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MASTERY of Self Expression - Owen Sound - April 13-15 2018

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Her Wellness

925 2nd Avenue East

Owen Sound, ON


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What if you could have better relationships, be more profitable and successful, and have a more fulfilling life?

What if you could be an even better version of you?

What if you could launch yourself from where you are right now? From wherever you are even if life is pretty good at the moment or if you feel like your feet have just touched rock bottom?

What would your life be like?

It's not a rhetorical question. Think about it. How much sweeter life would be if...

I know you can have that for yourself.

There are some classic mistakes people are making everyday that hold them back from the true greatness in their lives. In a little while I'm going to give you some useful, use-right-now and benefit tips that will help you instantly.

So you may be wondering who am I to be providing you with these tips.

My name is Tammy Cunningham and, I have to brag here, I have worked with over a thousand individuals to help them:
• have better relationships
• have more successful lives
• have deeper satisfaction in their lives
• have fulfillment

This isn't just a gift. It's something I have very purposefully nurtured and cultivated through study and mentorship. In fact, I have been mentored by some of the best in the personal development world.

And, I've been on my own journey from lost girl to authentic woman since the very early 90's.

This all started when in 1992 when I did a course that literally changed everything for me.

The course is called The MASTERY of Self Expression. The cool thing about this course is it's simplicity and it's very long lasting affect in people's lives. It's a workshop that moved me so far ahead in my life in just a weekend. It's not a conference, it's not a seminar.., it's a workshop. As in I had to do some "work". The most rewarding work of my life.

There are tonnes of workshops, weekends, seminars, conferences out there that a person could invest in . I know because I've done many of them. I've literally been to the mountain and sat at the foot of a real live guru, I've been to the millionaire workshops, manifesting and mindset workshops, I've learned what "they" don't want you to know. And it was extremely valuable to me.

Yet this one weekend workshop has had the biggest and most profound impact of them all, including a 3 month intensive program. And I'm not alone in this thinking. This weekend has been described by one of my past graduates as the "Superbowl of workshops".

This workshop began in 1978. It was created by a man named Dan Fauci specifically for actors. There have been some major actors that have done the MASTERY to elevate the careers and lives. People like Sigourney Weaver, Ted Danson, Marisa Tomei and Fisher Stephen. It was designed to get actors passionate in their careers. It just worked so well that everyone started to jump on the band wagon and now people from all walks of life do the workshop. Engineers, stay at home moms, nurses, real estate agents, artist and on an on. Regular people who want more in their lives.

So, how could it be so different.

Well, it's very individual. It's a process. Usually a course asks you to do as they say.., to fit yourself into a cookie cutter mold - which is great - I'm not knocking it. There's value in that kind of thing.

Yet, this weekend we ask you what you want, specifically, truthfully and then our extremely well trained facilitators guide you on the spot, to getting, being, having more. And we do this in a small group, so you have lots of attention.

And, just so you know, I'm not saying that it's easy. It's not easy. It fact, it's hard. Don't get me wrong, we have fun and play and there's tonnes of laughter and joy. I'm just saying that it's not for everyone. For every 100 people who we talk to only about 10 or 20 people come and take the course.

Some people come and do my other workshops. Like Fast Talk for Better Communication, The Relationship Builder, Get Your Groove Back... I have tonnes of amazing workshops.

And some people just aren't ready to handle it. It just seems too big for them. I can understand that and I respect it.

For me, it was a no-brainer. I can have more? I said. I can feel fulfilled and have lifelong tools to launch my life in a powerful and authentically "me" kinda way. And for many people this has been a life changer. Approximately 30,000 people have done this workshop worldwide and given us rave reviews.

It's because, we get right to the core of things. The purpose of the MASTERY of Self Expression is:

1. To move from a position of fogginess and unconsciousness to a position of clarity and consciousness
2. To discover yourself as the source of your own creativity.
3. And, to discover and remove the blocks that you have to making "it".

So, what the heck does that mean?

