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Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre

1808 Wellington Avenue

Winnipeg, MB R3H 0G3


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The Let’s Get to Work symposium is Manitoba’s only Career Development focused event dedicated to demographics, research, and current labour market trends.

The goal is to provide a solutions-focused space where the intersections between career development, employment, and education can be explored and a greater sense of shared responsibility can be found.

The event provides a vehicle for insightful discussion of Career Development, one which we hope will bring cutting-edge research and discussion annually to Manitoba.

Let’s Get to Work symposium provides an excellent venue in which to showcase your business, research and practice.

Keynote: Kevin Lamoureux

Kevin Lamoureux serves as the Associate Vice-President, Indigenous Affairs at the University of Winnipeg, as faculty at the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba, and is a well-known public speaker. Lamoureux has served as co-Chair for the Provincial Task Force on Educational Outcomes for Children in Care, scholar-in-residence for several school divisions, and education consultant throughout Manitoba and across Canada. His writing has been featured frequently in newspapers and many academic journals. Lamoureux is working towards his PhD in the University of Manitoba’s Wellness and Sustainability cohort. He works closely with schools throughout Manitoba in support of Indigenous education and the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives; enrichment and talent development, and works with troubled and disengaged students.

Closing Speaker: Mark Beckles

With over 25 years’ experience in financial services, Mark has held executive leadership roles in banking, insurance, risk management and the non-profit sector.

Currently, Mark is the Senior Director, Youth Strategy and Innovation and has national responsibility for executing RBC Future Launch, a $500MM investment to ensure that young Canadians are ready for the future of work. Prior to assuming this role Mark was Head, RBC Insurance Advice Centre, responsible for leading over 500 licensed insurance advisors who provide insurance advice and solutions to RBC Insurance clients across Canada. Mark has served as Regional Vice President, Retail Banking in the Greater Toronto Region at RBC. Mark is actively engaged in the community and has volunteered on many boards. He currently serves on the board of Harbourfront Centre, and is an Advisory Board member of the Canadian Multicultural LEAD Organization.

In 2011, Mark received the City of Toronto Bob Marley Award for his commitment to diversity and City Building. In 2012, he was recognized with the BBPA Distinguished Men of Honor Award. He was also recognized for his work in support of the Canadian Sickle Cell Network. In 2012 he received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for his community volunteerism. In 2015, Mark received the 2015 Harry Jerome award for Professional Excellence.

Mark holds an MBA in International Business from the University of Bradford and has completed executive programs with Richard Ivey School of Business, and Rotman Business School. Mark is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors and holds the (ICD.D) designation.

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1st Breakout Session

Getting out of Our Silos: Building Capacity within the Career and Employment Community - Deanna England, Academic and Career Advisor, University of Winnipeg and Kate Yee, Career Consultant, University of Manitoba

The Manitoba Career Development site emphasizes that, “[c]areer development assists individuals explore careers options, make informed decisions about their learning, training and career paths and to successfully manage life and work transitions.” How do we as practitioners help individuals make intentional choices that fit their interests, skillset, circumstances, etc., without valuing one type of education or training over another? How can we, as a community, help build capacity for each other when it comes to offering clients the best resources for skills development and career advancement? A facilitated discussion will take place in small round table groups; ideas will be recorded and shared with all attendees. Questions may include: How do practitioners integrate educational planning into their practice? How do we expose individuals to areas of work beyond their sphere of influence? We want to hear from people from Post-Secondary and K-12 Education, private practice, government, NGOs, not for profits.

Takeaways: Participants will benefit not only from participating in the session, but the shared results will be a concrete take away that they can use with clients on an ongoing basis. The goal is to share a diverse breadth of knowledge with all practitioners in order to build collective capacity

This session would be of interest to: people from Post-Secondary and K-12 Education, private practice, government, NGOs, not for profits, etc.

