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Hub Talk (via Zoom): 'Icky' Networking -- No More!

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Complimentary Hub Talk (via Zoom) - Brought to you by Big Cheese Coaching / Facilitated by Eileen Chadnick

Does networking feel 'icky' to you? Do you really have to do it? Aren't there other (and better) ways to navigate your career? What if you just aren't good at it? And, can you really learn to network without feeling so awkward and uncomfortable? Indeed you can!

Join me for a Complemenary Hub Talk (via an online Zoom gathering) -- where we dig into these and other related questions.

NOTE: space is limited, registration required. We will send you the access link when you register.


Date/Time: March 16, 2018 at 12:30pm ET (for an hour and maybe a bit)

The Conversation: "No More Icky Networking!" We'll explore some of the 'why's and 'ways' of networking -- how to make it better, easier, more authentic, and reduce the 'icky' factor. Note: there's a lot to this topic so this may be the first of others on this topic to come.

What to Expect: This is NOT a Webinar, nor will it be a full hour of formal presentation. While I'll kick things off and bring some good content along the way (a few slides, lots of insights, guidance, and tips) -- this is meant as a space for questions and conversation. I bring years of experience (career coaching and other) to this and have a ton to offer but I want this to be a dialogue not a monologue.

Quieter by nature and not sure? Come anyways and listen in at first. We'd still love to hear your questions so you can either send them in advance via email or bring them to the conversation.

A Word about Zoom: Zoom is an online meeting space that allows for video conference participation or phone (dial in). The Zoom platform is easy to use, quick to download, and incurs no additional costs other than internet and/or phone if dialing in. You can choose how you want to participate online -- i.e. with or without video, or via phone. Once you're in we will show you the 'controls'. If you feel like downloading the app before the meeting go to

REGISTER TO GET ACCESS to the March 16th Hub Talk Link: To complete registration, you'll be asked just a few quick Qs. Make sure you scroll down after you see 'check-out' to complete the registration. Once you register, you will receive an email confirmation with your access link for video participation / or the phone # and passcode if planning on dialing in. If you don't see this, check your spam. ***Make Sure You Keep Your Confirmation With the Access Details***.

Have Questions About Networking? Bring them on! Or send them in advance in the registration form. I will do my best to address them at the Hub Talk. If we run out of time for all the questions, we can plan another Hub.

Wondering if this is live or taped? It will be live. If you want in on the conversation, you'll have to show up.

READY? All you have to do is register. Or send me a note if you have questions.

See you at The Big Cheese Coaching Hub!

Eileen Chadnick, PCC, ACPC, ABC

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