Masterclass Series: The Business of Being You

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1249 Dundas St. W

Toronto, ON


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Whether you are an Artist, Creative, Intuitive, Consultant by any means or Healer by Nature, if you are looking to build a business, lifestyle or brand, this event series is for you.

No matter if you are in ideation stage, with a mass amount of potential floating in and around you, or you have already been working on your business and simply want to take it to the next level, starting from the ground up is key.


In this Masterclass series, we will take a deep dive into Who You Are and Your Business (Idea) as a Whole. Collectively discovering how you can meld worlds and build a stronger core in your work/life balance while creating a game plan for bringing your ideas and business to life.

Within 5 short weeks, we will bring ONE new idea of yours to life. Build a stronger brand presence and dive into your WHY: the purpose behind your vision and your desire for engaging your ideas and building a business with them. Ultimately discovering how you can live a life of free-form expression, and take on the world, as you are, either effecting change in yourself or the world as a whole.

No fluff, no flare, just you, uncovering more meaning to why you are here and creating a path that is clear.


Design a life you love, by bringing your ideas to life. Choosing to either step deeper into your path of success in running your own business and being "in charge" of your own life or choosing to begin the journey and dive into limitless possibility.

Over the next 5 weeks, we will see ONE of your ideas come to light, by moving through a process of self-discovery, business and brand building, all while getting super focused on your personal story and how you can use these connections to build a life you love. And yes, make money! So you can keep going or start the cycle all over again, by taking your next idea and birthing it into its unique position, within the greater scope of your overall Masterplan.


Each week will build upon the last, ultimately rising you up and over each step, so you may continue steadily along your discovery path, and rise to the top of that mountain that you've for so long seen as your greatest distraction. Even if you don't "think" you have one, trust we all do, no matter our position, and that's ok. As ONE, we are here to move beyond our current moment and arise into a new paradigm, so we can continue to run and explore the ideas that pour through us, with greater strength and prowess.

The Business's Development

What you will receive:

  • Group Sessions: Each session will have a main goal, function and focused intention so to guide you along the path and get work done. Therefore, by the end of the 5 weeks, you'll have a project complete and be able to dive into those waters you see.

  • Accountability Measures: Not only will you have the presence of your coach, Nimea Ariana, to hold you accountable for actions steps, you will also work in a buddy system, so you can choose to either collaborate on something, or use your connection to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of, while not in group sessions.

  • Business Plan Development: We will work on a simple form "canvas-style" system, to understand who your market is, and how to bring your idea to form and function in the most cost-effective ways. This is so you "Know Your Worth" and can build an appropriate plan around it. No more "short selling" yourself, or holding yourself back.

  • Mentorship + Guidance: In group, you will have access to Nimea Ariana, to review and discuss your plans, blocks or hurdles along with, access to two, private 1:1 coaching sessions so to discuss your path or pain points in greater detail from an objective point of view.

Our Personal Development:

Life is more then just work, we are meant to have fun too, and enjoy our day to day lives, as "work" is much more about the roles we "play", vs just about how we make money or "get by". Life is about the journey we are here to CREATE. So as Creators, how we receive the resources and/or exchanges that allow us to live the lives we've always dreamed of, encourages us to dive into ourselves more fully, to capture a bigger picture of our lives. This way we are lead along a path to truly accept who we are as limitless beings and infinite creators.

Over the course of the 5 weeks, we will work in group settings to clear belief systems, that prevent you from seeing your true potential and block you from receiving what is literally right there in front of you. Because the Universe, WANTS to provide for you.

This means you'll have access to:

  • Group Energy Experience: Once a week, we will work as ONE, collective tribe of individuals who intend to clear blocks inside of us, so to receive the path right there before us. Releasing any negative belief system you may have around: Money, Self Worth, Personal Values, Creative Potential, Your Divine Ability and Connection to New Resources.

