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in here + out there | 5Rhythms Retreat

This 4-day / 3-night retreat exploring the ways we engage in different constellations of relationships

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Seminarhof Drawehn Im Alten Rundling 13 29459 Clenze Germany

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Early Bird tickets are available until October 15, 2022.

If you are interested in participating and cannot afford the fees, please contact me!

This 4-day / 3-night retreat in the Mandala Room at the gorgeous Seminarhof Drawehn just outside Berlin allows us the time and space to drop away from daily life and into a curious, dance-filled, creativity-inspired exploration of our relationship to relating.

The words ‘relationships’ and ‘relating’ bring up different feelings, pictures and ideas for each one of us. Every single reaction and response is welcome, is encouraged. Each one of us feel more at ease, more at home, in some relationships vs others. Perhaps, I might find an evening alone to be really difficult and thrive most in a big group. Perhaps, you might celebrate evenings to yourself and find settings with more than 2 people to be challenging. Just as an example!

Through the 5Rhythms map, in here + out there brings us into open inquiry on how we engage in different constellations of relationships. We take away the judgements of right or wrong. We learn to let the thinking mind rest as we discover … using the body, primarily through dance … our answers to questions such as:

  • What does relationship mean to me?
  • Which constellations are easiest or most challenging?
  • How might I hold myself back or constrict myself in relating?
  • When would I like to find more space or freedom to choose how to relate (vs. being in a pattern / habit)?

And – throughout this retreat – we will weave an undercurrent of a theme dear to my heart: How do I maintain my integrity in all these different forms of relating?

Inevitably, the more curious we become, the more freedom we acquire to choose how x when x where x why we engage in the myriad of relationships.

****The retreat takes place at seminarhof drawehn -- 1 hr and 50 minutes from berlin central station to schnega (2nd class ticket 19,90 eur). From there, an 8 km cab ride (24 eur) - we will organize car sharing for those who wish****

What people say about Samar Linn

“Samar is an amazing facilitator who creates a cohesive group. I love the varied and wonderful music and always look forward to her events which invigorate me every single time.”

“Dancing with Samar is always a fascinating experience for me, and I find that I can dance in the most open and courageous real way.”

“Thank you for all themes and exercises… It was a really intense experience [New Year’s 2021

x-dance] and after the class, I felt a lot of freedom inside myself. Your classes help me to work on different experiences and stories stored in my body through movement.”

“After dancing for more than 15 years, you taught me how to finally let my hips dance. I feel amazed! I always love it to go over my resistances! Thank you Samar for your pureness, your force of life, your fire.”

“I enjoy your selection of music – your sets are simply delicious. The dancing always inspires me and learn a lot about myself and my life while dancing. Thank you for the atmosphere of trust and generosity that you create around you.”

“I’m not sure what happened during that first class but it changed something inside me … and now, I keep coming back. Thank you for all your inspiration and creativity. “

Getting to the venue

Seminarhof Drawehn is a beautiful location close to nature that was specifically chosen to give us a chance to step out of our daily lives for this 5Rhythms retreat.

The venue is approximately 2hours outside of Berlin (and it is equidistant from Hamburg), and we can co-ordinate transportation from the main train station to the venue.

Promise the little trek is worth it, and will truly support our experience! Yes, the food is amazing, the beds are comfortable, we are in nature and there is a sauna!

Contribution Breakdown

Once you register, you will receive information to complete a bank transfer.

If you would like to pay via PayPal, please contact me.

If you are interested in participating and cannot afford the workshop cost, please contact me.

When registering, you’ll need to choose two tickets :

(1) For the accommodation (single / double)

(2) For the workshop cost (early bird – reduced or regular / regular)

Accommodation, including delicious meals:

Single Room €85 per person/night = €255 total (3 nights)

Double Room €65 per person/night = €195 total (3 nights)

Workshop Cost:

Early Bird Reduced €230 before October 15

Early Bird Regular €260 before October 15

Regular €320 from October 15

Cancelations & Refund

Life is full of surprises, sometimes unpleasant, that might affect our decisions. With this in mind, please consider the following:

If the retreat is canceled due to a change in covid-19 regulations or other such factors, you will receive 100% refund.

If you are unable to join and someone else takes your spot, you will receive a refund. However, if we are not able to fill the spot (e.g. due to short cancelation notice), please understand that it won’t be possible to provide a full refund.

For more information and faqs visit the event page on my website

From €485.96