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Influencers Unite: Fashion Influencers

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Lounge 4284

4284 Rue de la Roche


Montréal, QC H2J 3H9


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Demystifying if clothes really make the man or woman in a form of panel.

About this Event

2019 is almost over, but Influencers Unite hasn’t said its last word.

For our last event of the year, we are demystifying if clothes really make the man or woman in a form of panel.

We are bringing to you four fashion influencers, so that you can ask them how they built their brand or business in one of the most competitive industries in social media.

Using their fashion sense to create a strong following and create collaborations with well-known brand, fashion influencers are the most sought influencers in social media. Their capacity to influence consumer choices for clothes and other accessories is something that has attracted the interest of big brands.

So, if you are interested to understand how to grow your fashion brand, business or simplify refresh your wardrobe, this event is for you. Make sure to be there, so that you can start 2020 in style.


6:00 pm to 6:30 pm: Open Doors, Networking

6:30 pm to 6h45 pm: Introduction & Sponsors

6h45 pm to 7:10 pm: Main Speaker: Jean-Sebastien Siow, Co-founder & CEO of Suitablee

7:10 pm to 7:40 pm: Panel and Q/A

7:40 pm to 7:55: Thanks by Host & Influencers Unite

7:55 pm to 8:55 pm: Networking

9:00 pm: Closing Doors

About The Host:

Leon Abboud @leonabboud

Leon Abboud is a digital entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast. He has built global brands with hundreds of thousands of members on Instagram since his jump into entrepreneurship early 2018.

His skipping rope training has earned him front page features on websites like TikTok, BestNews, and now Influencers Unite.

Leon is the official host of all Influencers Unite’s events.

About The Main Speaker:

Jean-Sebastien Siow @jssiow

Co-founder & CEO of Suitablee @suitablee

Jean-Sebastien, the co-founder and CEO of SUITABLEE was born from a Vietnamese mother and Chinese father. With a very traditional upbringing, Jean-Sebastien was given very few options when it came to paving his way forward in life. Jean-Sebastien had to be one of three options: (1) a doctor, (2) an engineer, or (3) a lawyer. The traditional engineering jobs just never felt like a perfect fit. However, as an engineer, one of the things that Jean-Sebastien noticed time and time again was that wherever he went – whether to South America, Asia, Europe, or the Middle East, people always wore suits. The practice was less common in Canada. There was a timeless opportunity to be a first mover in the formalwear space.

As Jean-Sebastien carved out his career after an MBA, he launched SUITABLEE along with his longtime friend/brother/business partner. SUITABLEE was launched with the purpose of dressing people in formal wear at an affordable price and while providing accessibility (no store/appointments in-home or in showroom/e-commerce). People were now able to digitally customize their suits and dress shirts to their liking. Jean-Sebastien used his engineering background to work with a team to develop state-of-the-art measuring technology through a combination of infrared, imaging technology and artificial technology to best sculpt pieces of garments.

About The Panelists:

Yulia Ivanova @yulia_nnova

Yulia Ivanova is a social media strategist and a fashion blogger wearing heels, confidence and a smile.

Over the past years, she has built an audience of over 10,000 followers and collaborated with popular brands like Lancôme, La Vie en Rose, L'Oréal Hair, Kiehl's, YSL beauty, Arti Gogna and many others.

Her passion for blogging and photography has led her to successfully transition from a full-time job in finance to a thriving social media management career and business.

Dany Dao @dapper_cards

Photographer and Content Creator, specializing in lifestyle/fashion photography, videography, feed curation and content marketing.

Dany is the creative director of RNSC and founder of Regiment of Kings.

His role is to redesign older companies' social media to look appealing to the younger generation and create content to attract more attention and spread brand awareness.

He is also a suiting consultant, helping men understand the fundamentals of suiting in the easiest manner possible.

Bianca Rizzuto @biancarizzuto

After working in retail for 5 years and managing a clothing boutique in Montreal, Bianca quickly realized her love for style & fashion. Being able to help people shop for outfits and gain confidence in their everyday looks, shopping became more of a passion than it it did a career.

This appreciation for her career and love for life, allowed her to venture off into different experiences, all which were displayed on her social media account. Her Instagram feed caught traction from different types of companies which include fashion & accessories, food and wellness. Over the last 2 years, Bianca has grown her account to over 10,000k followers.

Carmelo @carmelogp

Carmelo has always been into clothing.

From a young age, he always wanted to look a particular way, regardless of what his family or friends thought!

Once he stared going to school downtown, he began to draw inspiration from the outfits he saw of men walking down the street.

Along with Pinterest mood boards, and the rising popularity of Instagram, Carmelo because to post daily photos of his outfits to his feed.

Over the last few years, he has amassed a following of over 30,000 while working with some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Converse, Daniel Wellington, Reebok, Simons, H&M and New Balance, just to name a few.

Carmelo is always changing his style, and does his best to create the most aesthetically pleasing content for his followers.


Bilingual Event


Dress code: Formal


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Artiste de l'événement:

Manika Gaudet - Manik Fashion

La marque Manik Fashion est une collection inspirée par la créativité, la personnalité et l’originalité de son instigatrice Manika Gaudet.

Cette saison, sa collection de pièces uniques en soie pure s'exprime en couleurs pastel, vives, métalliques ainsi qu’en transparence pour créer un effet diaphane et aérien.

Les formes sont légères, amples, un brin futuriste et elles flattent la silhouette tout en offrant un confort extrême.

Chacun des designs artistiques est peint à la main et constitue une véritable œuvre d’art à porter.

Sponsors & Collaborators:

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Date and Time


Lounge 4284

4284 Rue de la Roche


Montréal, QC H2J 3H9


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