MASTERFUL MEDIUMSHIP(ONLINE): Creative Tools for Opening to Your Greater Po...

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We've all experienced stages in our mediumship where some aspect of stagnation occurs. And, sometimes that stagnation affect you so deeply that it might feel like your gift has been turned off or that doubts begin to undermine your newly found confidence.

What's a medium to do?

Exploring and tapping into the expanding forces of CREATIVITY help you get out of your own way. CREATIVITY also opens you to new and powerful ways of working with the spirit world for igniting your path and potential.


  • relaxes you
  • stimulates your soul knowingness
  • supports your spirit connections

CREATIVITY serves to:

  • invoke a sense of play and fun into our work.
  • help us get out of our thinking mind.
  • provide us a platform to fail in order to learn.
  • discover new ways in which spirit wishes to work with us.
  • support our courage and willingness to surrender.
  • deepen our trust in subtle energy.
  • merge our clairs of vision, feeling, and hearing to our divine knowing.

We'll explore using Creative tools such as divination cards, color, numbers, animals and more for experiencing new and profound ways we can access spirit that is filled with ease and joy.

The last 90 minutes will be dedicated to platform demonstrations using CREATIVE methods for working Soul to Soul and in your Spirit Links. We'll have outside guest join us to serve as sitters for the platform demonstrations.

Hope to see you!


Elle Gulotta

Healing Medium

Date and Time

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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