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Indigenous Awareness Building - Practicing Ally Pod Formation

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We will be delving deeper into this practice of Indigenous Right Relationship building from the roots up ~

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** IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The cost of this 6 part series is $350 + Eventbrite fee, it isn’t $0 like Eventbrite ticket formatting says. Welcoming you to read the details in this description for all the in depth information you’ll need to process in a clear & grounded way.

{ { { ⬩ Opening Words of Acknowledgement ⬩ } } }

Giving Thanks for the guidance in your heart that has lead you to consider delving into this “On Indigenous Land” 6 part series ~ Acknowledging that you considering taking part in this Intensive has already impacted you ~ Creating a space in this moment to honor how ~ Giving thanks & acknowledgement to the First Peoples whose Indigenous territory this will be taking place on, where ever you might be ~ Breathing deep in this moment into a place of honor & gratitude for the Elders, Matriarchs, Chiefs, Knowledge Keepers, Land Defenders, Truth Speakers, the Crafters & Makers, the Helpers & Givers, for the Survivors of Genocide & for the Youth who are the future who make up this Nation of Indigenous Peoples whose Indigenous Land we reside on, wherever you are ~ Honoring the place where the mountians meet the ocean, the rains that keep this coast lush, alive & wildly diverse & for the many, many creatures big & small who call this Indigenous Territory Home ~

{ { { ⬩ Intention ⬩ } } }

To delve deeper into this practice of Indigenous Right Relationship building from the roots up ~

{ { { ⬩ The Lay Of The Land of This Offering ⬩ } } }

♡ This offering is intended to deepen your awareness of what it means to be on Indigenous Land & what your place is in regards to this.

♡ You are being asked to step in the direction of wholesome discomfort & lean into the learning, growing & feeling involved in this journey of coming back into Right Relationship with your Indigenous Hosts.

♡ Because of the heart'filled nature of this work, you are asked not to do this alone.

♡ This series is designed to support you in cultivating a common ground connection with a group of 2-3 other like'minded / like'hearted folks.

♡ You will all be part of the bigger group experience designed with your smaller group in mind, in cultivation of a common ground experience to bring you closer.

♡ You will have the option, the tools & the guidance to remain in connection throughout & after this series to support one another's ongoing journey of Practicing Allyship.

{ { { ⬩ The Heart Of It ⬩ } } }

We’ve each been colonized & this impacts everything ~ I understand this to be the deciding factor that determines the outcomes & informs interactions between our healing Ancestors ~ Life has shaped me in such a way to share understanding about this, in heartfelt, in-depth & empowering ways ~ I hold my hands up to the Elders, Mentors & Village that raised me, to the many Aunties & deep feeling relatives that kept me in my heart & accountable to my emotions, to the Ceremony that gave my spirit a home ~ I was born during a time of tremendous healing with a responsibility to the generations to come ~ I honor the place in your heart that cares deeply for the Indigenous People, I honor the unwitnessed truths in your being that need a place to be ~ This is where we meet ~

{ { { ⬩ Five Grounding Points of Clarity ⬩ } } }

On This Shared Path of Indigenous Right Relationship Making:

( ⬩ 1 ⬩ ) We’ve come a long way to be here right now, it wasn’t that long ago that our Ancestors couldn’t so much as be in the same room ~ Let’s unpack why & where to go from here ~

( ⬩ 2 ⬩ ) In accordance with the teachings of my Elders & Village that raised me, vulnerability is a form of strength ~ Let’s become stronger together ~

( ⬩ 3 ⬩ ) We are one anothers strongest resource ~ Let’s learn how to be with one another in the way of healing, feeling, knowing and growing ~ We belong closer ~

( ⬩ 4 ⬩ ) It's not possible to engage in meaningful change without the risk of being uncomfortable ~ Let's be curious together in the discovery of wholesome discomfort ~

( ⬩ 5 ⬩ ) You are a messenger of your Ancestors ~ There are unspoken truths living through you, passed on from your lineage ~ Let’s hear one another in deep & power’filled ways ~

{ { { ⬩ This Is For You If ⬩ } } }

( may include but is not limited to )

♡ You are interested in offering services to Indigenous communities & wish to do so in a knowledgeable & respectful way ~

