How Can We Save  Rational Discourse: Philosophy & Politics

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How Can We Save Rational Discourse: Philosophy & Politics

The Plato's Academy Centre presents... the Stoicism and Politics virtual conference.

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  • 2 hours
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Book Giveaway: We’re excited to announce that everyone who registers in advance for this event, will be automatically entered to win a signed copy of Tom Morris’ The Everyday Patriot: How to be a Great American Now!

Philosophy and Politics

How can we save civility and rational discourse?

Virtual conference from Plato's Academy Centre

NB: Details of this event are still being confirmed but you may register now to save your place.

When you register you'll have the option to donate an amount of your choosing. Although you can choose to donate nothing, and attend completely free, a donation of 30 euros or above would be greatly appreciated, as it helps the Plato's Academy Centre nonprofit to continue organizing events like this in the future. * Not available or in a different time zone? Don't worry as recordings will be provided afterwards if you book your tickets now.

What's it all about?

We bring together a special program of world-class thinkers and renowned authors for an exclusive online event that you absolutely won't want to miss.

Each speaker will share with you their knowledge and captivating insights into philosophy and politics, including real life examples, practical advice, and effective strategies for a return to rational and civil discourse.


  1. Pat McGeehan: Stoic Conduct, the Polis, and the Annulment of the Friend-Enemy Distinction, member of the West Virginia House of Delegates (US), author of Stoicism and the Statehouse
  2. Dr. Tom Morris, author of The Stoic Art of Living and The Everyday Patriot
  3. Diane Kalen-Sukra: Save Yourself, Save Your City, founder of the Kalen Academy civic leadership academy, author of Save Your City: How Toxic Culture Kills Community & What to Do About It
  4. Dr. Kai Whiting, Postdoctoral Researcher, Université catholique de Louvain, author of Being Better: Stoicism for a World Worth Living In.
  5. Prof. Matthew Sharpe: Stoicism, the Enlightenment, Self-othering, and Civility, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Deakin University. Author of Stoicism, Bullying, and Beyond, The Other Enlightenment: Self-estrangement, Race, and Gender and The Times Will Suit Them: Postmodern Conservatism in Australia, as well as series coeditor of Thinkers and Politics.
  6. Justin Stead, Entrepreneur & Investor, CEO Radley London, Founder of Aurelius Foundation
  7. Mick Mulroy, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for the Middle East. Senior Fellow for National Security and Defense Policy with the Middle East Institute, an Analyst for ABC News, and the Lobo Institute’s co-founder

NB: Details may be subject to change without prior notification.

Who will be hosting?

Our hosts will be Donald Robertson, the president of the Plato's Academy Centre, and Anya Leonard, the founder and director of the Classical Wisdom website.

A few comments from our last event

  • The programmes offered are exciting and courageous. Exploring philosophy and, in particular Plato's relevance to the modern world in relation to leadership, commerce, education and psychology is a great service.
  • Find the time to watch as very informative.
  • Ancient philosophy for modern leadership is a critical event for today's leaders to show how some challenges are persisting throughout the ages and that virtue, in contrast to profits, is timeless. I'd recommend it to every leader and manager who wants to achieve positive social impact.
  • Plato Academy's virtual events are a pleasure to watch. I learn so much, so fast!

About Plato's Academy Centre

The Plato's Academy Centre is a new nonprofit, based in Greece, run by a multidisciplinary team of volunteers from around the world. Our mission is to make ancient Greek philosophy more accessible to a wider international audience and to celebrate the legacy of Plato's Academy in Athens. Everyone is welcome to join us.


  1. Will recordings be available? Yes, everyone who orders a ticket in advance will automatically have access after the event to recordings of all presentations. So don't worry if you're unavailable at these times or located in another time zone.
  2. Will it be too academic for me? While many of our speakers are notable academics, the sessions are aimed at a nonacademic audience.
  3. How much does it cost? We're making it free to register, so it's available to the widest possible audience, but you'll have the opportunity to make a donation, amount of your choosing. As a rough guide, tickets for a physical conference like this might normally cost €150. Your generosity helps support our nonprofit's work and allows us to reach more people through future events. *If you do not wish to donate anything whatsoever, you may contact us directly to apply for a free ticket or simply enter the promo code NODONATION when booking.
  4. Where can I get updates? Follow our Facebook Event page and our Twitter account for updates on this event.


We're grateful to our board of advisors, Orange Grove incubator, Classical Wisdom, and the Aurelius Foundation, for their support in bringing you this event. Special thanks to Phil Yanov, Gabriel Fleming, and Kasey Robertson for their help organizing the event.