to nature, and some examples of natural playgrounds that engage children on a whole other level. Backed up with lots of peer reviewed research and real life examples from his own projects, Adam Bienenstock makes a compelling and entertaining case for why nature play is the better choice!

Confirmed Presenters: Patricia Couroux and Natalie Lane from the Early Childhood Community Development Centre will deliver a workshop on Exploring Nature through Creative Experiences. Participants of this experiential workshop will investigate strategies and materials for offering a variety of innovative nature based experiences within early learning and child care environments in ways that support Ontario’s early learning framework, How Does Learning Happen? The presentation will offer participant’s the opportunity to consider their own practice individually, as well as engage in conversation with others. The reflections will support educators in connecting with the outdoor environment in ways that minimize the impact on the natural world. Information will also be shared regarding the ECCDC’s journey in supporting local early learning programs in designing natural playgrounds and the learning lessons that have been gained through our local pilot project that has saw the design of 26 natural playgrounds. Participants are invited to come along to discover how the natural, outdoor environment acts as the Third Educator while considering a range of experiences that will engage children and encourage them to respect the natural world all around them.

Confirmed Presenter: Bill Kilburn: The Power of Play…Outdoors in Nature! Outdoor play of all kinds is essential to the development of happy, healthy and engaged children. A critical component contributing to the variety and quality of those play experiences is the learning environment – the third teacher. Just as regular time in natural space is known to provide unique benefits to human health, it is also important in creating unique opportunities for rich, inquiry-based learning to happen. This interactive session will explore how outdoor learning in nature looks and feels, and introduce key resources available to support it including the Ontario Children’s Outdoor Charter and Back to Nature Network teaching guides.

Confirmed Presenter: Brenda Simon and Jane Pilskalnietis: Earth Day Canada is working to put play back into childhood through its EarthPLAY programs, rolling out in residential streets, schools and parks. Come to this interactive workshop, explore your play memories and learn more about how to protect and support children's play opportunities in your community.

Confirmed Presenter: Jacob Rodenburg. Expand your tool kit of nature based activities and teaching strategies. Join Camp Kawartha’s Executive Director Jacob Rodenburg as he uses games, activities and drama to inspire children to connect to and appreciate their own “neighbourwood.” From participating in a dramatized squirrel games to creating a frog orchestra, from using a worm fiddler to attract worms to bird whispering, Jacob will showcase some fun, hands-on activities that help educators learn to use their own nearby green spaces as a place for nature engagement and nature play throughout the seasons. This workshop is suitable for educators teaching children from age 3 to age 6. Jacob will also share an exciting Pathways to Stewardship initiative underway in Peterborough Ontario. The Pathways is a community wide effort to inspire a culture of stewardship for children of all ages.

Confirmed Presenters: Lavonne Roloff, Nobody’s Perfect Provincial Coordinator, Carmen Paterson-Payne, Nobody’s Perfect Master Trainer and Cathy Ryan, Nobody’s Perfect National Lead, will facilitate an interactive session full of concrete ideas, suggestions and activities to use within Nobody’s Perfect parenting groups or other parenting programs. Through the power of play and innovative practices of group facilitation, workshop participants will become familiar with the revised Nobody’s Perfect materials and leave revitalized with practical activities and adaptation tools that they can use in their communities. They will discover that when adults are involved and having fun, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated to learn.

Confirmed Keynote: Jane Rooney, Canada’s Financial Literacy Leader will provide an overview of the role of FCAC and the importance of financial literacy in the health and lives of families. Subjects will include budgeting, saving, talking to your kids about money, and planning for retirement. Ms. Rooney will explain how Family Resource Centres can make use of FCAC materials and resources to help families develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to make informed financial decisions.

Conference Themes Include: Fathering, Financial Literacy, The Right to Play, Outdoor Adventurous Play, a full day of Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program session, and so much more!

Keep checking back here for more speakers and workshops which will be announced soon!


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There is no miminum age requirement to attend the conference, however, if you purchased a ticket under the student rate, we ask that you bring your current student ID with you for registration check-in. You must also be 18+ to book a hotel room.

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No, you don't have to be an FRP Canada member to attend the conference, anyone can attend. If you are not an FRP Canada member, please register as a "Non-FRP Canada Member", if you are an FRP Canada member, please ensure that your membership is in good standing for September 2017 to enjoy the discount. For membership renewals, please contact info@frp.ca

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From the London International Airport: 16km

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If arriving at Pearson Airport, call Robert Q Travel to book your travel: Phone: 519-672-9020

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Please contact conference@frp.ca

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A refund (minus $50 admin fee) will be issued for cancellations received in writing by August 15th by sending an email to: conference@frp.ca

After this date, no refunds will be given, however, substitutions will be permitted.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes you can update your registration information within the registration page, or you can email us at: conference@frp.ca

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If there is a change in attendee, please contact conference@frp.ca and let us know of the change.


