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Genie FALL Shaper Circle. A 10- Week Live ONLINE Class With Helena (With a...

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Are you ready to make this your final unhealthy year?

Are you tired of letting every year pass by without fulfilling your HEALTH New Year's Resolutions?

If you are serious about your health and committed to making the lifestyle changes that will lead to a fit and healthy life join the Genie FALL Shaper Circle.

You can be part of a “let’s get things done” group of amazing WOMEN AND amazing MEN who care about their health and are ready to ditch the excuses. (There will be a men group and a women group)

Focus on your health for 10 weeks and you can start the New Year leaner and with boundless energy.

Wondering what’s included?

1. A Holistic Health Coach for 10 weeks: Helena will guide you to establish effective and sustainable health habits.

2. 2 hours per week online group coaching call. (From the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world)

3. An exclusive VIP Ambassador invitation with lifetime membership included to Helena's 'Just Do One Health Thing A Day' online community. (Value of $120 per year)

4. You will meet and hangout with 10 other powerful and action taking women and men who want to take their health to the next level.

5. You will do One Health Thing Per Day

6. If you take action, you will have more energy, less fat, less toxins, and well established Health Habits after 10 weeks.

7. You will receive a workbook.

8. You will receive support and accountability as you establish effective and sustainable health habits by doing just One Health Thing Per Day.

Only 10 spots available.

Start date/time: Week of October 1st, 2017. Days and times will be decided as a group after everyone signs up so that we can make it work for everyone.

Investment: $397 Early Bird/$597 afterwards

I invite you to apply for this if :

•You have symptoms of 'unhealth' such as excess weight, aches and pains, fatigue, autoimmune conditions, predisposition to cancer, gut issues, food allergies, etc.

•You are serious about truly healing your body and getting your vitality back.

•You are committed and ready to make lifestyle changes.

•You want to heal your body at the source so it can take care of you effortlessly.

•You want to make meaningful and long lasting connections with other powerful and committed women who care about their health.

•You want to make a monumental shift towards improving your health this Summer.

TESTIMONIALS: What is it like to work with Helena?

Lise Lavigne - Summer Shaper Circle August 2017

"Honestly, I had doubts that I could do this because for the last few years I spent thousands of dollars on gyms and personal training. The training was great but the trainer wasn't there at home and at the restaurants to keep me from putting the wrong foods in my mouth. When I was stressed I would eat chips and chocolate, and drink coffee mochas with whipped cream.

I decided to join the Shaper Circle in my last attempt to lose those 30 lbs that crept up on me in the last several years. The very first session Helena spoke to us with so much encouragement, love, and support. You can actually feel her love for you and her faith in you that you can actually accomplish this.

She has a vast knowledge in the body, mind, and soul, and of course nutrition and the food industry. But Shaper Circle is so much more than that!!!

Helena knows exactly what to say to give you what you need to motivate you even though she's not at home or at the restaurant with you. I've seen results in the very first week (no word of a lie).
My focus and energy level increased dramatically. In less than two weeks, I lost 3 lbs. Yesterday I had to go buy new pants as I am down a size already and the Shaper Circle is not even complete yet. I have lost inches around my waist and thighs. For the first time in a long time, I believe I can do this and I will be healthy and back in shape. It's not just the weight though, it's the energy level, increased focus, happier, more hopeful.

I have no clue how she does it but, the fact that I don't need chains on my fridge or a slap on the hand at the store is truly a miracle for me. Shaper Circle is indeed the best program there is for health out there and everyone should take it. Helena is an encyclopedia of health and I am so grateful that God brought her into my life. I getting healthier by the week and there's nothing better than being healthy. Thank you, Helena."

Oh my goodness, I have tears in my eyes now writing this. It's all true Helena. There's so much more I could write!!!!!

KIM PTZER - Summer Shaper Circle August 2017

I am currently on my 4th week of the Summer Shaper Circle and this program has caused a shift in how I am using my thoughts to create my health, which is resulting in a shift in my actions as well.

After starting this the Shaper Circle with Helena, I feel I have way more power. I have so much more awareness now.

