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What is AI?

When asked this question, most people get visions of something that is only in the movies - robots that fight humans or self-driving cars! But AI is not just that, it is also - when you see movies on Netflix and get recommendations for other movies you like, on LinkedIn - when it matches you to jobs you like, and in your bank - when you get offers of financial products relevant to you.

AI is also when you predict customers that are a potential flight risk, when you upsell by recommending additional products customers might be interested in buying or when you create convenience by automating redundant and mundane routines.

Most of us think of AI as tough because the technologies for building AI applications are very complex, and that only experts can do it. Because of this mindset, we shy away from trying to leverage AI to solve problems that could move our business forward. This has got to change!

Let's demystify AI and learn how easy it is for you - whether you can code or not - to build commercial-grade AI. Let us show you how easy it is for you to apply AI in a practical way to solve problems that matter to you, your customers and your business.

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Facilitated by: Kwame Asiedu, Braintoy

Please note:

Our expert will address as many questions as possible, but we cannot guarantee all questions will be answered. This webinar is not recorded.

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