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Design Exchange

234 Bay Street

Toronto, ON M5K 1B2


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After the success of the Kawaii Cafe; mowgen has decided to expand from it's previous event theme pertaining to all things cute with Kawaii Land. Kawaii Land will be another community gathering and meet up event for cute fashion and cute artwork enthusiasts in Toronto!

Kawaii Land will take place in Toronto's historic Design Exchange

Design Exchange, a not-for-profit museum funded by its members and donors, is Canada’s only museum dedicated exclusively to the pursuit of design excellence and preservation of design heritage. At the crossroads of multiple disciplines, from furniture and architecture to graphics and fashion, our exhibitions, talks, workshops, and youth education programs are curated to reflect the popular zeitgeist and contemporary culture while demonstrating the relevance and importance of design to everyday life. We are committed to delivering accessible design experiences and education and we aim to provide the tools necessary to connect design learning to the ordinary and extraordinary.

Things to do at Kawaii Land

GIANT CAKE HOUSE and mowgen Photo Booth

The Kawaii Cafe amazed patrons with it's adorable bakery photo booth. This year, we are stunning guests with a GIANT CAKE HOUSE which patrons can take photos of. Of course, we will still have our photo booth for your perusal.

Kawaii Tea Party

From 10am to 11am we will be hosting a kawaii tea party for our guests. Come have tea and cookies and talk about kawaii fashion! This is a great way to meet and greet at Kawaii Land! Tickets for tea and cookies must be pre-purchased. Click here to purchase

Kawaii Lunch Box

Event is free admission, if it reaches full capacity you can skip the line up by ordering a ticket. Pre-order a kawaii lunch box with your skip the line up ticket and have an adorable meal at Kawaii Land; each lunch box comes with vegetarian onigiri, ramune, and a Kracie Popin' Cookin DIY kit. Click here to purchase

Click here to purchase

Special Cosplay Guests from Toronto, Ontario!

Baeged Cosplays
22 year old Canadian cosplayer, desperately sewing her way through her obsessions, one by one.
All costumes made by me unless otherwise indicated.
Baeged Cosplays has been cosplaying since 2011! - http://ko-fi.com/baeged

Xgouki Cosplay
Xgouki Cosplay is a genderfluid/transgender cosplayer from Toronto. After a long, hard struggle with her family, she started cosplaying in 2016 and hasn't let up since. Xgouki loves to cosplay beautiful, badass iconic heroines and always goes all out to capture their look and personality, especially with makeup. On her spare time, Xgouki is a gamer, fledgling streamer, toy collector, and foodie.

Toronto Cosplay Medic
Chances are you have heard about the Cosplay Medic at various conventions and cosplay gathering in the GTA, but who is he?
Well, so you know your cosplays break at conventions and you have no way to fix them? Well that's where the Cosplay Medic comes in.

Some say he flies from above and answer prayers of heartbroken cosplayers, some say he just appears from thin air whenever you need him most. But whatever the situation, as long as you need to fix your costumes or props in a pinch, the Cosplay Medic will come to your rescue.

Walking the path of cosplay repairing, he is the man who will help you whenever you need.

Celebrating Japanese Fashion!

Salon de Tea + Kimono サロン・ド・ティー・プラス・キモノ will be returning as a special guest! Genuine kimono, dressing accessories and Japanese design crops will be sold. There will also be a Kimono dressing work shop. Come meet the owner of Salon de Tea + Kimono サロン・ド・ティー・プラス・キモノ and learn about authentic Japanese culture, and fashion.

Special guest Emily Gonsalves of Pretty Heroes returns!

Pretty Heroes is a convention dedicated to showcasing strong female characters and it's the first "girl power" convention in Toronto! It started as the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration and grew with fan demand to expand into a convention with a new name (but the same heart) featuring a variety of anime, cute items, "girly" items, and plenty of intriguing female characters. The founder and con chair, Emily Gonsalves, is a professional graphic designer and a marketing professional by day, but she also used to "moonlight" as a regular reporter for the Sailor Moon focused blog "Moon Chase." You can also find Emily at other conventions running panels about Sailor Moon, art, fandom, and social media marketing. To follow her Sailor Moon related content on social media, check out Moon Chase on Facebook and Twitter and SailorMoonCelebration on Instagram. For general female character and convention fun, check out Pretty Heroes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

1,2,SHINE Performance!

Hello!! We are 1,2,SHINE!! We are a Toronto, Ontario (Canada) based dance group. Idols hold a special space in our hearts, so we are here to spread the love!

