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“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

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Let's inner journey together to experience a mini AH-HA, a leap, or a breakthrough regarding an unresolved challenge or an area of life that matters to you.

Join us, to experience Inner Work at work.


For our group session, you are invited to bring one unresolved personal or business challenge where you feel stuck, or experience a block. For instance:

  • A stressful business situation
  • A difficult business relationship
  • Lack of clarity on growing your business
  • Feeling alone during this time of isolation
  • Feeling stuck making a decision on ___________
  • Holding a limiting belief related to _______________
  • Opening up an opportunity
  • Any other obstacle that prevents you from achieving your personal or business goal

Throughout the session, we will observe and gently dissolve the inner blocks so you can move forward.


You are invited to an intimate 60-minute complimentary experience where you will be guided through an inner block-clearing, observing mind-patterns, and feeling the pain body. These hold you back from living in your full potential. Each Inner Work experience is unique and aligned with the group. What often happens is one person's AH-HA inspires another person. Often, we also create a special group connection. We will inner journey together as an intimate group of up to 10 people, in the spirit of safe space.

10:45am -11:00am ---- Introductions & Intentions

11:00am -11:25am ---- Guided Inner Work & Block-Clearing

11:25am -11:30am ---- Experience Share & Q&A

This online event on Zoom will NOT be recorded. The session supports safe space, confidentiality and connection.


Your guide is a self-mastery practitioner and an Inner Work Coach who helps clients shift and transform. Marta is an entrepreneur who ignites self-connection and business connections and an avid curator of synergistic group experiences for entrepreneurs and high-performers.


Kindly be in a quiet and comfortable space for our time together. For instance, a café or driving in your car would not be suitable. It’s also highly recommended that you stay in-tune with your body after the group session for the next 24 hours as your body may need time to process and ground the work we did together.


The experience is complementary to all new participants. For any returning participants, by invitation only.


[From private sessions & group sessions]

"It was amazing — LOVE your process that is a hybrid of so many things. The energy you impart is magnetic....magical. Simply awesome." (July 2020, group session)

"From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for your outstanding experience this afternoon." (July 2020, group session)

"I am primarily a head person. This [reference to insights shared with the group post-session] came directly from the heart. I have been working on this for many years. The words come out from the heart! It was great." (August 2020, group session)

"I enjoyed your presence and your facilitating. I love the simplicity of the process for accessing, seeing, naming and being with our depths ." (August 2020, group session)

“Big paradigm shift. I am going to bask in this. Feeling a sense of freedom and awareness from Friday's [group] session. Very pleased with the results and have shared your work with a couple of friends. Awesome. Thank you. (October 2020, a combination of private session, post session “enlightening conversation”, followed by a group session)

"You make the time stop. I lost all sense of all time."(October 2020, private session)

“Very powerful. Very powerful. That’s excellent. Once you are inside yourself, you can find these things. I had no idea! It’s like spring cleaning of body, heart, mind. It’s very, very good. When I looked into myself, this is what is causing me the pain. Thanks Marta, that’s really good. I think everybody should do this. All entrepreneurs.” (July 2020, private session)

"I have the answer(s), you bring that out of me. I’m in awe whenever I spend time [with you]. You have the gift to get to the crux of the issue [pausing and searching for word]. I love it." (July 2020, private session)

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