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* This workshop will be held in English.

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Are you interested in taking your spiritual practice to the next level, but you are not sure how to do so? The Spiritual Science Research Foundation's 1-Day Online spiritual workshops may provide the answers you are looking for. These workshops provide you with all the tools you need to deepen your spiritual practice and experience more peace and happiness in your life. Our online workshops are ideal for those with more demanding schedules who may find it difficult to take the time to travel to our offline workshops. The workshop will be interactive wherein the conductors will share their screen or perform demos and you can ask questions or share your comments.

In the workshop, we will train you in the Personality Defect Removal (PDR) process which has been created and developed by His Holiness Dr Athavale. This training will give you practical tools to reduce personality defects such as anger, pride, jealousy and others.

We will also have a very interesting session on how to recognise spiritual distress and we will provide you with simple and yet potent self-healing tools to protect yourself spiritually. Additionally, we will have a practical session where we will do subtle experiments, which will help you to test and understand your sixth sense.

If you regularly practice the various aspects of Spirituality that you will learn in this workshop, you will gain the benefit of progressing spiritually at a faster rate and experience peace of mind.

Program of the Online Workshop

The timings of this workshop are as per the US Central Time zone (CST). You can calculate your corresponding local time here:

10:00 AM - 10:15 AM l Workshop opening (Introduction of conductors and attendees)

10:15 AM 12:15 PM l Unique method for Personality Development by H.H. Dr. Athavale (Presentation and practical exercises)

12:15 PM - 12:45 PM l Lunch Break

12:45 PM - 2:15 PM l 7 Powerful Self Healing techniques: Are you facing distress? Learn how spiritual energies affect our lives + Powerful healing techniques for you and the environment (Practical demonstration)

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM l Subtle Experiments to test your Sixth Sense (Practical session)

Registration fee: $20 USD

Registering for the Online Workshop

We will be using the service of Free Conference Call to present audio & visual material for each session. The login details will be sent following the ticket purchase.

A good internet connection will be required to be able to join the Online Workshop, so please take this into consideration before registering. Please email us at: if you have any questions.

Conductors of the workshop

Vladimir Ćirković is from Serbia. Vladimir had a successful career as a professional actor. He was exposed to all the success the profession can bring, but he always felt that something was missing. After starting spiritual practice, he started experiencing inner fulfillment and realised that God was the missing element in his life. He is currently fully dedicated to spiritual practice and is looking after the spread of Spirituality and the spiritual practice of seekers in Adriatic countries.

Sally Woodcock is from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. In 2014, for reasons beyond her full understanding, Sally knew it was time to leave the corporate lifestyle behind and to embark on a journey of self discovery. She began travelling around South East Asia trying different types of meditation, yoga and therapies before attending an SSRF 5-Day Spiritual Workshop in Goa in June 2017. Transformed by the teachings of His Holiness Dr Athavale, Sally is now devoted to spiritual practice full time and is passionate about spreading Spirituality to the rest of the world.

Susan Markham found the SSRF website when searching on the Internet about what may have happened to her brother after he passed away. As she read the website, she immediately knew that it was what she had been searching for and all of her spiritual questions were getting answered. She has been to the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram twice, and she has retired from a successful career in insurance to dedicate her time to spiritual practice.

This workshop is organized by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation and the Maharshi University of Spirituality.

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