Screening Super Cute Animation

Mitchiri Neko
With the release of Mitchiri Neko in January 2018, we are excited to screen this adorable anime at Kawaii Land. Come have a seat and watch an adorable kitten marching band.

The cute and mysterious cat-like creatures called Mitchiri Neko that seem to gather around each other if you leave them alone now get their own anime with a glorious voice cast! The free and happy-go-lucky Mitchiri Neko’s daily life is filled fluff and surreal laughs! Say it with me, “Mitchiri! Mitchiri!”

Raffle and Charity to the Hong Fook Mental Health Association

We have chosen Hong Fook Mental Health Association as a charity that we will donate the proceeds of a mowgen gift basket raffle too. The gift basket will contain adorable decoden artwork, ramune, and imported candy and snacks from Japan. The funds raised by the raffle will be announced at Kawaii Land.

The Hong Fook Mental Health Association currently works with the Cambodian, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese communities, helping people with linguistic and cultural barriers to gain access to mental health services. The Hong Fook Mental Health Association provides counseling, case management, assessment, consultation, advocacy, psycho-educational workshops and self help & mutual support groups.

Raffle Tickets: $3CAN
Announcement: 3:45pm

Industry Sponsors

I have been designing and creating jewelry pieces for over 18 years. I love to create unique and fresh pieces. I am very passionate about my work and I strive to use the best materials to ensure the durability of the piece. I currently enjoy making pieces that have multiple uses: for example a two strand necklace that can be worn together, separably, or one of the necklaces can be used a multi-strand bracelet.

Crunchyroll is a fan-favorite, global destination for Japanese anime and manga. With more than 950 shows, 25,000 episodes and 8,000 hours of officially-licensed content, Crunchyroll serves passionate viewers their favorite titles with professional translations in multiple languages.

Sparkle Collective
Sparkle Collective is owned and operated by Britt Saunders, a Toronto-based illustrator and designer. She is inspired by cats, and fueled by donuts.

Exhibiting Cute Artwork and Designs

Our mandate: to curate and exhibit cute artwork and fashion that is inspired by the root word "“可愛”.


Keitai Deco
Come see one of a kind decoden phone cases, key chains, jewelry, and pins. 100% handmade and made in Canada!

Peddles deliciously silly things in the forms of enamel pins, pouches, stickers, prints and more. We're excited to share our quirky designs of iconic foods, video games and pop culture that make you smile and laugh!

Makohouse is a watercolour artist from Toronto who is always seeking to inject a little floral and whimsy in all of her pieces. The core of her work is to feel at ease. As though one were to walk through her garden of illustrations as one would walk through a greenhouse; enjoying the ebb and ow.

Vivian Lo
Vivian has been participating in conventions over the years, including but not limited to, the Sailormoon Celebration, Anime Shogatsu, Anime North, and Fan Expo. She has also presented a panel at Anime North called "Colour in Japanese Animation and Manga", which highlighted the significance of colour in animation and manga.

Dylan Ricci
Dylan currently runs an Etsy shop where he sells pins based on his favourite videos games and animated characters. His art style derives from doodles that he would draw in his school notebooks as well as his love for 90's/00's Western animation and Anime. Nintendo, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network are some of his main inspirations.

AngelsTale is a anime artist who specializes in shoujo and kawaii art. She loves to create cute characters and bishounens from her own original creations and fandoms. She makes art prints and charms. In the future, AngelsTale wishes to create art through more mediums to further expand her craft to spread happiness and cuteness.

I love working with all kinds of media, but for some reason I am particularly drawn to making things in miniature forms. I find inspiration in video games, tv shows, geek culture, Japanese animation & comic books, Harajuku fashion trends, art movements, everyday household objects, and personal life experiences.

I draw mainly cute/chibi art . I plan on having enamel pins, button pins, small printed accessories and small prints available for purchase as well as some handmade crafts such as collars, bows, and cute soaps.

Emmalily is a freelance illustrator and animation graduate who enjoys drawing kawaii chibis and pretty girls. Her love of anime and Japanese culture inspired her to pursue her career in art in which she began selling her work at local anime conventions. Her works include art prints, stickers and buttons, and she is working to include custom stationary within the near future.

Red Ribbon Shoppe
I am an illustrator and artist that specializes in cute, unique apparel and enamel pin designs! My brand, Red Ribbon Shoppe was born out of my love of art, and all things geeky and cute. Drawing inspiration from nature, cartoons, and every day knick knacks, I hope my designs inspire people to sparkle and never forget the little things in life.

