How should deprescribing be taught?

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Deprescribing is the planned and supervised process of dose reduction or stopping of medication that may be causing harm or no longer be providing benefit. The goal is to reduce medication burden and harm while maintaining or improving quality of life.

In this webinar, Dr. Tom Perry will demonstrate how experienced clinicians can promote a culture shift towards deprescribing by encouraging their juniors to recognize that drug harms often exceed potential benefits. Dr. Perry will also discuss how videos can be used to help teach the ways drugs affect the biology of individual patients.

After the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • recognize multiple adverse drug effects by examining patients, (e.g. antimuscarinic, dopamine blockade, drugs causing hypotension/bradycardia, sedatives (many types), drugs causing neuroexcitability);
  • think about the low probabilities of benefit when preventive medicines are part of a complex list;
  • challenge the paradigm that 'somebody knows what (s)he is doing' when there is a complex drug list.

Dr. Tom Perry is a general internist/clinical pharmacologist, now retired from hospital internal medicine. He has challenged and simplified complex drug lists in all of his patients for over 30 years, and documented many adverse drug effects with before and after videography. He chairs the Education Working Group of the UBC Therapeutics Initiative.

The Ottawa-based BRI Deprescribing Guidelines Research Team will be hosting a series of webinars throughout the summer. Follow @deprescribing on Twitter and deprescribing,org on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the upcoming webinars.

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