  • Plus: Receive a Private 1:1 Light Wave Energy Session, with Nimea Ariana, geared towards your personal intentions, and the awareness we are here to unlock, as we awaken a stronger sense of vision for the Artist, Creator, and Visionary within.
  • All while, learning "new" and revisiting "old" skills that develop new networks, connections and stronger relationships with the world around us.

No matter where you believe yourself to be in terms of "access" to build your business and lifestyle vision as a whole, Nimea Ariana is here to assist you to unlock your true vision, so to see the real position you hold in life, empowering you to rise and shine in the life you've designed.


Location: Downtown Toronto @ Ossington and Dundas St W.

* Please note this is a private address and will only be shared with individuals who register for this Masterclass: The Business of Being You and have joined the Beta Group.* Currently the Masterclass is available In-Person or via Online Video Call (for select participants). Please note, if you will be partaking online for this group, a pre-call with Nimea Ariana before hand will be necessary, so you fully understand the level of engagement and connection you will need to ensure your path to succeed.

Dates: Classes will begin Monday, May 7th (ending June 8th). Sessions take place once - twice a week for 5 weeks.

* Professional Development Exploration: You will be divided into groups, according to your ideas, industries, and availability selected in the application process. This is to form cohesive groups to work in flow on your business idea's development, each week.* Personal Development Exploration: Energy Experiences will take place on a separate occasion and be coordinated once a week. Beginning 7PM Monday evenings.

Investment: The Masterclass Investment into building your Personal + Professional life as a whole is as follows:

  • Commitment to working on your business for a minimum of 10-15 Hours a week. Ideally, Nimea Ariana would suggest you grant yourself up to 30 Hours, so to not only "do the work", "receive new energy" but also, so to set yourself up for the new beginnings aligning, as you take stronger action on the goals you are setting.

  • Commitment to be "in-class" once per week for 3 Hour Professional Development Sessions.

  • Committed Attendance to group Light Wave Experiences once per week for "up to" 3 Hour Personal Development Sessions.

  • Acceptance of 2 personal Coaching sessions with Nimea Ariana and 1 personalized Light Wave session, of 1 Hour in length each.

  • A Financial Investment of: $1,000 CAD. With the understanding this is a Beta 'Test' Group, therefore meaning you are receiving this Masterclass, at a reduced overall cost. (Full Price Investment is $ 3,400) With the request that you provide a video testimonial in return, expressing the benefits and costs, along with your return on such an investment of attending this form of experience. And filling out a survey of your experience to identify new growth potential within the program's structure.
    • "Payment Plans" are available for those in need to disperse funds more widely, please note, these may come at a higher overall cost, due to its management. Please speak directly to Nimea Ariana to discuss these terms + conditions.

The ONE. Request.

This Masterclass will have limited space available per group, so what we request is that only those who are truly ready to invest; their time, energy and resources, into developing both their personal and professional lives as one, apply for this experience. So that along the way, we do not "lose" anyone. Meaning, this process will bring about rapid growth along your path, and for those ready, willing and able to step into alignment with fast-paced progress, will need to be 100% committed for the extent of the process. Therefore meaning this Masterclass is 100% non-refundable once you say "YES". So to ensure you are ready and willing to commit to the full extent of building your dreams as a business and thus in return we hold you accountable for your choices.

In means to hold you accountable for your actions, we recommend this:

  • Please give deep thought and feeling to you saying "Yes" to YOU, to building out YOUR dream life, through the means of experiencing and exploring the processes of which Nimea Ariana has formulated for us all to succeed and receive new growth in our lives as a whole.

  • If "unsure", about your participation and ability to commit, please contact Nimea Ariana for a 30 Minute Discovery Call, (here) and review if this is the "correct" path for you.

  • If you know you are someone who needs "someone you know" to hold you accountable, please sign up "with a friend" if possible. This way, you can trust in the fact, that you will have the support you feel you need, before beginning the process of experiencing.

Thank you and we look forward to serving your personal and professional growth, as ONE.

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Date and Time


1249 Dundas St. W

Toronto, ON


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