I sell cutely morbid accessories like enamel pins in the shape of body parts and glow in the dark key chains of deep sea fish. I also write comics about sad Chinese people and anime junk.

Min is a high school student who has a dying passion for drawing. She has participated in many fanzines and has sold her art in small conventions and at Gallery Momiji at Anime North 2017 after coming runner up for the cover contest. People often describe her work as bright and cute, so stop by and take a look at some of her prints, stickers, buttons, charms and many more!

Cune's Art and Donuts
A freelance illustrator eating food by day and drawing cute by night. Making adorable merchandise is my passion and wish to expand on that overtime!

Katie Lu
I am a Taiwanese artist based in Toronto who is interested in themes of Taiwanese cuisine and culture. Growing up in Taiwan, a lot of my works reflect my childhood and experiences in Taiwan. I especially enjoy drawing my favourite Taiwanese foods and snacks, along with small characters/mascots that represent the food I am drawing.

I am a digital artist who enjoys drawing cute characters and other fandoms from anime and video games. I specialize in 2D paper media, such as bookmarks, postcards, and prints.

Janet Ho
I am an illustrator interested in story telling and narratives, often depicting imagery of females and flowers. Often using traditional mediums such as watercolour, gouache paint, ink and screen-printing, I'm interested in the visual language of craft.

Nelson Wu
I am an illustrator currently studying at OCAD. The work I produce consists of food, environments, and comics often from a Chinese-Canadian background. My work is done in a digital painting or pixel art format.

Heather Q. Agoncillo
In a nutshell, I'm an Illustrator, a Comic Artist and a total geek. My work is highly inspired by my love for pop culture and surrealism. I'll be selling prints, buttons and zines at my table, so feel free to stop by to say hello!

Art of Wendy Euphoria
I am a freelance artist who writes and draws comics and fan art. I'm into anime, manga and graphic novels. I also have my own web-comic called Promise List!

Miss H's Workshop
Miss H (of Miss H's Workshop) creates one-of-a-kind accessories inspired by Harajuku and Victorian influences. For Kawaii Land she will be focusing on the cute side of her work, such as big floral bows, frilly chokers, and magical-girl style jewelry).

Panels and Workshops

Kawaii Tea Party
Tea Time: 10 to 11 am.
Come to this kawaii fashion meet up! Cookies and tea will be served. Kawaii fashion is not mandatory for this tea party but is highly encouraged. Tickets must be pre-purchased.

Talk and Q&A by Baeged Cosplays
Panel Time: 11 to 11:30pm.
Topic to be determined

The Rise of the "Pretty Hero" - Female Heroes in Fandom by Emily Gonsalves of Pretty Heroes
Discussion Time: 12 to 12:30pm.
There always seem to be less female heroes that are common household names, but what is it about the likes of She-Ra, Wonder Woman, and Sailor Moon that makes them have staying power? This discussion will analyze various female heroes in fandom and the growing fandom demand for more.

1st Kimono Dressing Workshop by Salon de Tea + Kimono サロン・ド・ティー・プラス・キモノ
Show Time: 1 to 1:30pm.
A 30 minute show with a model on how to properly dress up in a traditional Japanese kimono.

Trust me, I'm a Medic! by Toronto Cosplay Medic
Panel Time: 2 to 2:30pm.
A 30 minute introduction to what the Toronto Cosplay Medic does, how many cosplays he has fixed over the years, and what he uses to fix cosplays on the fly.

Talk and Q&A by Xgouki Cosplay
Panel Time: 3 to 3:30pm.
Topic to be determined

Raffle Winner Announcement | Donation to Hong Fook Mental Health Association
Time: 3:45 to 3:55pm.
Presenting the funds raised towards the Hong Fook Mental Health Association and the raffle winner.

2nd Kimono Dressing Workshop by Salon de Tea + Kimono サロン・ド・ティー・プラス・キモノ
Show Time: 4 to 4:30pm.
A 30 minute show with a model on how to properly dress up in a traditional Japanese kimono.

Screening of Mitchiri Neko Sponsored by Crunchy Roll
Screening Time: 5 to 6pm.
Introduce yourself to this kawaii concept of squished together cats who play music. Screening the first three episodes of Mitchiri Neko.

Performance by 1, 2 Shine
Performance Time: 6 to 7pm.
Hand sewn fashionable cosplay by 1, 2 Shine with a touch of kawaii dance.

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Date and Time


Design Exchange

234 Bay Street

Toronto, ON M5K 1B2


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