♡ You currently work with an Indigenous based organization & wish to create a stronger connection ~

♡ You at times feel isolated & without direction in your capacity to care about the journey of Indigenous People & what we’re faced with ~

♡ You are willing to understand how the hurts in your own Ancestry effects being in right relationship with the First Peoples & the long term impact of having been colonized & don't know how to do this or where to even start ~

♡ You would like to invite the involvement of Indigenous people to your organization, company, gathering, conference or project and wish to do so in a respectful & honoring way ~

♡ You have a desire to understand more about the long term impact of colonization ~

♡ You have taken courses & read books & would like a very real life interaction with someone who’s been through it ~

♡ You have lived experiences with Indigenous People directly & would like to understand these more in depth from heart centered & an informed place ~

♡ You are willing to hear the truth of what happened & how it is today ~

{ { { ⬩ Before The Series ⬩ } } }

After you’ve registered your group, you will be sent some times to pick from to schedule your Initial Group Session ~ The intention of this session is to initiate a space of connection among your group & introduce some of the main concepts that uphold this Indigenous Right Relationship work being shared ~

You will stay together during the series & be continually placed in the same smaller breakout rooms all throughout ~

{ { { ⬩ After The Series ⬩ } } }

You will have the option of book 3 followup sessions within 6 months after the series has ended ~ This is intended to support an ongoing Practice of Allyship as it evolves & deepens ~

{ { { ⬩ Between Each Session ⬩ } } }

In support of a fuller, deeper integrated experience of the content received during the series, you can decide to have a mid week meeting separate from our scheduled time either on a one on one basis or as a group ~ For this, you’ll be provided with materials to facilitate your integration ~

{ { { ⬩ Brief Overview of Series⬩ } } }

{ ⬩Optional “Transition Time” Before & After each session⬩ }

Be supported in your transition from your day into our shared space by arriving up to 30 minutes sooner for Transition Time w/ Guided Grounding Meditation ( ** video + mic off / just listen, allow & receive ** )

Be supported in your transition from our shared space & stick around for up to 30 minutes after for Transition Time w/ Group Discussion & Integration.

{{ ⬩Part 1⬩ }}

“Opening Ceremony: We’ve Come A Long Way To Be Here”

Tuesday, February 8th / 7:00pm-8:30pm

** Optional Transition Time 6:30-6:55pm & 8:35pm-9:00pm **

♡ In this session we will be laying the energetic groundwork for our time together & getting a feel for the key concepts we’ll be delving into during this series ~

{{ ⬩Part 2⬩ }}

“First Contact Again: Your Ancestors Loved You Into Existence”

Tuesday, February 15th / 7:00pm-8:30pm

** Optional Transition Time 6:30-6:55pm & 8:35pm-9:00pm **

♡ In this session we will be getting a greater understanding of how we got to be here at this time, the different things that influence that nature of relationship to Indigenous People & what role connection to Ancestry play in it all ~

{{ ⬩Part 3⬩ }}

“On Indigenous Land & Relationship Building”

Tuesday, February 22nd / 7:00pm-8:30pm

** Optional Transition Time 6:30-6:55pm & 8:35pm-9:00pm **

♡ In this session we will be building on the groundwork of your Allyship Practice by navigating the language & vocabulary used to support this journey of Indigenous Right Relationship Making ~ This serves as a key element in supporting an ongoing practice ~

{{ ⬩Part 4⬩ }}

“Being White Is A Cultural Concept & The Heart of Racism”

Tuesday, March 1st / 7:00pm-8:30pm

** Optional Transition Time 6:30-6:55pm & 8:35pm-9:00pm **

♡ In this session we will be exploring the origins of “whiteness” & some insights & findings on the topic of racism from my Indigenous perspective to consider in the bigger journey of unpacking what it all means ~

{{ ⬩Part 5⬩ }}

“To Be An Ally: Right Use of Privilege”

Tuesday, March 8th / 7:00pm-8:30pm

** Optional Transition Time 6:30-6:55pm & 8:35pm-9:00pm **

♡ In this session we’ll be getting a greater sense of what your relationship to Allyship & what is needed to support the growth & deepening of your Practice ~ You will also be provided with some options of how to practice Right Use of Privilege based on the needs currently present for Indigenous People at this time ~

