Hex In The 6ix - Deadutante Ball
$15 – $100
Hex In The 6ix - Deadutante Ball

Hex In The 6ix - Deadutante Ball

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The 519

519 Church Street

Toronto, ON M4Y 2C9


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The Halloween Spirit is slowing creeping into the city of Toronto, and CLIMAXXX is getting excited. People are starting to create costume concepts, booking weekends off to attend the street festival, and we want to add just the right amount of glamour to the festivities.

Hex In The 6ix Dead-utante ball promises to be an event you won't want to miss! Climaxxx Entertainment has partnered with the City of Toronto, and The 519 to throw a ball of epic proportion and has locked down some amazing sponsorships to ensure maximum success!!

**$5 of every ticket will go towards The 519! This center has been pivotal in the growth of our ballroom scene, and its commitment to grassroots community organizations is commendable.**

We are asking everyone to please dress up in a Halloween costume of your choice. We will have a red carpet area, and an event photographer who will be taking pictures of the guests so you can get photos before you go out on the street for the Halloween Festival.

This event will be hosted by the International voice of the ballroom scene, the Icon Jack Mizrahi (New York City). He has travelled around the world, breathing life into the ballroom scenes of the United States & Europe, and is finally coming to breathe life in TORONTO... Toronto will be BURNING!! He has also recently been featured on Mega-Superstar J.Lo's last album, on the "TENS" track and is the creator of the Rumble Balls and Vogue Knights events in New York City! We are extremely honoured to be able to host the ballroom ICON, and we want EVERYONE in the building to welcome him into our home.

Holding down the beats, will be Toronto's Black LGBT pioneer: Legendary DJ BlackCat Monroe. DJ BlackCat got his start in DJing over 20 years ago, and is still one of the best on the wheels. What sets him apart, is his versatility as a DJ and his very ecclectic musical taste. You can hear him spinning at almost every venue in downtown Toronto, or you can check him out at his own Go Hard events held at least once a month!

This event will be ALL AGES, but bring your ID if you want to get a wristband for alcohol.

VIP Tables are being sold for $100. These tables are catered, and placed at the front of the runway for the best view.


1. OTA Waacking – Military Dance Off
1, 2, 3, 4, catch those beats while you’re on the floor... 5, 6, 7, 8, tonight’s the night to be great! Bring it in a military look and represent for the waacking nation.

2. BQ Face – Hollywood Glam
For glamour to be successful, it requires "sprezzatura" - an appearance of effortlessness that transcends the everyday. Tonight, we want the glamourous YOU. Bring it as the divo that's living inside of you, and don't forget to possess all the elements of Face! 

3. FF Face – Fairies 
Tinkerbell, Silvermist, Iridessa to name a few... Which Disney fairy best suits you? Tonight, bring it as one of these beautiful mythical creatures and leave us in awe at your beauty.

4. MF & FF Realness - 2 Trophies - 1 Cash ($100 Sponsored by Miss Opulence Pageant)
Male Figure Realness- A virus ails this farmer and it will soon change all his skin tone green. Bring it as the Farmer in the Dell with green indications of the virus taking effect.
Female Figure Realness- Lil Bo Peep has just gone through a traumatic loss and now grieves in an unhealthy way. Bring it as Lil Bo Peep with lacerations all over your arms

5. OTA Body – Vampires & Werewolves - 2 Trophies
The werewolves and vampires have been at war for centuries and it's time to prove who's strongest! Bring it as a blood sucking vampire or a carnivorous werewolf! Your choice!

6. BQ Sex Siren & FF Sex Siren 
Male Figures - Willy Wonka is a classic character and is well recognized. Bring it in your own rendition of Willy but a Purple Top hat is a must
Female Figures - It's a candyland affair, bring it in an effect that incorporates candy!

7. OTA Bizarre – Freakshow
No holds barred! It's Halloween, and the creativity is limitless. Scare us, amaze us, inspire us... and SERVE US in an effect that screams FREAKSHOW!!


8. OPEN TO ALL 1st Time In Drags At A Ball - $100 (Sponsored by Supporting Our Youth - SOY)
Halloween is the time of the year where a lot of people experiment with drag. Tonight, we are giving you an opportunity to get a little $ for your work! If this is your 1ST TIME IN DRAGS, whether you are bringing it as a Drag QUEEN or KING.. You are welcome to participate. This will be scored on REALNESS & GAG FACTOR... So try to keep it a secret that you're going to participate!! NO COSTUME REQUIRED!!!

9. Performance Categories - (RWT, BQVF, FF, VIRGIN) – $350 + $10 POT ($100 Sponsored by Vyper 007)
Dawn of the Dead
A zombie is a fictional undead being created through the reanimation of a human corpse.. Although you may be dead, your body is still able to serve a punishing catwalk, devilish duckwalk, malicious hand perfomance, sickening spins and dips, and cunty floor performance!! Bring it as a zombie, and claim your prize!!

10. MF vs FF Best Dressed - 2 Trophies 1 Cash $150
FASHION FOR YOUR NERVES... You have been invited to the most prestigious Fashion Affair, and all the celebrities and fashion icons will be in the building... How will you stand out amongst them?? 

It's Halloween.. It's Runway.. It's $1000.. We are looking for THE BEST!! In teams of 4 or 5, bring it in a cohesive HALLOWEEN look... However, you won't be alone on the runway... Each of the CLIMAXXX Staff have formed a team that will participate in their honour... We are looking to have an epic showdown of runway, fashion, creativity, shade and drama!!! Put your BEST foot first!!

****** PRODUCTION IS A MUST!! ******

The OFFICIAL AFTERPARTY will be held at GO HARD's TRICK OR TRADE EVENT AT CLUB 120... If you come to the ball, you can $5 off of the admission at the door!! SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO DJ BLACKCAT FOR THE CONNECT!!!!

****** FOOD & DRINK FOR THE BALL ******

3 course meal
(Available only for VIP guests and judges; must pre-select food options when paying for table)

Appetizer served at 7:30 pm
Gnocchi & Honey Blue Cheese dressing              OR                 Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Entrée served at 8:00 pm
Chicken dinner (BBQ or Jerk)                              OR                          Jerk Pork Dinner
Rice & Peas
Macaroni & Cheese pie
Kale Salad

Vegan Entrée served at 8:00 pm
Onion Bhaji (Indian fritter)              OR                      King Oyster Mushroom Quinoa Salad
Chick pea purée                                                                                       Eggplant purée
Curried Cauliflower                                                                               Roasted tomatoes
Curried lentils                                                                                               Garlic Chips

Ontario Butter Tarts








Food for sale

Small Chicken / Pork / Vegan Entrée

Jamaican Patty

Caribbean Style Soup (with meat)

Drinks & Cocktails

Must have proper identification for alcoholic beverages


Pop / Water

Molson Canadian


KW Craft Cider

Wine (Bottles also available)

Bar Rail (Vodka , Rum , Gin)

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Date and Time

The 519

519 Church Street

Toronto, ON M4Y 2C9


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