Introduction to programming with Python GPU

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Introduction to programming with Python GPU

Learn how to develop simple GPU programs in Python.

By Calcul Québec

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Wed, Mar 29, 2023 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM PDT



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About this event

This workshop focuses on GPU accelerated computing with Python. Despite being a very popular language, Python not only is considered to be slow for high performance computing but also lacks GPU support. However, the use of Python-based libraries, such as CUDA Python (PyCUDA) and Numba, warrants further consideration on the subject of GPU computing with Python. This gives the user the best of both worlds: rapid development with Python combined with the speed of a compiled language targeting both CPUs and GPUs.

Upon completion, participants should understand key GPU concepts and be able to write simple GPU programs with Python.


  • Academic participant : 10$
  • Non-academic participant : $200


A solid knowledge of Python basics is required. Please refer to the workshop PYT101 Programming with Python.

Course plan

  • 1. Why computing on GPUs ?
  • 2. Understanding the GPU architecture;
  • 3. Very short intro to CUDA;
  • 4. NumPy: library for arrays
  • 4. Numba: just-in-time compiling;
  • 5. Numba functions and compilation modes;
  • 6. Numba+CUDA: your first GPU code;


Nikolaï Sergueev, analyst in advanced research computing at Calcul Québec.



Technical prerequisites

We will use the Zoom platform. Because this event is a practical workshop, it is very useful having a secondary screen where you would get the instructor window on one screen and your own window on your main screen.

We will use the Jupyter Lab interface. Make sure you have a modern Web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

Note: workshops are not recorded.


For any question, please write to

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Organized by
Calcul Québec

Calcul Québec est un regroupement d’universités québécoises réunies autour du calcul informatique de pointe (CIP). Nous proposons des formations et midi-conférences sur différents sujets allant de l'initiation à la programmation, à l'analyse des données et la programmation parallèle. 


Partenaire régional de Calcul Canada, Calcul Québec bénéficie du soutien financier de la Fondation canadienne pour l’innovation, du Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation et des Fonds de recherche du Québec.

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