How to analyze open-ended questions of surveys with QDA Miner and WordStat

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Survey questionnaires typically contain two broad types of questions: open-ended and closed-ended. Closed-ended questions present a discrete set of responses from which to choose. Such types of responses are easily quantified and analyzed while open-ended questions allow the respondent to answer a question in his own words. Such types of unstructured responses often provide richer and more valued information than closed-ended questions and are an important source of insight since they can generate information that was not anticipated. Despite their added value, researchers often prefer to avoid including open-ended questions in their surveys because of the tedious task of reading and coding responses, a time-consuming and expensive task especially when one has more than a few hundred written responses. QDA Miner and WordStat represent efficient alternatives to such time-consuming procedures by offering unique computer assistance for coding and analyzing open-ended responses in a fraction of the time normally required when such a task is performed manually. Provalis Research’s will host a webinar where we will present the features and provide some resources to choose the best strategy to analyse quickly and efficiently open ended questions. While we focus here on the coding and analysis of open-ended questions from survey data, the same techniques could also be applied for other types of data consisting of a large number of short text responses, such as customer feedback or, Twitter and other social media feeds.

Join us for this demonstration. The demonstration will last about an hour and include a questions and answer session at the end.

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