How to leverage emotional intelligence in the workplace - Jenn Lusby, Regional Manager, Prince's Charities Canada

Emotional intelligence is a powerful tool that if used properly, can transform your workplace and its employees. Having a strong emotional intelligence allows one to be aware of and express one’s emotions – thus allowing them to better handle interpersonal relationships and be more empathetic. The intended audience for this breakout session would be anyone who is looking to increase their leadership skills and become more aware of the affect their emotions have on their overall wellbeing. Someone attending this workshop can expect to learn more about what emotional intelligence is – the act of being self-aware and having high social awareness, as well as the ability to recognize one’s emotions and the impact they can have on oneself and others. Once the baseline learning is achieved, we will move into how to best leverage emotional intelligence in the workplace to have healthier and happier relationships with all those we come in contact with.

This session will be engaging through the use of storytelling by taking its participants on a journey as well as interactive by leveraging questions from the audience throughout.

Takeaways: Participants can expect to take away new skills that they can implement right away into their day to day lives that will make them better leaders

This session will be of interest to: Anyone who wants to learn how to leverage their emotions to have happier and healthier relationships

Engaging students early: A post-secondary career planning group - Rebecca Balakrishnan, Career Consultant, University of Manitoba

University of Manitoba is engaging students in career planning sooner – even before they enter university. We’ll discuss how we attract students to our workshop and the tools we use. Integration of established assessment tools, campus resources, and career information to identify occupations will be shared. The workshop emphasises supporting participants in creating a list of occupations connected to subject preferences, values, and interests. In particular, the session will share an interactive card game for expanding occupational choices using career information.

The session will include opportunities for the attendees to engage in the career planning activities included in our group. This includes two new occupational activities we developed specifically for this group including a forced choice occupational decision-making exercise and an exploring career choices card game. There will also be opportunities for discussion and reflection amongst participants.

Takeaways: 1) Understand the challenges and successes of early engagement; 2) Learn new ways to support clients in identifying occupations; and 3) Learn how to integrate existing resources into service delivery

This session will be of interest to: Career development professionals and educators who work with youth and young adults; and those who engage in career exploration with their clients

2nd Breakout Session

Supporting Youth to Level Up! to their Career using the HUB Model - Caryn Birch, Director of Education and Training, Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY)

This presentation would discuss how to engage youth with barriers to employment including mental health, addictions, housing issues and being supported financially by programs like EIA successfully into the workforce. This presentation would include both the youth and service provider perspective. Ideal audience members would be those who are working with youth with barriers, people who are interested in the HUB model and how it promotes successful outcomes, people who are interested in Skills Link funding projects.

This presentation would include both a presentation by myself on the Level Up! program, the HUB model and our successes, and would also include a youth panel where they would discuss with the group the things that work and the things that need to improve with employment and education centres for youth. This is driven by the fact that much of RaY and the Level Up! Program are youth driven

Takeaways: A stronger knowledge of what youth with barriers are experiencing when it comes to going to work, or reentering work or education opportunities. Participants can also expect to take a way a stronger knowledge of the HUB model and the benefits of being able to house a wide range of holistic supports under one roof.

This session will be of interest to: Parents, Youth, Service Providers and Financial Supports to youth with barriers

Upskill - Mark Beckles, Sr. Director Youth Strategy & Innovation, RBC Royal Bank

Upskill is an engaging digital experience for desktop & mobile devices that leverages data from Humans Wanted (skills, knowledge and interest profile of all jobs in the Canadian workforce, automation coefficients and project job openings until 2021) to help young Canadians understand their skills and leverage their strengths in their future careers.

Upskill™ leverages government data to develop a skills inventory based on personal experiences and chart a path forward. Unlike other career tools on the market, Upskill™ empowers you to look beyond industry, education, collar colour and income and focus on the skills required to perform a job. This innovative approach to career planning enables mobility and resilience in a world ripe for disruption.

The only thing we can guarantee about the future is that it’s going to be a lot different than the present. But disruption need not be a threat. By tapping into the skills economy, you can make unexpected leaps.

