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YES! YOU CAN INSPIRE KINDNESS with Super Peace Monkeys. You can also save time and save lives!

YOUR FEEDBACK AND SUPPORT can help us to help children worldwide. If you choose the free kit, please call Sharon Love, M.Ed. and let her know what you like about the kit, and how you would improve it. Testimonials are VERY helpful, especially if you tell us how the kit helped you and/or your kids or class, and if you let us include your full name! You can email sharon(at) , or call her at 416-997-138(two).

IMAGINE SAVING HUNDREDS OF HOURS PER YEAR! How many hours per year do you currently spend on psycho-social issues (behavior management, motivating students, dealing with teacher burnout, aggression, bullying, and conflicts amongst students, teachers, parents and administrators)? According to recent research, the average teacher spends over 28 hours per week (over 1,200 hours per year) on social-emotional issues. Most teachers report that they need more support, training and resources to deal with these issues. Over 92% of teachers report that they often feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

DARE TO DREAM KIND, CALM, CONFIDENT, COOPERATIVE CHILDREN. You can enjoy more peace of mind. Imagine fantastic collaboration amongst students, teachers, parents and administrators! Dare to dream of enjoying your work more... and looking forward to Monday mornings! What would that mean for your health? What would that mean for your personal relationships?

WOULD YOU LIKE TO INSPIRE, THRIVE AND CHANGE LIVES? Would you like to help kids build vital psycho-social success skills? If so, please...

1) sign up for the Cooperative Kids Kit,

2) share this site, then

3) click the green "TICKETS" button to choose a helpful resource.

Thanks! YOU make a difference. You deserve to teach and THRIVE!

-Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology),

Founder and Creator, Teach & Thrive Canada and the

Super Peace Monkeys

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