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Magical Evening with Mindfulness!

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Lecture Theatre - Lifelong Learning Institute

11 Eunos Road 8

Singapore, Singapore 408601


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Experience the Magic of Mindfulness! Know why mindfulness is so talked about in organizations and families alike and how it can transform your life. Feel the peace, confidence and the power of non-judgemental awareness as you deal with your life events.

This event is the result of many years of seeking to live a more mindful life and extensive experience of working with organizations and people across the globe. The Magical evening would bring to you a rich blend of eastern and western approaches to mindfulness.

In the 2 hours of power packed session, You will -

1. Have a greater understanding of mindfulness and glimpse of the power of living a mindful life.

2. Learn an array of techniques which can bring about mindfulness in your life.

3. Explore which of the techniques best suits you.

4. At the end of this magical evening, we have a host of programs - at big discounts - that you will be able to sign up for, enabling you to embrace mindfulness more fully in your life.

BIG DISCOUNTS waiting for you right after you attend this session!

1) 10 sessions of Mindfulness coaching worth SGD2,000 at SGD1,000 (50% discount!) You save SGD1000!

2) 2 days (10 hours) (2.5 hrs in the morning and 2.5 hrs in the evening) of powerful Surya Kriya Yoga (Isha Yoga) worth SGD1,500 at SGD1,000 (33% discount!) You save SGD500!!

3) 1 hour lifestyle consultation with our celebrity Doctors of Ayurveda & natural medicine at SGD100 (UP SGD200!). You get 50% discount (This will include Naadi (pulse) reading).

4) 20% Discount on one to one HeartMath® Biofeedback sessions with Jane Grafton

5) Get a copy of our book "Be The Best Self - 50 Reflections on Personal Growth & Success" at SGD20 (UP SGD34!) at the stall at the Event Venue


What is special about this event?

This event will be unique as we present to you practical, easy to apply techniques as well as ancient yogic practices, that will enhance your mindfulness practice and help you align your life in a more peaceful and resilent way.

Who can attend?

Our clients include: corporate teams, Employees going through Job insecurities, students seeking to maximise their potential, parents who want to share mindfulness to their children and families. Anyone above 15 years of age who wants to transform their life experience is welcome.

What will I get?

A life changing experience! If you want to improve your performance and the impact you create at work, in your family or within your community, this event could be exactly what you are looking for. You will get a chance to meet and network with people interested in transforming their lives.

Who can I recommend this event to?

Enhancing someone's state of mind is the greatest gift. If you have friends going through challenges at work, family or health issues, this might be the best gift you could offer!

About us

Be The Best Self is a Singapore Company with mindfulness at its heart! Founder Kalyan Bhatlapenumerthy and friend Jane Grafton have spent many years seeking to live a more mindful lives. Through years of personal practice and working with others, their wish is to bring mindfulness to the world. Their individual profiles are as below:

Kalyan Bhatlapenumerthy

Kalyan is the founder and CEO of Be The Best Self Pte Ltd, Author of the Book Be The Best Self, Mindfulness Coach. Kalyan brings in about two decades of experience working with multinational companies in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Kalyan is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Associate Member of International Coach Federation, Chartered Accountant from Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA), Certified Public Accountant from American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Certified Management Accountant from India and a Certified Personal Trainer from the American college of Sports Medicine. More about Kalyan at:

Jane Grafton

Jane Grafton is a Mindfulness Trainer and Coach specialising in mindfulness for the workplace and leadership. She is also a Certified HeartMath® Biofeedback Trainer and Coach. Jane is British, comes from a corporate background, is currently based in Singapore and works globally. She facilitates the Mindfulness Professionals Network Singapore at SMU. She combines mindfulness, theatre and comedy, and appears in the stage production of Calendar Girls at SOTA 8-12 March. Jane holds a MBA, MEd in Adult Learning, a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University, USA, is an ICF PCC accredited coach. More about Jane at:

Dr. Swapna Reddy

Dr. Swapna Reddy holds an MD (Doctorate of medicine Ayurveda, Gold medallist in Rasa Shastra). She dealt with over 12000 patients and transformed lives of many in her 15+ years of practice.

She is also a certified yoga teacher from Gujarat Ayurveda University and a certified ISHA Hathayoga Teacher. From the last 10yrs, Dr. Swapna Reddy has been successfully running a yoga centre. Over 1800 clients have learnt yoga under her training. She has administered therapy yoga for over 500 hundred clients.More about Swapna at:


I know I would not be the Coach I am today if not for Kalyan and his coaching. I have great respect for his commitment to help others reach their dreams and to be their best selves in this world. His coaching is powerful. “Thank you Kalyan for caring to make a difference in my life both personally and professionally.

Susan (USA)

"Still practising the heart mind breathing. So good that I don't feel irritated or over stressed. Thanks for the class, it's really helpful for me."

Global Learning Director, major multinational

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the simple awakenings and continuous strengthening that you have given me an opportunity to encounter.

Kanchana (Malaysia)

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Date and Time


Lecture Theatre - Lifelong Learning Institute

11 Eunos Road 8

Singapore, Singapore 408601


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