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Impulse: Hardwired

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Mod Club Theatre

722 College Street

Toronto, ON M6G 1C4


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Impulse is excited for the return of Hardwired. Our tribute to Art, Music and Fetish inspired by cyber-punk, cybergoth and future dystopia. Pulling inspiration from some of our favourite settings like Matrix, Ghost in the Shell, Altered Carbon, Blade Runner etc.

We have curated a night full of circus and stage acts, with DJs to move the dancefloor, as well as décor, dungeon and dress code to set the theme appropriately.

Dressing up for Impulse Events is mandatory. If you’re a veteran of the scene or its your first time. The suggested dress code for Impulse Hardwired includes: Fetish, Futuristic, Cyberpunk, Cyber Goth, Latex, Leather, PVC, Rubber, Vinyl, Fetish Glam, Body Paint, Lingerie, Drag etc.

Pintrest fashion board for Hardwired!

We strive to ensure that you will feel comfortable attending our event, and that you won’t feel out of place! All people are welcome at Impulse. If you have any questions about appropriate dress, venue accessibility, or policies please reach out to us at ImpulseToronto@gmail.com.


Kristian Sunflower
Mr nondetachable
Rollin Cash

Stage Acts


Doors at 9pm
Dungeon opens at 10pm runs till 2am
Stage acts start around 11pm

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Impulse Event Rules

1. Consent is Mandatory! If you haven't asked express permission to touch or play with an individual, then that behaviour is not acceptable until and unless you have gained their consent.

2. Fetish dress code is in effect. Costumes and/or fetish wear is mandatory. If you are unsure of what is acceptable reach out to the orginizers.

3. No activity of any kind that is deemed unsafe or illegal by staff or club security shall be allowed. No drug use, exposed genitalia, or outside alcohol is permitted.

4. No photography allowed. Impulse will provide a photographer all night long to capture you in all your glory.

5. If something concerns you, tell our Impulse ‘Ambassadors' who can be identified by their glowing blue arm bands or venue security. We will make all reasonable effort to deal with situations with anonomimity.

Impulse Dungeon Rules

1) No photography allowed of the Dungeon area, or its participants.

2) Consent is mandatory- no touching unless explicitly permitted.

3) Dungeon Masters (DM) can be identified by glowing red arm bands. If you have any questions or concerns please refer to them. They have final word on what is, and is not, allowed in the Dungeon.

4) The Dungeon is for consenting adults who have signed the IMPULSE Dungeon waiver. If you appear intoxicated, or are not respecting house rules the DM will remove you from Dungeon area.

5) House safewords are RED for stop, YELLOW for caution. The DM will intervene if the involved persons do not respond appropriately. SAFEWORD will be considered a call for outside assistance.

6) No blood-play, piercing, fire-play, urine, exposed genitals, penetration or restrictive breathing play is allowed. If a DM judges an activity to be dangerous, unsafe, or non-consensual they will intervene and if required remove involved persons from the Dungeon.

7) Cleaning supplies and garbage cans are provided. Clean up after your scene, and make a reasonable effort not to make a mess. If your scene involves wax or oils, use a drop cloth.

8) No interfering with a scene at any point. If you feel individuals are monopolizing a piece of equipment notify, the DM.

9) This is a public space; common sense laws apply.

10) We can only supply dungeon equipment on which to hold scenes. All personal instruments (including, but not restricted to: whips, paddles, crops, and floggers) must be supplied by the individual who will be using them.

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Date and Time


Mod Club Theatre

722 College Street

Toronto, ON M6G 1C4


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