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The Birkman Method is a favourite personality and career assessment of those experienced in the industry because it paints a richer picture of an individual. Birkman is the premier advanced assessment because it uncovers and interprets more data about behaviour, motivations, and personality. Birkman feedback is presented in a way that is user-friendly and easy to segment. Here are a few ways that Birkman is different:

The only assessment that measures underlying Needs – the support you need from others and environments to be your most effective self

Combines behavioural and occupational data in one assessment – for a greater understanding of a person’s ideal fit within an organization

Examines personality and perceptions in a social context – promotes greater self-management and encourages mutual respect among colleagues

Your Leadership Grip is an assessment that gives the Christian leader a chance to identify his or her Spiritual Gifts from three different angles and three different assessments.

Gifts Language – identifies where God has made us strong. Each Gift is described with a definition, characteristics, and even liabilities. Through this comprehensive approach, we can more readily identify where God has made us powerful. Foundationally, we will ask What is your supernatural identity?

Team Language – evaluates how our gifts function in a team setting. With four foundational types, we will look at the characteristics, the aligned Gifts language, and the potential liabilities we may bring to the team. Fundamentally, here we ask What value do you supernaturally bring to the team?

Body Building Language – reveals how our gifts equip us to grow and expand the Body of Christ. Here, our primary question is How do you contribute to the Great Commission?

The Grip-Birkman is the combination of the Birkman Method and the Leadership Grip that is in use in over 40 countries. It helps leaders grow in self-awareness and self-management, as well as helping teams develop healthier relationships and greater ministry fruitfulness. During our interactive workshop, you will be certified as a Grip-Birkman Coach as you process your own profile.


Where you are powerful with your gifts, where you are weak and who you need to be effective on a team.

What energizes you — joy and fruit and what drains you.

Your most effective style of working with others.

Your needs in order to be effective from both natural and spiritual perspectives.

How to add value to any team and who you need on your team to work together most effectively.

How to coach and empower others using the GB resource in practical ways, blending basic coaching skills.


Your Own Grip-Birkman Profile & Pre-Training Coaching

Grip-Birkman Coach Certification

Access to GB learning community

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