#Ignite Women's Conference - Spring 2023

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#Ignite Women's Conference - Spring 2023

It's time to get excited about living and loving your life! A one-day experience for women who are at a crossroad and ready to take action!

By Country Jewel Retreats & Conferences

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Sat, Apr 29, 2023 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EDT


Solid Rock Realty 5 Corvus Court Ottawa, ON K2E 8C4 Canada

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  • 9 hours
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What is the #Ignite Women’s Conference?

#Ignite is an opportunity to bring together women who are in a place of transition in their lives, standing at a crossroad trying to decide what to do or where to go next. You will be reminded of how beautiful and unique you are, and to help you ignite (or re-ignite) that spark that is stirring within and telling you that there is even more to your life, and that NOW is the time to begin your transformation and take action!

It is an opportunity to hear from, learn from and be inspired by women who have been where you may be in life right now – a place of dissatisfaction with status quo – but who listened to that still small voice inside that was calling out to them, and took a leap of faith to be/do who/what they knew they were called to do.

#Ignite is a rally call for passionate women to come together, be lifted up and reminded that you are not alone in your journey of transformation and that you, too, are called to #livlife and #luvlife with meaning and purpose.

What can I expect to experience at the #Ignite Women’s Conference?

This powerful experience will remind you that you are special, unique, and destined to be all that you desire to be in life. You can expect exciting opportunities to learn, to grow, to be challenged, to feel things that you might not have ever felt before – but in a good way! Your experience will include a series of carefully crafted sessions and activities that will move you to new heights on your journey:

  • In Getting to the Heart of the Matter you will be guided through a reflective experience where you will be reminded of what is truly important to YOU. Your values, your beliefs, your desires – they matter - and they can, and should be, like a measuring stick for your life. At the same time, your mindset, and perceptions of what is happening around you, can get in the way. We will share with you some simple strategies for getting clarity on what matters most to you, and how you can use your measuring stick to live your life with intention and purpose. Speaker: Suzan Hart, The Mindset Mastery Mentor - see below for more about Suzan
  • During the Healthy Living session, you will learn tips, tools, and strategies to strengthen your mind, body and spirit so that you have a firm foundation with which you can flourish, thrive and move with ease into whatever it is you are being called to do next. Healthy Living is not just about the food we consume; it includes your spiritual, physical, and emotional well being. Speaker: Virginia Dawson, Wellness Strategist - see below for more about Virginia
  • The Beautiful Voices Panel Discussion will be a facilitated conversation with inspiring women who will share their journey of being at a crossroad in their life and how, by listening to that still small voice that was calling to them, they took one step at a time, and overcame challenges that led to the powerful discovery of the best version of their life. Panel Facilitator: Julie (Jewels) Caldwell, Life Strategist & Success Coach, Country Jewel Retreats & Conferences - see below for more about Julie
  • It is easy to shuffle through life but how many of you are truly Living, Loving & Laughing with Purpose and Passion in Life? In this session, you will be moved to intentionally design your life through a series of light and fun activities, that will #ignite that spark inside and motivate you to follow your purpose and passion in life. Speaker: Yetta Dekker, Real Estate Broker - see below for more about Yetta

Outcome of Conference

You will be inspired to take focused, intentional action to listen to that small voice inside that has been speaking to you, guiding you to this place, this very moment in your life, where you can link arms with other courageous women, and journey together to begin your transformation to the best version of you. You will walk away with a foundation to begin to build your very own Blueprint for Success in Life©. You will shed that feeling of dissatisfaction with status quo and unleash your passion to #livlife and #luvlife!

*BONUS GIFT for Early Bird Registrations*

The first 20 attendees who purchase an early bird ticket will receive a complimentary "Journal with Purpose by Chrissy-Girl" gift which will be provided to them upon arrival at the conference. Check out https://www.facebook.com/mrs.briss for more information on Chrissy-Girl and how your gift will be supporting the Artisans of Madre Selva, Puerto Vallarta! Early Bird deadline is 11:59pm on Friday, March 31st , 2023.

What do we do at Country Jewel Retreats & Conferences?

We are passionate about creating unique, powerful experiences for women (like you!) who want to transition their lives and #ignite (or re-ignite) that spark so that they can begin to take steps to live and love their life with purpose and passion.

Country Jewel Retreats & Conferences brings together women of action, by using conferences, programs and retreats, to create intimate and personalized experiences where they will discover how to use proven business tools and strategies for success, to build the best version of their life.

For more information email connect@countryjewel.ca | check out countryjewel.ca | https://www.facebook.com/countryjewelretreats

Session #1 - Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Speaker Bio - Suzan Hart, Mindset Mastery Mentor | https://suzanhart.com/

Suzan Hart is known for her breakthrough strategies that help entrepreneurs, leaders and busy professionals overcome fear, navigate change and develop the mindset to respond and innovate when faced with change, conflict and crisis. The Mindset Mastery Mentor, Suzan, is also an author, inspirational speaker and master trainer.

