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JoyGasm - Laugh Yourself Open to Radical Self Love (Edmonton) - July 12

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Rich's House

St Albert, Alberta


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Do you want to feel more joy? More passion? More turned on?

Modern life leaves most people tired, stressed, and without energy for enjoying the good things in life.

JoyGasm will teach you to harness the joy and pleasure pathways of your brain in so you can:

Create immense joy, inner peace, and passion

Connect deeply with the people who you love

Transform your relationship with stress in 2 min

Experience mind blowing orgasms on your own so you can have and be the lover you've always dreamed.

***********RULES OF JOYGASM***********

1st Rule: “You must talk about JoyGasm.”

2nd Rule: “You MUST TALK about JoyGasm.”

3rd Rule: Consent is sexy. It is my most important gift. Yes means YES. Maybe means no. No means no. Feel free to change your mind. Red, Yellow, Green and Super Green are our guides. YES YES!

4th Rule: Respect the Relationship Underwear.No touching boobs, butts, genitals or kissing and clothes stay on.

5th Rule: It's all about you. Find your own connection and then play with a partner, triad and more. Play with as many people as you can handle.

5th Rule: Radical Self Expression. Vulnerability, orgasm, tears, laughter, silence and, sorrow, rage, and anger are welcome here. Life is a pleasure positive space. We want to hear you, see & feel you. Smash the monkey, show up sexy.

6th Rule: When it goes away, it comes back better. Energy Expressed is Energy Amplified.

7th Rule: If this is your first night at JoyGasm, lucky you! You get to be the V in the center of a Virgin Love Triangle!

You know the way it feels when you laugh so hard your face hurts and your body loves life? How about the moment when that special someone looks at you and makes you know that you are the light of their life and they think you are smoking hot? Welcome to a place where we respect the true you, where you can lay down the masks, and authentically connect in a safe, playful, and sexy manner with others.

"As turned on as you can get with your clothes on! I would recommend it to friends by dragging them here myself!" - Calgary Workshop Participant

*************** BOUNDARIES AND SEXUALITY ****************

All of these events are fully clothed, and there is no explicit sexual touch. We respect all your boundaries at all times, and you are encouraged to communicate and check in. All of the exercises are optional, and everyone is welcome to participate in any way, and with respect to their own (or relationship) boundaries. If you are single, you can practice solo, or with a partner/group. If you are in a relationship, feel free to come with your spouse, and you can choose to explore exclusivity as a couple, or join the group.

********** Logistics ***********

This event is open to couples, singles, and groups of all orientations and genders.

Please Arrive 15 minutes before start time.

Doors close 15 minutes after scheduled start time unless you have previously attended and make arrangements with the facilitator.

We will be sitting on the floor (some chairs available), Bring a pillow, and an optional yoga mat, towels or blankets to form a nest.

Wear casual clothing like sweat pants, shorts. It often gets hot, so wear layers and light clothing.

Bring water for yourself, and we love sensual eats, so bring something to share. (grapes, chocolate, strawberries etc)

**************** What People are Saying ****************

"The class is all about experiencing higher levels of joy through a series of steps and techniques. It is also about amplifying the joy you are already experiencing within you, and the group setting makes it easier to achieve it. I definitely got a lot out of this class in a very short workshop and highly recommend it to anyone who would like to reach higher levels of consciousness and know themselves more." -Amir G

Amazing Experience! You HAVE to feel it!I was surprised at how intense it was the first time the energy was passed to me. I want to do it again!

**************** FAQ *******************

Do I just buy an online ticket and show up?

Tickets are $5 less online, and you can bring a friend for free!

***I am curious about JoyGasm. Also, scared! What is the expectation? ***

It is perfectly normal to be scared. The expectation is that you show up, and say yes to the exercises that excite you, and no to anything that you do not want to do.

***What if I feel uncomfortable/vulnerable? ***You will probably feel vulnerable, it is true. Vulnerability Hangovers Happen (that feeling of "OMG I just shared SO much, do they still like me?") We will go over some techniques to deal with that, and we will be there to help you if you need support.

*** What if I want more of a connection and exploration? *** If you want MORE connection, awesome, you can get it by connecting outside of the event with other people, join the online community, start a coaching experience with me. The event is an excellent way to sample JoyGasm, and integrating it into daily life is a life changing experience. To join the online community, and stay connected with our journey go

***Is JoyGasm the same as Tantra? ***

If you ask most Tantric teachers "What is Tantra?" you will usually get an esoteric answer like "Tantra is a spiritual path that integrates body, mind, and soul." "It is a way of deep awareness that embraces pleasure." "A path that weaves together heaven and earth, body and spirit, masculine and feminine."But what does that mean when you apply it to relationships, stress, and life? This is where JoyGasm is different. JoyGasm is all about practical application into life in ways that create radical change. Although JoyGasm uses techniques and concepts that are Tantric, it also calls from many other traditions and techniques, creating something that is practical, radical, and applicable to modern life.

Feeling completely loved up and blissed out. – Calgary Participant

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Date and Time


Rich's House

St Albert, Alberta


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