Helena is helping us to understand how thoughts influence our actions and builds habits.

I have come to realize that most of my issues around weight is related to my thoughts and resistance to change or shift. Being aware of this is empowering and is giving me more freedom to choose differently and feel stronger and more empowered in the choosing.

I had an insight last week that I have been comforting myself with food instead of taking care of myself with food.

This is a huge awareness for me as I am now noticing that when I decide to eat ‘comfort foods’ it is an indication that I need to look at my thoughts and feelings instead of just going to eat the food. More often than not it is for comfort not needed.

Another tip I learned from Helena was to ask myself: "What would healthy Kim choose to do?" Asking myself this question has really helped me to stay on track.

I find that Helena is able to truly meet all of us where we are at and support us from there. She really wants to be utilized by us and is really rooting for us to shift and change.

When our resistance comes up she has such an effervescent way of meeting it: she is not impatient or deterred by it, she doesn’t spout out about ‘staying positive,' she doesn't make us feel bad for being resistant, nor does she get caught in it either.

She smiles and encourages us and gives us alternative ways of seeing the situation so that we can shift our perspective instead of getting stuck in it.

The structure of the program is excellent.

We work on one health habit per week, so there is very little shock or overwhelm. We are easily able to meet the challenge of letting go of one habit and replacing it with a healthier one each week.

In addition, we can clearly see which health habits are having what effect in our bodies as we let go of them one by one.

Helena backs up everything with such detail.

She does it in a way that is interesting, fun and not dry or boring. She explains and educates us about our bodies and how it works and how food and other lifestyle habits help our bodies to heal.

The weekly coaching sessions are great, everyone’s issues and needs get addressed and each person is supported.

If we fall down, she helps us back up and encourages us to make the next step to keep going and even holds our hands as we do it, if needed.

The calls are so deep and real, which I have found lacking in most health programs… the emotional support and understanding that is so needed for someone trying to loose real weight and get truly healthy.

I truly recommend this course for anyone who cares about their health and wants to get healthy and stay healthy. This is especially true if you are trying to get off the yoyo way of eating and caring for your body.

Also, if you are looking for someone to guide you through the overwhelming streams of ‘diets, programs, etc’ out there, you will love Helena's Shaper Circle.

Jessica Coulthard - Life Coach at Just A Girl Like Me

I am so happy to have worked with Helena, because I had been struggling with my weight for pretty much my whole life. I had it somewhat under control before I got pregnant in ‘95 with my son, but I put on 35 pounds and even now that my son is 20 years old I was weighing more than I did at 9 months pregnant. As I move into my role as a life coach I realized that I had to take my health more seriously since I plan to be doing videos and live speaking engagements and did not feel comfortable as I was.

While working with Helena she really made me feel understood. She asked me a lot of questions to get a full understanding of what I had tried in the past, and what symptoms I had and what my habits were. It was the first time that I felt actually heard rather than just speaking with someone that worked from a scripted type of message such as Jenny Craig or weight watchers.

One of the things that I really loved about working with Helena, is that she explained why she felt that I had been struggling with my weight even though I had been trying many different ways to lose it with no results. I really like to understand what is going on rather than just following along blindly and Helena answered all my questions and explained everything to me.

Since working with Helena about 3 weeks ago, I have lost 12 lbs and people are starting to see the difference. I can’t remember the last time the scale has even moved never mind 12 lbs in 3 weeks. I also was struggling with acid reflux almost daily as well as swollen ankles and feet. Since starting Helena’s program I have not had even 1 day with acid reflux and have not had to take any medications, and I finally have my ankles back!

I truly believe that anyone that has struggled with their weight and needs to have someone understand their specific requirements, I would recommend Helena 100x over. She is so helpful and caring. The whole time we were speaking I honestly felt that she cared about what I was saying and feeling. She saw the struggle I was having and created a program for me that she knew would get me the best results.

Patricia Erlandson: Founder & CEO at Patricia Erlandson Digital Strateg

"I have been burnt out for years and suffered from brain fog, fatigue and stress. I knew it was time to change, I was so prepared for it.

