Gentle Candlelight -Therapeutic Yoga w/Cielo
$10 – $16
Gentle Candlelight -Therapeutic Yoga w/Cielo

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Gentle Candlelight -Therapeutic Yoga w/Cielo

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Lochdale Heritage Hall

490 Sperling Avenue

Burnaby, BC V5B 4H4


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Therapeutic Yoga w/Cielo English E-500RYT, 500-RYT

This session is intended to facilitate more ease in your daily functional movement, improve function, reduce daily pain in your life, promote healing and center your mind.  We hold the intention of making this a practice of integration; integration of your breath with your body, your body with your mind, your mind with your consciousness, and your consciousness with your highest Self. 
We aim to promote healing to all your body parts that harbor your
habitual tension- your shoulders, your hips, low back, hamstrings, and yes, your mind!  We focus on slow precise alignment strategies within supportive asana with concentrated awareness on breath as the seat of our practice.  Guided meditation/relaxation soothes your nerves and grounds your practice in your own personal way, leaving you ready to have an great night's sleep.
Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary, perfect for injury recovery, prevention, pre/post natal women.

Classes are run in 8 week sessions during the year, and 5-6 weeks in the summer months. Pre-registration is required.  Drop-in's are offered when space allows-please call 788 318 7463 to discuss with Cielo.

  • Investment:  $120 + gst /8 week session    $90 + gst / 6 week session
    late registrants will have their fee prorated

  • First time drop in ever:  $10 + gst

  • Regular drop in: $16 + gst

  • Payment options:  cash or cheque
    Pay directly to Live Well Yoga - onsite, the day of class, or call to arrange for payment by check

  • Location:  490 Sperling Ave. N.Burnaby  ~@Hastings & Sperling

  • Parking: Plenty of parking is available in our parking lot on the south side of the building

  • Entrance: Please enter from the South side of the building, the enterance next to the parking lot

  • *Please note that the front entrance will always be locked - please do not knock at this door durnig practice,

  • If you are late: Please wait quietly at the south enterance until centering is complete (about 7:10/15) and then feel free to knock.

    What you will need:
    Mat, bring your personal props if you wish
    We supply:  blocks, chip blocks, blankets, staps, & some cushion props
    water is optional, tea is served

    This is a cell phone& scent free environment
    - please ensure that your phones are turned off prior to class
    - please consider your fellow students who are sensitive to
    - arrive 15mins early to sign in and set up
    - no special shoes are required, we typically practice in bare feet
    - wear comfortable clothes that promote freedom to move
    - bring an extra layer and socks for relaxation

    Your Teacher:

    What started my Yoga practice? Visualizations for competative sports.
    Once I experienced the connection to myself through the practice there has been no turning back. Curiosity has kept me in deep practice since my early 20's, and has become the underpinnings to everything in my life. The practice has served me by enabling me to stand in my center through some of life's most challenging experiences, and it has saved my life. I am blessed to have the company of devoted practitioners and teachers in my community and have studied with the most brilliant and inspiring Teachers one could ever dream to have. To be doing and living what you love is the biggest gift, and one which I savor everyday.

    I teach throughout the Lower Mainland, I have had the delight of being on Faculty with the Pacific Rim College offering Therapeutics for Doula,  developed and implemented the first Yoga Teacher Training at Simon Fraser University, and currently I am the Director and Founder of Live Well Yoga Teacher Training.  I love delving into the energy of group classes, and the sensitivity of private therapeutics, that's definitely my thing. 

    In recovery from MVA's I have had the honor to work with some of Vancouver's elite Instructors of ART & Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Pilates, Meditation, and Chi Kung.  Much of my own rehabilitation has offered me deeper awareness in support of my students.  As I witness the daily struggle with Mental Health & Wellness of today's society, coupled with my own personal experiences with Anxiety, Panic Disorder,  Bipolar, and PTSD I have made it my work to support the community at The HOpe Centre for Mental Health & Psychiatric School.

    It's my endeavor to bring yoga to our youth within the high schools, and my passion to mentor newer Teachers on their path.

    My study has its first roots in India with my beloved Teacher of Iyengar who's rich teachings serve me to this day. My Yoga and meditation are based in the practices of Kashmir Shaivism - a direct transmission of my greatest teacher Dr. Carlos de Leon.  I taught in Thailand for a number of years, and in 2005 returned to my birthplace here in Vancouver to teach  and be a mom to my two heavenly children.

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Lochdale Heritage Hall

490 Sperling Avenue

Burnaby, BC V5B 4H4


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