Indigenous Awareness Building - Afternoon Session

Indigenous Awareness Building - Afternoon Session

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"Duncan BC"

Gibbins Rd

"Duncan", BC V9L 0E5


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A heart'filled meet & mingle for like minded / like hearted folks who want to understand more what it means to be on Stolen Indigenous Land

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{ { { • Opening Words of Acknowledgement • } } }

Giving Thanks for the guidance in your heart that has lead you to this moment ~ Giving thanks & acknowledgement to the First Peoples whose Indigenous territory this will be taking place on, breathing deep in this moment into a place of honor & gratitude for the Elders, Matriarchs, Chiefs, Knowledge Keepers, Land Defenders, Truth Speakers, the Crafters & Makers, the Helpers & Givers, for the survivors of genocide & for the Youth who are the future who make up their Nation of Indigenous Peoples whose Home-Territory this event will be taking place on ~ Honoring the place where the mountains meet the ocean, the rains that keep this coast lush, alive & wildly diverse & for the many, many creatures big & small who call the Indigenous Territory you reside on Home ~

{ { { • Intention • } } }

To feel into what's needed moving forward in coming back into right relationship with our Indigenous Hosts ~

{ { { • The Heart Of It • } } }

{ • From The Indigenous Facilitator • }

We come together to hear one another in deep & heart’filled ways & to gaze upon this place where our Ancestries meet ~ At the heart of it is a desire to create an opportunity for more understanding in regards to your place on stolen Indigenous Land & what it means to put your privilege to use in honor of the countless sacrifices made by your Hosts that you benefit from ~

{ { { • Five Grounding Points of Clarity • } } }

On This Shared Path of Indigenous Right Relationship Making:

( • 1 • ) You belong to your Ancestors & the unending timeless lineage of loved ones who brought you into existence ~ Let’s feel into what’s needed to deepen into this & breathe life into the places where they live in you ~

( • 2 • ) You benefit from the countless sacrifices of your Indigenous Hosts, it’s not your fault but it’s your responsibility to learn how & show up in the impact ~ Let’s learn together what it means to put your privilege to right use in recognition of this ~

( • 3 • ) We belong closer & vulnerability is earned ~ Let’s lean into the hard to see places & reveal the tender truths that will bring our hearts near one another ~

( • 4 • ) It's not possible to engage in meaningful change without the risk of being uncomfortable ~ Let's be curious together in the discovery of wholesome discomfort ~

( • 5 • ) We’ve been brought together for reasons that are bigger than us, there are unspoken truths living through you, awaiting your full hearted arrival ~ Let's hear one another in deep & power'filled ways ~

{ { { • The Lay Of The Land of This Offering • } } }

• This event will be a more casual & heart'filled {{ meet & mingle }} for like minded / like hearted folks who want to understand more what it means to be on Stolen Indigenous Land

• Calling upon my lived-experience as an Indigenous person, i will share from my heart some key things that are important for base level awareness building in regards to coming back into Right Relationship with your Indigenous Hosts

• This will also provide the opportunity for folks to connect, reflect & hear one another in a guided / facilitated / heart-centred way ~

• We’ll end our time together with a look at what “Right Use of Privilege” is & what this means for you and your Practice of Allyship ~

{ { { • Overview Breakdown • } } }

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Saturday, September 17th, 1pm-5pm // 4hrs

• • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • Opening Ceremony • • •

⇨ Full Hearted Arrival Questions

⇨ You Belong To Your Ancestors - Guided Journey

• Land / Integrate / Summarize •

⇨ The Impacts of Whiteness

⇨ The Heart of Racism

• Land / Integrate / Summarize •

⇨ Right Use of Privilege on Stolen Indigenous Land

• • • Closing Ceremony • • •

{ { { • Down to Earth Details • } } }

• This event is taking place in a gorgeous 30 ft yurt on a little property in the place they decided to call "Duncan", surrounded by gardens, chickens & big trees, a well loved piece of land, tended to with care & compassion over the years.

• This is being offered on a sliding scale basis, regardless of which option you choose, everyone will get the exact same things.

• Beverages & light snacks will be provided.

{ { { • About The Facilitator • } } }

Pulxaneeks (Pul-ha-neeks) is from the Eagle Clan of the Xanuksiala First Nation with Nuchanulth and Lummi Ancestry.

Her path of being a group facilitator, program designer & event producer was sparked 24 years ago & has been applied in a wide diversity of ways throughout her life.

Her background includes cultural based youth outreach with First Nations youth who are considered ‘high risk’, community building event production, Elder Care & Child Care. ​

Pulxaneeks was raised both in the Indigenous village she was born to as well as in & among the colonial construct of mainstream "Canadian" society. The work she offers of Indigenous Awareness Building comes from the unique understanding that has come from being exposed to both cultures.

Pulxaneeks is a living, loving result of the coastal Indigenous village that raised her & all that survived in the lineage she was born to. She holds her hands up & honours the Elders, Mentors & huge family whose love she is a living result of & the Ancestors whose strength & resilience is flowing through her veins.

• • •

“The truth is, regardless of who you and where you're from, our Ancestors have been through a lot ~ There are many things that tried to obliterate all forms of goodness & you are living, loving proof that it didn't work” - Pulxaneeks

• • •

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"In this experience of being Indigenous, i have a responsibility to contribute the journey of reparations we're undergoing as a people, to do my part, to stay in my heart & go where it leads, one truth at a time. By receiving what i offer, you're getting a front row seat in the healing journey i was born into, where i'm bringing you with me & showing you the many heart'filled & power'filled discoveries along the way. Our Ancestors smile upon this coming together of paths."

Pulxaneeks - Eagle Clan - Xanuksiala First Nation

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