And what happened?

I joined Helena's program.

After actively participating in the entire program of health coaching with Helena I have found several great pieces that were missing in my health and life!

I started to meditate, followed her advice regarding food and supplements and I felt so much better and different. After the first 3 weeks I had so much energy that I started to organize and sort paper piles that had been there for years. I bought filing systems and sorted everything. A huge weight left my shoulders.

Something AMAZING also happened: I gained back my interest in being intimate with my boyfriend. It was SUCH a difference between before and after I coached with Helena.

My coaching period with Helena ended at the end of January but I still eat like I did during the coaching program and I have from November until March lost 22 lbs. The weight loss wasn't my main issue but it feels great to lose some of the extra weight as well. I think I still have about 10-15 lbs to lose but I guess it will eventually melt away.

I find it unbelievable how easy it is to keep up with her program even after graduating from 3-months of coaching and I NEVER have to struggle with what I should eat anymore.

I can't recommend her enough - go with Helena if you need a change in your life."

Ilean Harris: Chief Lady Boss at Ilean Harris

“Helena is a health and wellness expert that you would be lucky to work with. Her passion for her work shines in everything she does.

Her expertise is exactly what you have been looking for to live better, feel better, and keep those pesky pounds off. I highly recommend her services."

S.Chamberlain: Chamberlain Training & Consulting

"I met Helena in June 2016. I had been suffering for two years from the consequences of exposure to floor leveling chemicals that I breathed in during our home renovation.

As a result, I had been diagnosed with extensive eczema. It is perhaps difficult to understand what it is truly like to go from a healthy, active lifestyle, both professionally and personally, to a reality of requiring bandages under the feet in order to be able to walk, or to needing two cooling baths per night in order to sleep. The solution seemed fairly straightforward to me; however, over time nothing worked despite many prescriptions by the medical profession, and the trial and error of many creams and lotions. I became an experiment.

Helena is by profession a biochemist and, in fact, is about to complete her certification as a Holistic Health Coach.

But, initially for me, she was also someone who had discovered what worked to relieve her young sons of the pain of active eczema. In her business, You Are The Genie, Helena offered a one-on-one coaching program in which I would have access to her help and expertise whenever I needed it; and where we would meet in person to tweak my personal program once per week. At first, I thought someone with a detailed knowledge of chemicals and personal experience with eczema would bring a new perspective to my situation.

Helena brought so much more.

One of the most striking traits that one encounters upon meeting her is her caring heart, and her strong, positive belief in the possibility for humanity. But the bonus is that these are found within an individual with extensive knowledge that crosses different domains: our food supply, chemicals, illness versus health, knowledge of the human body and its’ functions, etc.

With a supportive and encouraging outlook, Helena helped me to navigate today’s very extensive world of supplements, this with in-depth expertise. She believes that the human body has the capacity to heal itself if we create a certain environment that nurtures its healing capacity.

From the outset, she gave clear direction in what to eat, what supplements my body could use to help rid it of the chemicals, what level of exercise would nurture rather than hinder the healing process. I had no idea how exercise affected eczema. On some days Helena simply helped me to not lose hope.

As a result of coaching with Helena, visits to my family doctor saw me with: blood pressure readings reduced to a level of no longer requiring medication, significant weight loss that continues today, blood sugar readings that moved from pre-diabetic to normal, and a consistent plan of action to build a future of good health and wellness.

Had I not embarked upon my journey with Helena I do not know what my future would entail. May I quote my skin specialist: “I have no other options to offer you.”

My husband insists that we would not be where we are today, had it not been for Helena. She coached both my husband and me which made it much easier to land all parts of the program into my life on an ongoing basis.

I believe my future health has been very positively affected by my choice to undertake coaching with Helena Bianchi.

It is very challenging to undergo significant change without a coach. There are simply too many variables, too much information, too many factors and a roller-coaster ride of emotions involved. Helena was my anchor throughout. We are where we are today based upon choices we have made in the past.

I thank you Helena for helping me to make constructive, positive choices towards a healthy future."

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