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Able Crystals and the Devic Centre

Corner of Township Road 342 and Range Road 3075

Vanscoy No. 345, SK S0L 0P0


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Higher Priestess Practitioner™ three day certification program for self empowerment

About this Event

The Goddess Healing Matrix System™

Please join Kathy Huber, Certified Instructor of The Goddess Healing Mastrix System™as she facilitates the first level of this system at the Devic Centre, Saskatchewan.

How would you like to connect with the healing energy of the Divine Feminine?

Introducing . . .

A multi-level training experience that will unlock the ancient secrets of the goddesses—from Mother Mary to Aphrodite.

Heighten your intuition. Unleash your inner goddess.

What is the Divine Feminine?

And walk away feeling profoundly moved, deeply peaceful, and thoroughly infused with celestial energy.

Emancipating. Heart fueling. Soul healing. Infinite.

It’s an invitation—to shift and expand.

And a declaration—of love, to the world.

It means releasing the pull to self-sabotage. Choosing from your heart and not your head. And loving and living in a way that feels gloriously empowered.

When you align with this energy, you’ll witness your own gorgeous transformation—from the inside out.

You’ll cultivate serenity—and wave “goodbye” to stress.

And you’ll ooze contentment.

Who’s the Goddess Healing Matrix System™ for?

If you’re not willing to start looking at what’s rrrreally going on in your life, then you’re (sadly) not ready for this system.

But if you’re stoked to make a soul connection and primed to dig deep, brace yourself—because we’ll get to the root of what’s been causing you pain, in this lifetime.

If you’re already a healer, this is your chance to open up your intuition at an even higher level.

In short—if you’re interested in the metaphysical realm and craving spiritual expansion; The Goddess Healing Matrix System™ is for you.

Ready to ignite your inner goddess?

Higher Priestess Practitioner™ — Level 1

Class size: Max. 10 participants

Level 1 will initiate you into the Divine Feminine energy of the goddesses for the first time.

You’ll meet the original 10 goddesses in Velva Dawn’s book, Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses, and you’ll get to experience their unique healing qualities firsthand:

Isis will help you find balance—without guilt.

Dana will reveal how you can stand in your power.

And Mother Mary will open up your heart chakra, so that love can pour in freely.

Together with Kathy Huber and 10 classmates, you’ll meditate and burn through any old energies that still linger and cause you pain. And you’ll receive deep healing that will allow you to honor and release any traumatic events in your past.

During Level 1, you’ll:

Focus on your root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras.

Learn the art of infinite self-love.

Expand your personal power by embracing the living energies expressed through each goddess.

Discover Core Transformation—a step-by-step, guided metamorphosis to assist with deep healing.

Experience Past Life Integration (healing the past to create more power and freedom in your life)

You’ll learn about crystal healing; affirmations; goddess oracle cards; releasing ceremonies; healing elixirs; and you’ll learn how to channel the goddesses for yourself.

After successful completion, you’ll not only walk away feeling stronger, happier, and more peaceful, but you’ll be able to practice as a Level 1 Higher Priestess Practitioner™.

"I can honestly say that I am not the same person after completing the Higher Priestess Practitioner® Level 1 course. For many years of my life, I suffered from depression and anxiety. Following the birth of our three children, I also suffered from postpartum depression. There were many, many times that I simply felt that I couldn't carry on with life. I was always worrying about what others thought of me and their judgements. There were times that I actually had to force myself to go out in public because the kids were involved in things and I had to take them. Life really wasn't fun or enjoyable at all.

“My close friend and Goddess sister, Kathy, told me about the Higher Priestess Practitioner Level 1 course that Velva Dawn was offering. I immediately felt that I would not be able to do the work required for the course. My ego got ahold of me and started beating me up. However, there was a little spark in my heart that I just couldn't ignore and I was very tired of living life the way I had been living. So, I decided that I would take the course. What did I have to lose?

“Truthfully, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I learned so many tools to use in everyday life to help control anxiety and depression. Because of the course work, I no longer suffer daily from depression or anxiety. When they start to creep up on me, I have endless tools to draw on to help me work through the issues. As well, I have an amazing support system in my Goddess sisters who have also completed Level 1. They are always available with a suggestion, a shoulder to cry on or a hand to support me, whenever I need them.

“This particular course was instrumental in showing me that I am important and that I do deserve time for myself. As well, it taught me that I can say no to others demands on me. Level 1 teaches you so many basic principles that will help you to lead a more balanced, peaceful life day to day. The course has allowed me the confidence to share information with my children that will help them with different situations, such as bullying, nervousness, stress, etc. Because of this, they are much more able to deal with situations that they encounter at school, hockey, dancing and all the other things they are involved in. I truly feel that I am being successful as a mother because our children are willing to talk to me about pretty much anything and I am able to provide them with as much information and advice as I can. Besides being a better mom, I have become a better wife, friend, daughter, teacher, community member, listener and supporter. I have learned how to be the best me that I can be.

“I would recommend Level 1 to anyone who is ready to work on themselves, in return for the endless love and support of the Goddesses. You will not be disappointed in the results that you receive . . . I promise. But you have to be ready to do the work. It is not easy and you will be faced with many fears. But the course is designed so that you have endless support and many people willing to share advice and ideas. That is one of the most wonderful parts of this course . . . you are never alone. There is always help and support there.

“I am eternally grateful to the Goddesses and to Velva Dawn-The Goddess Healing Matrix System for encouraging me to take this course and push through all the difficult times. Because of them, I am confident that I am on my way to being the loving, caring Goddess that I was always meant to be. Goddess blessings and much love to you all." Sharie Isabelle Gross

"I am very honored and blessed that Velva Dawn opened her heart to me and allowed me to do The Higher Priestess Practitioner® Level 1 course by distance, when I was guided to ask her to find a way to make her knowledge more accessible to more people. This course has helped me in so many ways, with self-healing, increased self-awareness, strength, wisdom, and love at a very high vibration. This course has helped me to get through barriers and fears that I have been trying to release for a while. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to explore themselves at a very deep level. Thanks a bunch. I am very blessed and honored to have worked with you." Holly Ross

**No refunds will be given unless the course is cancelled.**

Lodging and food aren't included in the price.

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Date and Time


Able Crystals and the Devic Centre

Corner of Township Road 342 and Range Road 3075

Vanscoy No. 345, SK S0L 0P0


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