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Hosted by Peak Resilience, this talk by Vikki Reynolds will explore how to make private practice both ethical and sustainable.

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Alternative practitioners often work in isolation, where solidarity is hard to find, and the necessities of not having a wage and benefits can be a struggle. Many alternative counsellors and therapists attempt to stay ethical within this context of privatization and social inequity. In this workshop we'll address the binary of private practice vs social sector work, as there are fabulous folks doing justice in each. It's not where you work that makes you ethical, it's your ethical stance, accountability practices and keeping clients at the centre. Many practitioners have sought alternative work to be more ethical than some agency/authority has allowed for. We'll explore these tensions in practice together in this dialogue.

We will be exploring the following ideas related to sustaining ourselves and ensuring ethical practice within the context of private or alternative practice:

  • Resisting isolation, building solidarity, and collective accountability
  • Inviting community accountability practices
  • Unsettling settler privilege and an ethical stance for Justice-Doing
  • Embracing intersectionality and inclusion
  • The Zone of fabulousness: Resisting Burnout, Disconnection, and Enmeshment
  • Defining ethically driven practice that balances the needs for financial compensation with meeting the needs of the community
  • Sharing knowledge and experience in managing these challenges

About the Presenter

Vikki Reynolds PhD RCC is an activist/therapist from Vancouver, Canada, who works to bridge the worlds of social justice activism and therapy. Vikki is a white settler of Irish, Newfoundland and English folks, and a heterosexual woman with cisgender privilege. Her experience includes supervision and therapy with peers, activists, and other workers responding to the opioid epidemic/poisonings, torture and political violence, sexualized violence, mental health and substance misuse, homelessness and legislated poverty and working alongside gender and sexually diverse communities. Vikki is an Adjunct Professor and has written, keynoted and presented internationally on the subjects of ‘Witnessing Resistance’ to oppression/trauma, ally work, resisting ‘burnout’ with justice-doing, a supervision of solidarity, ethics, and innovative group work.

Schedule for Oct 2, 2020

8:30-9:00 Login

9-12 Workshop

12-1 Break (recommended 20 minutes away from computer)

1-4 Workshop

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