Hugo Tobar & Specialized Kinesiology *Fair-Day Afternoon

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Chief Joe Mathias Center

Lions Gate Bridge 100 Lower Capilano Road

Vancouver, BC V7P 1A8


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Vancouver BC Canada

Date: January 31, 2018

1:00pm - 5:00 pm

Layperson invited!

Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver BC CANADA

Topic: Specialized Kinesiology *Fair-Day with Hugo Tobar:

Kinesiology *Fair-Day Afternoon. . .

. . .is an open opportunity, an invitation to layperson, to become acquainted or learn more of the world of Specialized Kinesiology, Energetic Kinesiology, in a FUN atmosphere of like minded hearts. Exhibit booths | FREE DEMOS | Mini-Sessions | FREE CLINICS | FREE SEMINARS | FREE COFFEE | FREE PARKING | FREE SNACKS and a whole lot of Fun!

Some of the best in our field are travelling to be with us this afternoon from as far North as the Yukon, as far South as Mexico, travelling from as far East as Herxheim Germany and as far as the Southern Hemisphere: NSW Australia.


Because Hugo Tobar is coming to Canada! Yes, coming to Instruct 5 Days Advanced courses to *Qualified Professionals --- And now we can meet Hugo too. At Afternoon *Fair-Day! Layperson Invited!


Chief Joe Mathias Center at Lions Gate Bridge, North Shore, Vancouver BC CANADA

  • See if you fancy what we are offering:

What is?

The fascinating world of Specialized Kinesiology generally includes:

  • TFH and TFH®️Muscle balances
  • TCM Acupuncture Acu-Points (for tapping or touch, not needles)
  • TCM Acupuncture Meridians
  • TCM Law of Five Elements
  • Colour
  • Colour Light
  • Sound
  • Emotions in the Brain Body connection
  • Chakras
  • Physiology
  • other modalities | systems combined
  • ADVANCED modalities

Specialized Kinesiology *Fair-Day Afternoon January 31, 2018:

12 FREE Seminars | International Speakers | 12 FREE Demo Clinics | exhibitors booths | mini-sessions | kinesiology sessions at *Fair-Day Specials and even a Pet Clinic for kitty cats and puppy dogs* Acu-Point Therapy.

*pre-registration required for Pets: energyreadings@icloud.


we're mighty busy here at Lions Gate Bridge in organizing our Afternoon *Fair Day event for laypersons to come JOIN in the fun, learn of Energetic Kinesiology and MEET Hugo Tobar in person at Booth #32-36!


Hugo is hosting our "Sound and Colour Light" Demo Clinic all afternoon. FREE mini-sessions and demos among his vast collection of Sound Tuning Forks and Colour Healing Light.


Direct from Byron Bay Australia are handcrafted Elfen Energy Chimes in colour note tones for sound and colour note healing in chromatic scale. 440Hz. Notes: C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C. Resonating for up to 30 seconds!

Visit ALL our FREE Demo Clinics!

  • EFT
  • CHROMALITE®️ Penlights
  • ESSENTIAL OILS & Aromatherapy
  • REFLEXOLOGY: Foot | Hand | Ears

Visit some of our 12 FREE Seminars and Workshops!

1:00 pm:

  • "How Emotions Balance" : Muscles | Chakras | Hara Line | Part 1
  • "Vibration of Sound In A Bottle" : To Balance Meridians | Chakras | Auric Field | Assemblage Point
  • "Puppy Dog Acu-Therapy" : DEMO with "CoCo"

2:00 pm:

  • "Making The Brain Body Connection"
  • Colour Science | Chromo Therapy | Crystals | Gemstones | Essential Oils
  • "My Kinesiology Story" : Why 1000+ hours of Kinesiology classes in 4.5 years

3:00 pm:

  • "Hear What Your Body Is Saying"
  • "Balancing The Body's Energy in 9 Steps" : WITH Acu-Light! | Acu-Spark!
  • "5 Elements as Quantum Physics" | "Danu Deck; Gateway to the Intuitive

4:00 pm:

  • "How Emotions Balance" : Muscles | Chakras | Hara Line | Part 2
  • Kinesiology Around The World : "What's New?"

Brouse with ease AND FIND unique items:

  • Adult Colouring Books for Muscles | Meridians | Acu-Points
  • Handcrafted Elfen Energy Chimes direct from Australia
  • Handcrafted DRUMS direct from First Nations
  • All Natural Bamboo T Shirts with Genuine Gemstones
  • All Natural Sage
  • Colour Light Pens
  • Acu-Point Charts
  • Kinesiology Book Store
  • 5 Element Charts
  • Meridian Charts
  • Acu-Point Pens
  • Format Finger|Hand Modes Charts & Books
  • All Natural Flower Essences
  • All Natural Sound Essences
  • All Natural Essential Oils
  • Crystals
  • Gemstones
  • 12k Gold | White Gold | Silver | Handcrafted | Hand-carved
  • All Natural Aroma Mist Sprays
  • All Natural Aroma Acu-Point Creams|Oils
  • Western Herb Charts | Eastern Meridians
  • Tibetan Garden Water Fountain with 7 Colour Rainbow Chakra Lights
  • Adult Colouring Books for Muscles | Meridians | Acu-Points
  • TFH Muscle Charts & Books
  • Colour Light Healing Devices
  • Colour Light Healing: 3.5hr intermediate course Tickets Hugo Tobar NK Institute Australia
  • Healing with Sound: 3.5hr intermediate course Tickets Hugo Tobar NK Institute Australia
  • Celestial Chakras: 3.5hr intermediate course Tickets Hugo Tobar NK Institute Australia
  • Neuroemotional Pathways: 16hr advanced course Tickets for *Qualified Professionals Hugo Tobar NK Institute Australia
  • "Balancing Burnout" 8hr advanced course Tickets for *Qualified Professionals NK Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Hugo Tobar NK Institute Australia
  • Frankincense | Myrrh | Gold
  • Kitty Cat & Puppy Dog Acu-Point Charts
  • 22 Door Prizes!

