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LOVE WITHOUT FEAR [COURTENAY] - Sex, Partnership and the Village

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Facilitated by new paradigm filmmaker Ian MacKenzie (Occupy Love, Sacred Economics) and Mya Hardman (Musician and Poet AppleCat) this provocative workshop combines lecture, integrative practices, and Q&A to explores the foundations of a new culture of love.


Many are beginning to question the current story of love: the belief that we must find "THE ONE": a partner who will grant our happiness and fulfill all our needs. Others are experimenting with various models of open relationship and alternative forms - some finding joy but also much heartache.

The truth is that we all carry deep wounds of trauma in love, some more explicit than others. And until we are ready to collectively face these wounds, in the container of community - we will never build a resilient culture for the future.

Whatever your relationship form, monogamy, polyamory or beyond, the role of community is integral to any healthy partnership – how might we cultivate communities of trust to support the freedom to love without fear?


- singles, couples and more

- if you’re wanting to embed your partnership in village, knowing that this is the key to a healthy, resilient partnerships.

- if you're wanting to level-up your relationship communication and village-making skills to navigate challenges in your partnership and community

- if the current story of love and partnership feels too small, and you’re suspect that another, bigger story is possible.

- if you’re awash in the heartbreak of a relationship ending, and instead of blaming them or yourself, wondering how things might have been different.

- if you’re wanting to contribute toward the healing of love, for yourself and for our collective future, through rebuilding communities trust


- comfortable clothes are best, as most people will be sitting on floor cushions. There will be some chairs if you'd prefer that option.

- a water bottle and a notebook.

- we will have a simple altar in the middle of the room. We invite you to bring a small item that represents a dedication, an intention, and/or a prayer to join us in the space.


Ian MacKenzie has been called "The Indiana Jones of the new story." Based in Vancouver, Canada, he has produced a number of shorts that amplify the emerging culture story of inter-dependence: from 'Occupy Love' to 'Sacred Economics.'

In May 2015, Ian MacKenzie visited Tamera peace village in Portugal to shoot "Healing of Love" a new short film that explores 40 years of research in love, eros and the village. Learn more about the film and watch the trailer here

Mya Hardman (also known as AppleCat) is a Musician, Poet and Lover of Human Connection. As a public speaker she practices raw authenticity with a mythopoetic charm. Mya has dedicated several years of her life cultivating the possibility of a world that loves without fear. She believes that from a place of mutual support our shared wounds in love, sex and separation can be collectively healed.

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