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Mass Vaccination Clinic Shift Booking

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Now that everyone has completed the COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Education course on Moodle we have the opportunity to open up available shifts as a vaccinator/first responder for Mass Vaccination Clinics for those who would like to work them.

Q: What are you doing?A: We are attempting to devise a system for rostering Mass Vaccination Clinics for all Paramedics who wish to work them. We are trying to make this system so it both meets Huron Perth Public Health’s needs and yours within the wording of the current C.B.A.

Q: Why are we doing this?A: We currently have a list of 17 staff members who had responded to the original expression of interest related to the opportunity of working at the Mass Vaccination Clinics. Approximately 1/3 of those staff members consistently work these shifts. Since the recent availability of vaccine in our region has increased so has the number of Clinics in our area. With the summer months ahead of us our capacity using the current list of Paramedics to fill the clinics will become more difficult.

Q: Does this mean I am going to be schedule these shifts if I don’t want them?A: NO, these shifts are not mandatory. We are creating a process where all staff will have the opportunity to sign up and work a vaccination shift if it suits them, their schedule and their personal needs.

Q: How will this system work?A: An Eventbrite page has been created where we will place the dates, times and locations of all of the Mass Vaccination Clinics on. You will simply go to the Eventbrite page and buy a ticket for the Mass Vaccination Clinic date that you would like to have the chance to work at. This page will remain “live” and new clinic dates will be added once we receive them from HPPH.

Q: Where can I find the Eventbrite link that I will use to put my name in for shifts?A: The most current Eventbrite link for booking will be found on Moodle using the link provided here. The link will “live” in Moodle under the heading of Mass Vaccination Clinic Booking so that if the link changes in the future we don’t have to send out a new email with a different link which may cause confusion.

Q: If there are only two spots per clinic available and more than two people want to work the shift how will the shifts be allotted?A: Prior to the specific Mass Vaccination Clinic date we will take the list of Paramedics who submitted their request for that clinic and we will fill the shift according to the current C.B.A.

Q: How far in advance will you post the Mass Vaccination Clinic dates, times and locations?A: We will attempt to post the Clinic dates and relevant information with as much prior notice as possible. Huron Perth Public Health (HPPH) has not been consistent with lead time so we are unable to answer this question with any degree of certainty. Short notice requests defined as requests within 7 days of the clinic date, do occur, and I imagine that they will continue to occur.

Q: How far in advance will I know if I got the clinic shift if I submit for one?A: Once a clinic date is received by HPPH we will place the date into Eventbrite. After 7 days of the clinic date being posted we will fill the shift as per the C.B.A. based upon the staff that have signed up for that date. If after that 7 days the clinic shifts have not been filled the clinic will remain open for an additional 7 days in an attempt to fill it. Short notice clinics given to PCPS by HPPH within 7 days of the clinic date will be posted for 48hrs and the shifts will be filled according to the C.B.A based upon the staff that signed up.

Q: Do I get seniority for these vaccination shifts?A: Yes, when they are at straight time. If they are overtime, as per the current C.B.A you do not accrue seniority for overtime.

Q: Do I get paid overtime for these vaccination shifts?A: You will be paid as per the current C.B.A.

Q: Can I work one of these shifts before or after a regular OPS shift?A: There must be the minimum 8 hours off required between shifts as per the current C.B.A and the ESA. Think of it the same way as we book training.

Q: How will the transition of this new process be affected by clinics that have already been booked with Paramedics who responded to the original expression of interest?A: It may take some time to transition this system over completely to this new one. Staff who have already been booked for current clinics will remain scheduled for those clinics. When new clinics dates become available those current staff members from our vaccinator list will bid on those new clinics in the same way as all Paramedics will.

Q: What happens if I have to book off sick?A: If you aren’t going to be able to work the clinic or you are sick you need to call the Duty Commander and let them know asap. The Duty will put it into their report and offer the vaccine shifts to the next person by seniority.

Q: Do applying to these shifts count as availability if I’m a part-timer.A: No

Q: Can I apply for one of these shifts on a day that I am scheduled to work?A: No not at this time. You can choose to book a day off or do a shift trade if you wish. Think of it the same way as you do training.

Q: What is the process once I take a shift? It has changed so many times I can’t keep track…A: Your right, unfortunately the process has changed many times. Here is the current process for book on etc.

1. Once you have been given the shift and the clinic dates have been filled we send our paramedic roster to HPPH along with your work email. COVAX is the software system that the province uses to track vaccine administration at the clinics. HPPH will register you into the COVAX system and you will be required to access this email and set up a username and password. They ask that once you register your COVAX account that once a month you log in to your account to keep it active in the provincial system. Please try and keep on top of this if you are planning on working more than one clinic. It will cause problems on the morning of the clinic if your account is not active.

2. Paramedics will now book on at Stratford base. Paramedics will book on using their swipe card, check their equipment and enter it into OPIQ. Complete COVID screening using OPIQ and roster their vehicle with dispatch. Log on and sync the Toughbook.

3. The primary vehicle that will be assigned for vaccinators in 1027. If due to operational demands 1027 is not available you are to use the Emergency Management vehicle and complete the km’s log available in the vehicle. If in the event that these vehicle are not available you will speak with the on-duty Commander and arrangements will be made.

4. If you have already received your CoVax software training the expectation is that you will arrive at the clinic 30 minutes prior to the start of the clinic. This will allow for you to complete your COVID-19 screening, log onto your tablet and be assigned your immunization area. If you have not previously received your CoVax software training you are to arrive at the clinic 60 minutes prior to the start time of the clinic in order to receive your training.

5. The set of bags, monitor and Toughbook that were left at the clinic will be placed in the emergency management vehicle in the event that you will need to use this vehicle for transportation to the clinic and first response is required until a responding ambulance can attend.

We will attempt to make the transition to this new process as easy as possible for everyone involved. With all new processes there will be a learning curve and I am sure that there will be further questions and/or concerns. As usual, please do not hesitate to provide feedback so that we are able to ensure this process runs as smoothly as possible.

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