Have you ever read something and had to go back because you missed what you read? That's unconsciousness. And, have you ever had a conversation with someone and at the end you don't understand the bottom line? That's fogginess. It's like being on auto-pilot. Those are two very basic examples, but on a larger scale those two things, fogginess and unconsciousness, are reeking havoc in people's relationships, careers and hoped for accomplishments. And yet, many of us are not in control of our auto-pilot. We don't even know when it gets turned on. I mean, what if your car only drove in cruise control.., how effective would your driving be?

Imagine the fog lifting and having true clarity in your life. It makes for smoother interactions and for a life more fully lived. In a couple of minutes I'm going to give a free tip on how to start lifting the fog in your life.

Then we can really begin to discover ourselves as the source of our own creativity. That we are the source of our own happiness, joy, sorrow, sexuality. We can create it and make decisions about it. In fact, in our fogginess, we already are creating (that's the scary thing). This is about concsicous feeling.

And we get to the things that are blocking us. Because, if you knew what there was to do to get unstuck or to break through to the next level for you, I firmly believe you would do it. I can get you there. We can get you there.

Remember those things that would make your life better and fuller. Don't you want them now. I mean, you can continue to try to figure it out on your own, or go from seminar to conference with a burst of enthusiasm that lasts for a week afterwards. Or you can make a commitment to yourself right now.

I know you want to make the commitment to yourself to launch yourself from where you are now. I'm going to tell you that what you can imagine getting out of this weekend and what you actually get is shocking. You will be blown away at this amazing process. AND, once you've done it you can be a part of it for free anywhere in the world that it's held. You can assist or observe. It's like a renewable resource that you can go back to anytime.

Isn't now your time. Wherever you are on your lifes journey, this weekend is a beautiful way to launch right now.

About the Facilitators

Tammy Cunningham, Facilitator and Communication and Self Expression Specialist has been a force in the human potential movement since the early nineties. Along with the MASTERY of Self Expression, she has studied many systems of self-empowerment. She has created and led courses such as Active Meditation, Mantra of Movement, Conscious Manifesting, and The Emotional Monologue.

Tammy has a natural ability to help others through her deep understanding of dynamics and movement. Tammy is a trained MASTERY Facilitator and has conducted courses of her own design since 1996. She has also been a highly regarded personal consultant, assisting people to find their power and move from there.

Larry Gilman has been leading the MASTERY Workshops in Vancouver since 1982. He has helped many people approach their vulnerability, overcome blocks to creativity, and own their power, allowing participants to create what is most important for them in their lives.

Larry’s full time work is with Fortune 500 companies and startups, as a communication consultant with CommCore Inc. He has 27 years of experience and has led over 800 workshops for more than 10,000 people.

Larry has extensive experience with hospitals, managed care providers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. He also has experience in the technology, telecommunications, public relations, public affairs, venture capital and entertainment sectors.

In finance, Larry has prepared clients (CEOs and senior management) for IPOs, media and analyst/investor presentations. Some of his clients include the US Government, General Motors, AT&T, Sprint, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, eBay, Qualcomm, Coca-Cola, Nokia, Chiron Pharmaceuticals, UPS, Zurich, and numerous federal agencies.

Larry counsels clients during product launches, transitions, and other critical milestones. He works with clients by helping them develop compelling messages for a wide range of internal and external presentations and media interviews.

He has also worked with speakers for The End Hunger Project, Toastmasters, Context Training, and has worked with a variety of celebrities.

Larry has vast experience in media both in front of and behind the camera, as an actor and an award-winning director. Larry has appeared in Broadway and off-Broadway productions, as well as numerous television TV programs and feature films.

Larry is a member of The Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. He is a founding member of The Actors Institute in Los Angeles.

Larry also runs Homeward Productions, a production company, committed to producing works of art in theatre, education, television and film. Its goal is to encourage individuals to get involved, expand, and uplift their humanity while passing this time on earth.

Date and Time


Her Wellness

925 2nd Avenue East

Owen Sound, ON


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