Live Blood Cell Analysis and Food Sensitivity Testing

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57 Faris St

57 Faris Street

Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON L3Z 0A8


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Live Blood Cell Analysis & Food Sensitivity Testing with Ted.

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Noted lecturer and researcher Ted Aloisio has authored ‘Blood Never Lies.’ Considered by many to be the foremost authority on the practical application of live-cell microscopy, he has performed over 40,000 nutritional assessments. He is the Director of Veritas Health Institute in Toronto and is the founder of the Microscopy Referral Network.

In LIVE BLOOD CELL ANALYSIS, you can literally see first-hand evidence of :

·Digestive efficiency

· Immune function

· Energy level

· Stress damage

· Acid-Alkaline balance

· Supplement effectiveness

· Nutritional Deficiency

· Organ stress

Your live blood cell demonstration involves placing a drop of blood (from your fingertip or earlobe) under a microscope that is connected to a screen-monitor. Observing the characteristics and activities of the cells and elements of your blood provides a clear, graphic, live picture of your state of health and plays a preventative role by revealing pre-symptomatic imbalances. A summary of findings is provided with recommendations for correcting imbalances and enhancing wellness and performance.

FOOD SENSITIVITY TESTING will assess up to 300 foods and substances. Both histamine and non-histamine responses to substances, which many tests are not able to do, will be measured. Non-histamine responses are particularly important in food sensitivities, since many reactions are non-histamine related, such as bloating, fatigue and headaches. Food sensitivities are other type of immune-related adverse food reaction. Rather than creating a dramatic instant reaction to an allergen, they create a delayed reaction. They are not immediately life threatening but they increase levels of certain IgG class antibodies that are reactive to that food and cause inflammation in our body. This can affect our health and our moods with vague symptoms that mirror common ailments.

Food Sensitivity Symptoms


Brain fog


Dry and itchy skin

Bloated stomach after eating

Digestive Issues

Leaky Gut


Inflammation - Joint pain




Ear infections

Depression and mood swings

Runny nose


Trouble sleeping

Dark circles under eyes


➡️Live Blood Cell Session: $50/pp or $150 per family (parents and children) (15-20 mins)

➡️Food Sensitivity Session: $100/pp (30 mins) with 6 page report, painless and non-invasive

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Date and Time


57 Faris St

57 Faris Street

Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON L3Z 0A8


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