ISF2020: Joseph Stiglitz on ‘People, Power, and Profits’ with Arjun Jayadev

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ISF2020: Joseph Stiglitz on ‘People, Power, and Profits’ with Arjun Jayadev

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“Joseph Stiglitz got the Asian financial crisis right, foresaw the bubble that caused such havoc in 2008 and is advocating global answers to a host of problems that can no longer be solved at the local or national level… his work goes on challenging us all to rethink our ideas, he will always be a controversialist wherever he goes." — Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the UK

Joseph E. Stiglitz is a professor at Columbia University, and one of the world’s most renowned economists. He is the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, and has served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers for President Clinton and as the Chief Economist for the World Bank. The title of this event is taken from Prof. Stiglitz’s 2019 book ‘People, Power, and Profits’, an authoritative account of the dangers of the unfettered markets and monied politics that result in wealth through exploitation rather than wealth creation.

In this special event for Indian Summer Festival, he speaks with the brilliant Indian economist Arjun Jayadev who has worked extensively on income distribution and inequality, and was the Co-Editor of ‘The Journal of Globalization and Development’.

Together they explore whether the pandemic offers an unprecedented chance for a new social contract to emerge. What would it take to build a kinder and more equitable economic world on the other side of this, and what can we do to get the next decade right?

Featured Speakers: Joseph Stiglitz & Arjun Jayadev

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