{{ ⬩Part 6⬩ }}

“Closing Ceremony: We Belong Closer”

Tuesday, March 15th / 7:00pm-8:30pm

** Optional Transition Time 6:30-6:55pm & 8:35pm-9:00pm **

♡ In this session you will be empowered with the tools to make a “Settler Statement” to guide & inform the ongoing nature of an Allyship Practice ~ You will get to hear from a handful of Guest Presenters Practicing Allys as a basis of relating & reflecting to support the creation of your Practicing Allyship Vision Statement ~

{ { { ⬩ Registration Process ⬩ } } }


Select the ticket option called "Intake Request"

♡ You will first be sent a google form called "First Contact" to let me know if you need to be placed in a Practicing Ally pod or if you already have one & are registering your group.

♡ After completing this, you will then be sent the “Heart to Heart Intake Questions”. The intention of these questions is to lay the energetic groundwork of our experience & to arrive us in a shared field of connection.

STEP (2)

Send Payment

♡ Completion of the steps both intake forms are required before this payment is officially accepted.

$150 of this payment is a non-refundable / non-transferable after the cut off date of registration which is 2 weeks prior to this event

STEP (3)

Meet With Your Pod

♡ You will be given direction on setting up an "Intial Meeting With Your Pod" in the weeks leading up to our time together. This will be allow the opportunity fo rus to drop in, do some intros and get into a shared field of connection before the series begins.

{ { { ⬩ Reciprocity ⬩ } } }

The cost of this series is $350+ Eventbrite Fees per person ~ The deadline for completed registration process is 2 weeks prior the series ~

♡ Completion of Intake Forms are required before this payment is accepted.

$150 of this payment is non-refundable / non-transferable after the cut off date of registration which is 2 weeks prior to this event.

♡ This cost includes:

  • An in depth, heart’filled, down to earth intake process, designed with care & consideration. This intake process is intended to give you a sense of what you're in for by taking part in this experience & is intended to arrive us in a clear, grounded & connected way.
  • 6 / 90 minute facilitated group zoom sessions. These sessions are designed with your smaller group in mind, in cultivation of a common ground experience to bring you closer.
  • 1 / 60 minute Initial Group Session with your Pod or Committee before the series starts. In this session we will do Land based introductions, share some of the key foundational concepts this work is based on & get a sense of where each other is at in their journey of Practicing Allyship.

{ { { ⬩ About The Facilitator ⬩ } } }

Pulxaneeks (Pul-ha-neeks) is from the Eagle Clan of the Xanuksiala First Nation with Nuchanulth and Lummi Ancestry.

Her path of being a group facilitator, program designer & event producer was sparked 24 years ago & has been applied in a wide diversity of ways throughout her life.

Her background includes cultural based youth outreach with First Nations youth who are considered ‘high risk’, community building event production, Elder Care & Child Care. ​

Pulxaneeks was raised both in the Indigenous village she was born to as well as in & among the colonial construct of mainstream "Canadian" society. The work she offers of Indigenous Awareness Building comes from the unique understanding that has come from being exposed to both cultures.

Pulxaneeks is a living, loving result of the coastal Indigenous village that raised her & all that survived in the lineage she was born to. She holds her hands up & honours the Elders, Mentors & huge family whose love she is a living result of & the Ancestors whose strength & resilience is flowing through her veins.

“The truth is, regardless of who you and where you're from, our Ancestors have been through a lot ~ There are many things that tried to obliterate all forms of goodness & you are living, loving proof that it didn't work”

{{ www.indigenousrelationsconsultation.com }}

		Indigenous Awareness Building - Practicing Ally Pod Formation image

"In this experience of being Indigenous, i have a responsibility to contribute the journey of reparations we're undergoing as a people, to do my part, to stay in my heart & go where it leads, one truth at a time. By receiving what i offer, you're getting a front row seat in the healing journey i was born into, where i'm bringing you with me & showing you the many heart'filled & power'filled discoveries along the way. Our Ancestors smile upon this coming together of paths."

Pulxaneeks - Eagle Clan - Xanuksiala First Nation

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