Takeaways: Value for users can be bucketed in three key categories: • Individualized Skills Profile: By assessing past experiences (volunteer, co-op, apprenticeship, career job, etc.) and scoring the skills gained from each, Upskill allows users to gain unique insights about their skills strengths and opportunity areas. • Career Possibilities: Upskill illuminates career paths for users based on their skills profile. All career suggestions factor in the health of that job (i.e., likelihood to be impacted by automation and projected job openings) to ensure young people are well-positioned for a changing workforce. • Take Action: Users are left with additional tools and resources, such as links to job postings in their community, a skill-first resume template, information about networking and gaining practical work experience that will give them a leg up in the emerging skills economy.

This session will be of interest to: Career & Employment Coaches, young Canadians

Innovation – From Creativity to Delivery - Eric Stutzman, Managing Director, ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance

Whether creating products or providing services, all organizations must create an environment of innovation if they wish to be successful. Innovation does not start with hiring more imaginative people, but rather by fostering an environment that allows creativity and innovation to happen and where contributions can come from anyone. This interactive workshop provides practical strategies for stimulating and channeling creativity and innovation into organizational productivity. Audience: Anyone interested in Creativity & Innovation Learning Outcomes: Participants will learn how to generate ideas and how to focus their innovation efforts with easy-to-use tools.

This session includes presentation, video, small and large group discussion. Participants will have time for applying the tools to their own workplace environment.

Takeaways: They will be provided with a handout that includes a tool/template for focused innovation

This session will be of interest to: Anyone who wishes to make their workplace more functional and innovative.

3rd Breakout Session

Three Steps to Building MeYouQ and Better Relationships - Treena Chabot, Coach, Trainer, Author, Speaker, TREE for Supervisors

Do you feel as though you are failing in life or struggling with some sort of inner battle? Do you feel stuck or lost and crave to know your life’s meaning or purpose? Are you in need of a life-changing experience? MeYouQ© is a new method for valuing yourself and others more, so you can lead a more peaceful, purposeful life. In this session you will be introduced to the three parts in the MeYouQ© process, which include knowing and managing yourself, reserving judgment and showing empathy to others, and choosing to relate to and build relationships with others.

The session will be delivered through a back and forth method of content delivery, then turning it to the audience for some personal reflection and discussion. This repeats throughout, so it is a very engaging and interactive way to work through the three parts. Participants will need paper and pen!

Takeaways: Participants in this session will 1) Develop increased self-awareness and self-appreciation, 2) Reserve judgment of others and appreciate others as having value and purpose, and 3) Choose to build meaningful connections and negotiate successful relationships.

This session will be of interest to: Anyone looking for a new way to build soft skills in employees.

Self-Employment as a Career Option - Frank Atnikov, Owner, Frank Growth Solutions

Is self-employment an option for your clients? What would the exploration process look like - for you and for them? This workshop is for people working with clients who might be interested in entrepreneurship and self-employment. You will learn about the business triangle and what it will mean for your clients' chances of success. You will learn how to help your clients conduct basic market research and interpret what it means. And you will learn about the variety of support resources available for small business. Self-employment may be the simple act of creating a job for oneself, or it may be growing a business and employing others. For some clients, being self-employed offers a level of flexibility to meet their personal needs that is hard to come-by in traditional employment models. Participate in this session to learn if the self-employment option is something that you wish to further explore.

Takeaways: 1. Participants will learn about the business triangle and what it will mean for their clients' chances of success. 2. Participants will learn how to help their clients conduct basic market research and interpret what it means. 3. Participants will learn about the variety of support resources available for small business.

This session will be of interest to: Anybody working with clients that might find value in exploring self-employment

The LEAN Career Canvas - Adriano Magnifico, Career & Entrepreneurship Consultant, Louis Riel School Division

The LEAN Career Canvas is a career development tool for high school students that helps them actively engage their personal life/career paths. The canvas is an adaptation of an entrepreneurial LEAN canvas that prioritizes problem-solving and customer focus. Participants will engage the canvas and offer insights about future iterations.

Takeaways: Participants will complete the canvas and share insights and possibilities

This session will be of interest to: Grades 9-12 and university practitioners

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Date and Time


Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre

1808 Wellington Avenue

Winnipeg, MB R3H 0G3


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