With over 15 years of experience leading and developing teams, Suzan has delivered training in leadership development, diversity, equity and inclusion, and crisis and change management. Five words that best describe Suzan are Integrity, Health, Freedom, Leadership and Community. Her core message is the first person we each must lead is ourselves.

Suzan knows what it takes to help her clients develop an Unstoppable Mindset! She has created 7 Mindset Mastery Principles to equip individuals and teams with the tools to reset their thinking. Her goal is to help you develop the emotional intelligence, habits and communication skills needed to create massive results.

Suzan is committed to building a team culture where collaboration is encouraged. She believes that our differences and unique gifts make teams stronger, and our mindset and character are the catalysts that ignite skills, shift attitudes and build relationships. Suzan challenges teams to access the brilliance of their people by creating a culture that encourages employees to give up perfection, embrace vulnerability, and unlock their leadership potential.

Visit http://www.suzanhart.com to book Suzan for your next keynote, Mindset Mastery training or national conference.

For Suzan's full bio, check out https://suzanhart.com/about/

Session #2 - Healthy Living

Speaker Bio - Virginia Dawson, Wellness Strategist & Essentrics® Classical Stretch Instructor Sustainable Wellness Now | https://sustainablewellnessnow.ca/

Virginia is a Level 2 Essentrics Instructor teaching men and women with a range of fitness levels looking to increase their overall mobility, strength, flexibility and to move with even greater ease. She is passionate about encouraging people to live a vibrant life through strategies, stretching and sustenance! For her full bio, check out https://sustainablewellnessnow.ca/about-bio

Session #3 - Beautiful Voices Panel Discussion

Speaker Bio - Julie Caldwell, Life Strategist & Success Coach, Country Jewel Retreats & Conferences

Julie Caldwell, or Jewels as her close friends call her, has spent the better part of her life exploring her unique place in this wonderful world we live in. While on this journey, she has linked arms with entrepreneurs, CEOs, small business owners, students, academics, single parents, people with disabilities, and she’s even had the opportunity to share the stage with well-known author, speaker and businesswoman Lisa Nichols, to share some of her story.

Although she has spent the last 28 years working in the Canadian post-secondary environment, she is also a serial entrepreneur having had several businesses ranging from professional organizer for small home businesses to being a student success coach to her most recent venture as a Life Strategist and Success Coach. In 2006 she completed her MBA while working full-time and raising two young kids under the age of four.

Julie’s work is influenced by her deep belief that each and every one of us has a unique and authentic role to play in this world.

She has used her business background in strategy, human resources and training and development, to create her signature program called the Blueprint for Success in Life© to create a series of step-by-step tools and resources to help people take action towards living their most authentic life, one step at a time.

Julie brings clarity with action about how to move forward in the next best thing for the people she crosses paths with!

To learn more about Julie check out her website at countryjewel.ca

Session #4 - Living, Loving & Laughing with Purpose, and Passion in Life

Speaker Bio - Yetta Dekker - Realtor Broker and Owner | Dekker Team

I’m humbled by the accomplishments that I have the honour to put next to my and my husband Ken's name. We are international speakers, authors, mentors, real estate investors, founders of Solid Rock Realty, Dekker Team, and Double Dekker Life. We’ve helped over 3117 families create an accumulated wealth of over 557,000,000 dollars, married for over 40 years, and even have the privilege of working alongside our adult children. We have hosted over 573 LIFE"S Inside Track shows with free access on the Dekker Team Youtube Chanel. It wasn’t always like this. We were completely broke and broken in every area of our lives and ready for divorce, bankruptcy, and even estrangement from our kids. At our bottom, we saw in another's life a different possibility and wondered for the first time if we too could thrive. That day we began the journey of surrender and becoming avid students of relationships, faith, vitality, and wealth. LIFEstep by LIFEstep and little by little our lives changed and then transformed into something marvelous that was bigger than our imaginations. If ours could anyone’s can.

About the organizer

Country Jewel Retreats & Conferences

We are passionate about creating experiences for women (like you!), who are in a place of transition in their lives, standing at a crossroad and unsure of what to do next, to ignite (or re-ignite) that spark deep inside so that they can begin to take steps to live and love their life with purpose and passion.

Whether you know what you want to do, or you are still uncovering exactly what that burning desire is, we can help you get clarity about what step(s) to take next. We use proven business strategies and tools that Fortune 500 companies use to build their businesses, to help you design your very own Blueprint for Success in Life© so that you can live a Fortune 500 life – whatever that looks like for you!

We do all this by creating experiences through conferences, programs and retreats, which create intimate and personalized experiences for participants that will allow them to intentionally design a plan to move forward, one step at a time, with clarity and confidence to achieve all that they desire.

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