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Thrive. Change lives. Join the dream to inspire & empower 1,000,000,000 people to thrive, change lives & create a kinder world for all.

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Would you like to ...

...thrive and change lives?

... prosper by inspiring and empowering people? up to 75 years by clarifying Your Great Purpose & Legacy Message?

....get promoted to over 20,000 LGBT-Friendly CEOs and Professionals Online?

...Speak, Inspire & Get Clients You Love?

...Live Your Dreams & Inspire Your World?

If so, you can click the green tickets button to...

* Discover the 3 Psychological Story Secrets of the Top Billion-Dollar Blockbusters

* See How to Fill Your High-Ticket Programs using Influence with Integrity

* Enjoy a chance to Win up to $20,000 of Free Consulting by Sharon Love, M.Ed.

* Apply for a scholarship towards Your $6,000,000 Speech Online Mastermind

* Enjoy a chance to win Promotion to 20,000 LGBT-friendly CEOs & Professionals

* Profit from Sharon Love's Five Power Questions and Quick, Easy Online Interview

* Enjoy a Superconscious Success Activation

Are you a speaker, social entrepreneur or executive?

Would you like to join the dream to inspire & empower 1,000,000,000 people to thrive, change lives, and create a kinder world for all? Are you LGBT-friendly (kind and respectful towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans people), diversity-friendly and reasonably eco-friendly?

If so, this online master class & empowering video conference is for you...

You are invited! Join our quick online master class (to complete whenever you like) and our upcoming zoom video conference with Sharon Love, M.Ed.

Discover the $6,000,000 Speech Secrets of a Former Shy, Mute Girl. Join Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology), CEO, Speak Inspire TV and OUTstanding Lives.  Discover secrets that enabled her to overcome near-mute shyness, give live presentations to thousands of people in English, French and Spanish, inspire over 2,000,000 people online, and attract over $6,000,000 with a single presentation.  Spaces are limited, so if you are interested, please reserve your spot now.  Click the green tickets button above.  

As soon as you register, the system will send you a link to an Online Master Class. Then, join us in our Zoom video conference for networking and consulting.

Enjoy a chance to win Speak & Inspire Millions VIP consulting worth up to $20,000 (10 life-changing minutes) by Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology).

To create maximum interaction and connection, tickets are limited to 10 speakers per summit.  To join us, click the green "tickets" button above.   For more information, call Sharon Love, M.Ed. at 416-997-138(two).   

Beta Tester Tickets ($50 today. Regular $500)

* get the online master class, Speak! Inspire Millions

* share your Power Story of up to 30 words

* win consulting worth $1,000 or more with Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology)

* get 30 seconds or more of feedback on your Power Story

VIP Tickets ($500 today during Beta Tester Phase. Regularly $5,000)

* as above plus...

* get an interview with Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology) of 1-2 minutes

* get a video including your interview produced and promoted to 20,000 LGBT-friendly CEOs and professionals

Spaces are limited.  Click the green "Tickets" button to join our interactive summit to join us.

Sharon Love, M.Ed., CEO, 

Thanks!  You make a difference.  Together, we can inspire your world.  

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