Intuitive Business Planning Workshop

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Many Hats Workspace and Studio

3rd floor, Bedford Basin Farmer's Market

397 Bedford Highway

Halifax, Nova Scotia


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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This is a workshop designed to help you access your intuition to edit and plan for your business in 2018. I'll show you the skills I use to organize my year, and we'll spend the time together working through the steps.

But it's really not like any other business planning work session you've ever been to. Or, maybe you're like me, and you would never really go to one of those anyways, because your business is so personal, your work is bigger than you are and you know it.

Even if no one else does yet.

And bigger than you can mean something as beautiful and important and simple as your family, or your community, or your yet to be discovered underground wellspring of life.

Having the opinion of another someone isn't exactly what you need right now, but the idea of spending a day with your own Spirit and getting the info that way.

Well. That sounds exactly perfect.

You have a pretty clear idea of why you do what you do. And you're kinda a DIY person anyways.

But you're still feeling kinda stuck.

This workshop will help.

What we'll be doing:

There will be two trance sessions (deep guided meditations).

The first one will focus on getting rooted into the foundations, the why of your work.

We want the work to land somewhere safe. We start by making the body as hospitable as we can.

My teaching comes with a trauma informed practice, so if you're uncomfortable in the body and struggle to access your intuition in a physical way then no problem (other than the bullshit of living with the impacts. I get it. #metoo.)

But, there are lots of ways to listen. I have many tools.

Pee/stretch break.

The second trance session will focus on journeying to meet the soul of the business. This is you doing the journey work, meeting the guides, noticing what's there and bringing that information back to the human realm.

I bring the well, but you fill your own containers.

With things as ridculous and wonderful as sacred hashtags. Yeah. You read that right.

Pee/stretch break.

I'll also teach an intuitive activity that will show you how 'yes' and 'no' arrive in the body. This will teach you to find internal affirmation in the absence of external confirmation. A skill so desperately needed when you work for yourself.


Women are conditioned to question their own inner knowledge. We're just gonna practice finding yes and no so we won't second guess ourselves quite as much anymore. Mmmm-kay?

Then snack break. Nourish. Ground. Return to the body.

And finally. The last activity is creating an editorial calendar for 2018. USING ORACLE CARDS!

What the what?!?

Your intuitive world is gonna be wide open and it'll be the perfect time to explore with imagery and metaphor. Each person will draw cards from the giant well of images and those cards will be used to plan the year. Seriously.

It'll provide clarity and information around where your business is asking to go, reveal, impact, grow, launch, expand, pull back, and root in 2018.

It's really fun. And then you know how to do it.

And THEN you can DIY it anytime you want :)

So. If you're into it please get in touch with me.

Please tell your friends.

Please help me help the folks I can help.

What else do you need to know?


You'll come out with:

-an editorial calendar that'll give you an entire years worth of information and incoming energies.

-knowledge, and practice, locating both 'yes' and 'no' in yourself for making decisions more quickly, and without the turmoil of second guessing your process.

-a deeper and more reverent relationship with the soul of your business.

-deep grounding and nourishment from going on a mini day retreat with other awesome folks at the beautiful shared studio and workspace of Many Hats.

-intuitive practices that are actually useful and practical in business.
(really, I'm great at making the mundane magic, and the magic accessible. You don't n e e d another crystal to do this work, but, of course, I won't judge you if you want more.

Currently, I'm working with pyrite and selenite.)


Who is this for:

-Anyone who wants to learn how to access their intuition in a greater way so its knowledge may be applied to business. People who are in the 'helping' realm, or the arts realm, or solo business ownership tend to love this style of generating information, schedules and plans. Because it's free and expressive. Just like you.

-Anyone who loves working from creativity instead of expectation.

-Anyone who wants to add to their personal intuition toolkit.

Who this is NOT for:

Anyone looking for tips and tricks about more traditional ways of marketing. I won't tell you how to do that because your spirit wants to lead here and, frankly, doesn't do well with another person's formulas. If you think that's weird then we're probably not a good fit.

I learned this workshop from my favourite person a lot of the time Carmen Spagnola. Over the past few years I've been so fortunate to work with her to develop my own intuitive abilities and divine trust. I've assisted Carmen with the workshop a few times, and am so effin pumped to offer it out here in Halifax.


What do I need to bring?

Wear comfy clothes. Wear layers of comfy clothes. Bring your favourite blanket, warm socks, a bolster or pillow, a journal, water bottle, pen, phone or tablet to take photos, yoga mat if you want.

It'll feel like you're packing for a slumber party. That's great, isn't it?

Your comfort is paramount here. It really is. Spirit loves cozy creature comforts, make it feel cared for and seen, and it'll offer the same for you.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

There's parking at the Bedford Farmer's Market. You can take either bus #80 or #90 to the venue.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Get in touch with me, Jenn, through email at customheart@gmail.com or phone 902 222 7022

What's the refund policy?

If you cancel before November 12th, you'll receive a 50% refund. After then, no refund is available, although the ticket can be transferred to another person. If there's a waitlist I'm happy to connect you.

I'm waiting to hear back if the space is wheelchair accessibile and if there are gender neutral washrooms. I'm sorry I don't have that info yet. Soon.

Have another question? Get in touch!

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Date and Time


Many Hats Workspace and Studio

3rd floor, Bedford Basin Farmer's Market

397 Bedford Highway

Halifax, Nova Scotia


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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