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January Pool Tournament

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IGNITE Games Room

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Are you prepared to battle your way to the top and destroy your competition? Well then maybe relax a bit, because that sounds like an unhealthy level of competitiveness. But on Tuesday January 16, you'll have the chance to show up your friends and show off your skills in the IGNITE Games Room. Winner at each campus receives tickets to see the Leafs.

Sign up today, as spaces fill up fast!

Please note: If you reserve a ticket for the Pool Tournament and do not show up to the IGNITE Games room by 12:05pm, you may lose your spot.

Game rules

1. Call your pocket: Obvious shots do not need to be called but bank shots or combination shots need to have a designated pocket.
2. The table is still open if you sink a ball on the break.
3. No Coaching.
4. Sinking the 8-ball on a break is an automatic win.
5. Ball in hand when whit ball is pocketed or if it does not come in contact with other balls on the table.
6. When 8 Ball is the legal shot, scratching will not lost the shot.
7. All safety shots MUST touch the rail after contact.

A player loses by committing any of the following infractions:

• Fouls when pocketing the 8-ball.
• Pockets the 8-ball on the same stroke as the last of the group of balls.
• Jumps the 8-ball off the table at any time.
• Pockets the 8-ball in a pocket other than the one designated.
• Pockets the 8-ball when it is not the legal object ball.


1st Prize: Raptors/ Maple Leaf Tickets

2nd Prize: $50 Bestbuy Gift Card

3rd Prize: $25 Pizza Pizza Gift Card

Date and Time


IGNITE Games Room

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