How to Start a SaaS Product:  The Non-Technical Founder's Guide Online

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How to Start a SaaS Product: The Non-Technical Founder's Guide Online

This workshop is for non-technical founders that are starting or have started their own SaaS product and need help with their development.

By Founders Korner

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Starts on Wednesday, January 11 · 9am PST



About this event

Are you a non-technical founder who wants to start a SaaS product?

If so, this workshop is for you!

We will teach you how to understand the fundamentals of software design and the development process involved. Gain the skills to work with development teams confidently. Hack your growth strategy by learning the standard techniques required to build long-lasting, habit-driven software.

The topics we will be covering during the workshop;

1. Pitch Practice

  • Before you can get anyone excited about your product, you have to first practice your pitch
  • The 4 Elements that make a pitch
  • Pitch building worksheet + examples

2. Research

  • We will start things off with a bit of research to better understand the problem
  • The 4 Elements that go towards research
  • Industry research report worksheet

3. Goals & Anti Goals

  • Keep it simple and trust your gut
  • What are we looking to achieve, and what are we not?
  • The 4 steps to find your goals and anti goals
  • Exercise + worksheet

4. Competition

  • Who are we up against?
  • What are they doing right?
  • What are they doing wrong?
  • The elements you need to know of your competition
  • Exercise + worksheet

5. Facts & Assumptions

  • Time to set the stage and be realistic about our industry and our customers
  • Develop an understanding of facts, assumptions, priorities, and challenges
  • Exercise + worksheet

6. Problem Statement

  • We now distill our product design into a concise solution to a problem
  • The 4 elements to develop on a problem statement
  • Exercise + worksheet

7. Build the Persona

  • Who is our ideal customer and why?
  • Through empathy we find a valuable pain
  • Understand the needs, wants, fears and desires of your ideal customer
  • Exercise + worksheet

8. Pitch Deck

  • After some polish, we arrive at a complete and focussed solution that can be executed
  • What 4 elements you need to include in your pitch deck
  • Pitch deck perfecting worksheet

9. Final questions and open discussion


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Meet Your Instructor!

About Sepehr - Solutions Architect

Sepehr has a colourful and seasoned history of entrepreneurship in various industries. Through his array of ventures, he has a balanced and realistic understanding of the skills and knowledge required to thrive as a non-technical founder in a technical world. Fortunately for us, his primary passion has always been to help drive like-minded entrepreneurs to success.

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