  • Christine Alden

    Christine Alden

    Lawson Foundation

    Program Director

  • Dr. Amina Anand

    Dr. Amina Anand

    The Bridge Youth & Family Sercies

    Ph.D., Project Lead

  • Dina Barnes

    Dina Barnes

    Child & Parent Resource Institute


  • Amanda Benton

    Amanda Benton


    Program Supervisor

  • Adam Bienenstock

    Adam Bienenstock

    Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

    Founder and Principal Designer

  • Arielle Bush

    Arielle Bush

    Community Living London

    DTATI, Teach and Play Coordinator

  • Lynda Cam

    Lynda Cam

    Canada Revenue Agency

    Regional Outreach Partnership Officer

  • Jane S. Cawley

    Jane S. Cawley

    Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia


  • Louise Choquette

    Louise Choquette

    Health Nexus (Best Start Resource Centre)

    Health Promotion Consultant

  • Amanda Conlon

    Amanda Conlon

    London Children's Museum

    Executive Director

  • Patricia Couroux

    Patricia Couroux

    Early Childhood Community Development Centre

    RECE, Coaching and Mentoring Services Coordinator

  • Dr. Beverlie Dietze

    Dr. Beverlie Dietze

    Okanagan College

    Ph.D Director Learning and Teaching

  • Susy Edwards

    Susy Edwards

    Child & Parent Resource Institute


  • Cynthia Frizelle

    Cynthia Frizelle

    YMCA of Western Ontario Child Care

    Regional Manager, Children’s Educational Services

  • Karen Gair

    Karen Gair


    Program Manager

  • Jennifer Gilbert

    Jennifer Gilbert

    YMCA of Western Ontario Child Care

    General Manager, Quality

  • Jon Halayko

    Jon Halayko

    Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

    Training Coordinator

  • Michele Hopkins

    Michele Hopkins

    The Bridge Youth & Family Services

    M.S.W., R.S.W., Project Coordinator

  • Bill Kilburn

    Bill Kilburn

    Back To Nature Network

    Program Manager

  • Dr. Chaya Kulkarni

    Dr. Chaya Kulkarni

    The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

    Director, Infant Mental Health Promotion (IMHP)

  • Natalie Lane

    Natalie Lane

    Early Childhood Community Development Centre

    RECEE, EPE-I Early Learning and Child Care Program Consultant

  • Jennifer MacArthur

    Jennifer MacArthur

    YMCA of Western Ontario Child Care

    Outdoor Classroom Specialist

  • Joe March

    Joe March


    Partnership Manager

  • BM Barbara Math

    Barbara Math

    Toronto District School Board’s Parenting and Family Literacy Program

    Program Officer

  • Sarah McCans

    Sarah McCans


    Wild Child Playgroup Facilitator

  • Margaret Megitt

    Margaret Megitt

    Toronto District School Board’s Parenting and Family Literacy Program

    Parent Worker

  • Sylvie Melsbach

    Sylvie Melsbach


    Project Manager for Nurturing Development of Active Play. RCPEM support to partnership and play areas. Technical Director of the Institut Québécois de la sécurité dans les aires de jeu (IQSAJ)

  • Adrian Merrick

    Adrian Merrick

    Glenora Child Care Society

    Early Childhood Educator

  • Dr. Joyce Obeid

    Dr. Joyce Obeid

    McMaster University, Department of Pediatrics

    PhD, Assistant Professor, Child Health & Exercise Medicine Program,

  • Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy

    Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy

    Credit Counselling Soceity

    MSc., CEPF Director of Education and Community Awareness

  • Carmen Paterson-Payne

    Carmen Paterson-Payne

    Nobody’s Perfect Master Trainer

  • Dr. Paul

    Dr. Paul

    Expert Pediatrician and Health Communicator

  • Natasha Persaud

    Natasha Persaud

    Canada Revenue Agency

    Regional Outreach Partnership Officer

  • Tara Elton-Marshall, Ph.D

    Tara Elton-Marshall, Ph.D

    Institute for Mental Health Policy Research (IMHPR), Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

    Independent Scientist

  • Jane Pilskalnietis

    Jane Pilskalnietis

    Earth Day Canada

    Play Programs Manager

  • Janet Pinder

    Janet Pinder

    OEYC London

    RECE, Early Literacy Specialist

  • Jacob Rodenburg

    Jacob Rodenburg

    Camp Kawartha & The Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre

    (B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed), Executive Director

  • LR Lavonne Roloff

    Lavonne Roloff

    Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program

    Provincial Coordinator

  • Alicia Romain

    Alicia Romain

    Autism Ontario

    B.A/B.Ed./E.C.E, OCT

  • Jane Rooney

    Jane Rooney

    Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

    Financial Literacy Leader

  • Brian Russell

    Brian Russell

    Dad Central Ontario

    Provincial Coordinator

  • Andrew Russo

    Andrew Russo

    National Family Support Network

    Co-Founder & Director

  • Cathy Ryan

    Cathy Ryan

    Public Health Agency of Canada

    Nobody’s Perfect National Lead

  • Brenda Simon

    Brenda Simon

    Earth Day Canada

    Director of Play Programs

  • Ellyn Sleightholme

    Ellyn Sleightholme

    Child & Parent Resource Institute


  • Dr. Leigh Vanderloo

    Dr. Leigh Vanderloo


    Knowledge Translation Manager

  • Lisa Wolff

    Lisa Wolff


    ‎Director, Policy and Education

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