Level 2 Bio-Practitioner Training Course - Vancouver 2019/20

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Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Downtown Vancouver

1110 Howe St.

Vancouver, BC V6Z 1R2


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Level 2 Bio-Practitioner Training Course

Become a Bio-Energy Practitioner during 5 weekends of transformational training in Vancouver, BC with leading Bio-Energy Expert Michael D'Alton.

In our experience Bio-Energy Healing is the most powerful, exciting and clinically effective treatment available. Bio-Energy Healing is totally non-invasive and can also be easily applied to children and animals. It is fast acting with permanent results and treats numerous physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health issues. Bio-Energy Healing heals the person from the inside out, and also energizes the practitioner. It is easy to learn and enjoyable to practice, it takes nothing from you and gives you so much!

Michael D'Alton delivers mind-blowing concepts in simple ways that allows you to understand and integrate the teachings in the most practical way. Michael’s humour, expertise and enthusiasm for healing and teaching is contagious and enjoyable to the core. Michael has a unique ability to help his students (young or old, experienced or new) get out of their own way to awaken and free their healing abilities.

Course Curriculum: (Please note that the Level 1 Bio-Inspired Workshop, online or in person, is a prerequisite for this course.) Bonus: Register for Level 2 within 30 days of completing Level 1 (in person or online) and we will discount your Level 1 tuition from the Level 2 tuition!

  • The Eastern and Western approach and understanding of Energy Healing

  • The science behind Energy Healing and the quantum effect of our intention

  • How the Bio-Field works and the cause of acute and chronic illness

  • A complete set of Bio-Energy Healing techniques including advanced healing techniques

  • The science of the body's regeneration process and the hidden blueprint behind cell renewal

  • A breakdown of the 6 structures behind the success of Bio-Energy Healing and how to repeat them effectively

  • An incredible self healing journey through the seven chakras integrating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual awakening.

  • Healing core wounds and integrating feelings and emotions.

  • How to feel, see, intuit and interpret energy and blockages in the Bio-Field

  • Unlocking the magic of the law of attraction using energy, frequency and vibration

  • Bio-Energy Healing Practice sessions

  • Powerful Breathwave sessions to reset the nervous system

  • Coming into right relationship with ourself, nature and each other

  • Self Care program

  • Running a professional practice and evaluating client’s results

Included in tuition:

  • Bio-Practitioner Training course personally presented by Michael D'Alton

  • Level 1 and Level 2 Technique videos

  • Bio-Practitioner E-Training Manual (to self print)

  • Full set of Bio-Energy Techniques training videos

  • International Bio-Energy Practitioner Diploma (subject to qualifying)

  • Ongoing support and guidance.

Private treatment:

Students are requested to complete 5 Bio-Energy Healing sessions with a listed practitioner from Michael D'Alton's School of Bio-Energy Healing.

Case Studies:

To qualify students must hand in seven successful case studies within four months of completing the training although more time is available on request.

You gotta go in to get out:

"I feel the developed Western Society is overdeveloped externally and underdeveloped internally. This personal development course encourages us to look inside and free stuck emotions, access intuition and connect to the soul's joy. As we come back into right relationship with ourselves, it's not just about feeling better, but about getting better at feeling." - Michael D'Alton

Level 2 Dates:

Weekend 1 November 2/3, 2019

Weekend 2 December 7/8, 2019

Weekend 3 January 11/12, 2020

Weekend 4 February 8/9, 2020

Weekend 5 March 7/8, 2020


Saturday 8am-6pm

Sunday 8am-6pm


Holiday Inn, 1110 Howe Street, Vancouver

Training Tuition:

$3995 + GST

(Pay $350 deposit now and your balance within 30 days)

Tickets now on sale:

Get your Ticket now as there are a limited number (16 spots) and we are expected to be sold out soon!


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Michael:

Training Office: 604-688-5177

or e-mail: inspire@daltonsbio.com

View Bio-Energy Videos at:


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Date and Time


Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Downtown Vancouver

1110 Howe St.

Vancouver, BC V6Z 1R2


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