Relax and PAMPER yourself in the Practitioners Dens:

  • Mini-Sessions for Hand Reflexology
  • Mini-Sessions for Foot Reflexology
  • Mini-Sessions for Ear Reflexology
  • Mini-Sessions for Specialized Kinesiology
  • Mini-Sessions for Energetic Kinesiology
  • Mini-Sessions for Nuroenergetic Kinesiology
  • Kitty Cat & Puppy Dog Acu-Point Therapy sessions by Appointment


It's a *Fair-Day Afternoon for layperson to come explore Specialized Kinesiology, Energetic Kinesiology, TFH Kinesiology, Reflexology, N.O.T. Neural Organization Technique, Neuroenergetic Kinesiology and meet some of the BEST IN THE WORLD!

Fair-Day Afternoon Tickets: $20

BOOK HERE FOR *Fair-Day Admission

RESERVE YOUR SEAT for the FREE SEMINARS at eventbrite.ca. Scan below 2 C all options available. SCAN TO BELOW THE MAP 2 C ALL.

Also, Click the mailbox icon below and pass this page on to a Friend or click on the FB icon and share this with all facebook friends if you like what we are offering!

C U at the *Fair!


About Hugo Tobar:

"Neuroenergetic Kinesiology is one of the most modern and comprehensive systems of kinesiology in the world" : Hugo Tobar : © Copyright 2018. NK Institute Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.

Hugo has been introducing new Kinesiology concepts to the world since 1998. With a background in Engineering and a three year emersion into Indian Spirituality, Hugo went on to further expand his knowledge achieving a Diploma of Kinesiology in Melbourne. Hugo's advanced Kinesiology studies grew in the speciality with renowned Specialized Kinesiology and Energetic Kinesiology practitioners and instructors such as Dr. Charles Krebs (LEAP), Richard Utt (Applied Physiology) and Ian Stubbings (SIPS) Stress Indicator Point System.

Hugo Tobar's insightful and profound contributions in Kinesiology prompt frequent invitations to teach in institutes internationally including Kirchzarten Germany, the world's largest Kinesiology Institute.

Hugo has contributed to over 85 publications and presented at over 35 Kinesiology conferences globally. Including the renowned IAK Forum International in Germany: "Magic Valley Of The Black Forest".

Hugo founded the the Neuroenergetic Kinesiology NK Institute in 2008 in Murwillumbah Australia. He has now developed over 49 accredited Kinesiology courses taught in 16 countries globally. Hugo continues his prolific development of material which has also deeply impacted other areas of kinesiology.

NK Institute advanced classes recently hosted in late 2017 were in Salzburg Austria, Kirchzarten Germany, Enniskillen Ireland and Moscow Russia. Hugo's 2018 International teaching schedule begins with Utah USA in January and North Vancouver | West Vancouver BC January 31, 2018 - February 4, 2018 at Chief Joe Mathias Centre 100 Lower Capilano Road at Lions Gate Bridge.

Hugo's work is renowned internationally placing Neuroenergetic Kinesiology and the NK Institute at the forefront of the new developments in Kinesiology. His material is considered the most advanced in the field today and through the teachings of NK Institute, he has contributed to raising the professional practise and training standards for Accredited Kinesiology in Australia.

Hugo's contribution with his NK Neuroenergetic Kinesiology discoveries has profoundly modernized, redefined and expanded existent Kinesiology techniques, Energetic Kinesiology and Specialized Kinesiology globally.


  • Australian Kinesiology Association 2016 - Long standing member of 20 years
  • Australian Kinesiology Association 2008 - Kinesiology modality leadership and innovation as a world recognised kinesiology course author and trainer
  • Australian Kinesiology Association 2001 - Outstanding contribution to the growth in awareness of kinesiology within the community


  • Associate Fellow Australian Institute of Management (AFAIM)
  • Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA)
  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
  • International Association of Specialised Kinesiologists (IASK)
  • Member of the Complementary and Alternative Health Industry Reference Committee

International Accreditation

NK Institute Neuroenergetic Kinesiology

Murwillumbah NSW 2484 (AU)

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Date and Time


Chief Joe Mathias Center

Lions Gate Bridge 100 Lower Capilano Road

Vancouver, BC V7P 1A8


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