How Does Learning Happen?  An ongoing invitation for transformation.

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How Does Learning Happen? An ongoing invitation for transformation.

Cultivating Hope Virtual SS: How does learning happen? An ongoing invitation for transformation with Karyn Callaghan & Kelly Massaro-Joblin

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How does learning happen? An ongoing invitation for transformation.

with: Karyn Callaghan & Kelly Massaro-Joblin

When Ontario’s pedagogy for the early years was introduced in 2014, it opened the door for a transformation of the status quo. In this session, Karyn Callaghan and Kelly Massaro-Joblin will introduce the context and background to this visionary document and the possibilities and challenges it continues to offer for early education in Ontario.

As we question, research, reflect, respond, and co-construct our understanding of the world around us with children and families, we gain new perspectives and new and more complex questions arise. This document is not so much about providing all the answers, but rather is intended to provoke questions – for it is in exploring our questions that learning happens. 
- How Does Learning Happen? (p. 5) -

November 10, 2021 2pm EST / 1pm CST

November 10, 2021 7pm EST / 6pm CST

About the Speakers

Karyn Callaghan is a world-renowned professor, author, and leader of Reggio-inspired education. Karyn is president of the Ontario Reggio Association, founder of the Artists at the Centre project, and contributed to HDLH?

Kelly Massaro-Joblin has recently retired as an Early Years Advisor for the Ministry of Education, where she supported the development and implementation of HDLH? Currently Kelly sits on the Ontario Reggio Association Board of Directors.

About the Cultivating Hope Virtual Speaker Series

What future are we nurturing for our children and families? We invite you to join us for a speaker series to engage in critical conversations that support early learning in Northwestern Ontario. Our speakers will lead us through inspirational conversations in a safe place where we can think, discuss, and question our ideas. 

This Virtual Speaker Series is presented by The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board, Kenora District Services, and Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board.